Mr Jones Miami – Best Nightclub In The City!

Mr Jones Miami provides a great experience of nightlife in the city. Moreover, Magic City is known for its high-end nightlife. Furthermore, this Miami club is known for its upscale and vibrant atmosphere. Mr Jones is one of the best nightclubs in Miami that offers a VIP experience. In this article, we will tell you what is so special about this nightclub that everybody wants to be on the guest list. 

All About Mr Jones Miami

Address: 320 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach

Phone: 305 602 3117


Mr Jones Miami is the hottest nightclub on Lincoln Road in the City Center area of Maimi Beach. Furthermore, this club will provide you with an unparalleled clubbing experience, and you will find the best clubbing crowd here. Also, it is known for organizing star-studded events featuring globally-renowned artists. Without any further ado, let’s know about the features of this hotspot.

Atmosphere & Service

The club’s interiors are elegant, with the beautiful ceiling decorated with crystal curtains and hanging disco balls. The main room is furnished with leather couches and screens on the walls. The walls are covered with dark paint and have LED lights highlighting the edges and corners of the walls. 

Furthermore, Mr Jones Miami is only open to some except for people on its gusset list. Because of its exclusive guest list, you will find the most talented and posh crowd that will increase the positive atmosphere. 

 Mr Jones Miami ambience

In addition, the management and the waitstaff are very friendly and helpful, and you can rely on them for the necessary assistance. They check on you from time to time and ensure you get everything you need on time. 

Entry & Guest List at Mr Jones Miami

The exclusive club provides entry to people on its guest list only, and there is only entry if you are on the guest list. But there is an exception on Friday when you don’t have to be on the guest list to enter the club. 

In addition, it is effortless to be on the guest list, and you can do it by reaching out to them on call or even on WhatsApp. You can even visit the club, as their concierge is open 24/7. Most importantly, Mr Jones Miami follows this rule religiously because they believe it helps maintain high standards and a good crowd.

VIP Table

You can enjoy VIP treatment at this high-end club by pre-booking a table. To reserve a table, Mr Jones Miami demands full payment of the table minimum at the time of booking. Furthermore, the minimum table amount will be deducted from the alcohol you buy in the club. They give you five options to choose from for bottle services:

Mr Jones Miami outside view

  • Silver – will allow you to make a reservation for 5 people at max, and you have to pay a specified minimum amount with a security deposit.
  • Blue – payment of the minimum amount and the security deposit will allow entry for 5 people max.
  • Yellow – it allows entry for 10 people max.
  • Green – allows 15 people at max at a payment of the minimum and the security deposit. 
  • Pink – 20 people max.

The bottle service payment and security deposit amount increases from silver to pink. And according to their website, the amount paid for bottle service is final and non-refundable.

Dressing Standards – Mr Jones Miami

Mr Jones Miami is uncompromising when it comes to the clothing rules of the club. The management doesn’t mind refusing entry if you are not appropriately dressed. Furthermore, jackets, sportswear, sneakers, or anything casual will increase your chances of not entering the club. You are expected to wear high-end clubbing attires like collared shirt, jeans, formal trousers, dress shoes for men and highly fashionable yet elegant and classy attires for women. 

Wrapping Up

Mr Jones Miami is a must if you are a party animal or want to experience this upscale nightclub. You can catch the world’s most famous music artists and big-time DJs at this club. Well, with all those features, now you know where to go for an ultimate clubbing experience in Miami!


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