All About Miami Mojito Company

Miami Mojito Company is a popular bar and restaurant known for its signature mojitos and tropical-inspired cocktails. Furthermore, this is an excellent spot for you to relax and enjoy some of the most delectable and noteworthy cocktails and other fantastic blends.

Moreover, this spot is quite popular in Miami and is an art-based place where you can have the best mojito drinks. So, let’s explore more about this amazing place in this article!

Explore Miami Mojito Company 

Address: 2509 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 

Phone+1 786-780-2777


This is a cool-looking place covered with greens and a low-key setting. Moreover, Miami Mojito Company is for people who mostly live in the moment. The owner of Mojito Company, Caser Morales, got the idea of this spot from Brazil and brought it to life in Miami. 

All About Mojito Company 

The tiki bar focuses on mojitos, caipirinhas, and caipiroskas and serves a variety of classic mojito flavors and a unique addition of fresh raspberries, tamarind, or passionfruit, which can cost up to $2 extra. All the drinks served at the Miami Mojito Company are natural and fresh, with no added artificial flavors. Moreover, they are made with fresh pressed sugar cane juice called guarapo for you to experience the best quality. 

Miami Mojito Company ambience

The idea behind this bar is to encourage people to take a break, cool themselves down, and relax. Further, it is built on around 400 square feet, a cute, beachy bar in the best of its shape. The best thing about this place is its simplicity. Morale says that he has been able to give justice to the idea along with his team. 

Key Features of Miami Mojito Company

This tiki bar has become a popular destination for people to enjoy their time with the best blends. Here are some of the standout features of Miami Mojito Company:

Vibrant atmosphere: With its lively music, comfortable seating, and spacious outdoor patio, Miami Mojito Company is the right spot to relax and enjoy drinks. 

Signature mojitos and tropical cocktails: The bar is famous for its mojitos, made with sugarcane juice and expertly crafted to perfection. In addition to mojitos, the menu features a wide range of cocktails, beers, and wines inspired.

Light bites and bar food: In addition to its delicious drinks, Miami Mojito Company also offers a menu of light bites and bar food for you to pair with your drink. 

Tropical Vibe 

Miami Mojito Company Drinks

Not just that, you can find your favorite mojito drink here at around $10- $12, which will taste unique. The place is overall very instagrammable, with various corners to take extraordinary and trendy photographs for your memories. It is a beautiful place to be and perfect for rainy seasons. So, if you are at the Mojito Company, you have successfully traveled to an island without actually traveling. The overall decor is the beach giving all the tropical vibes for your perfect day out. 

Their specialty drinks are Guarapo lemonade, mojito bucket, and mojito. 

Wrapping Up

Now that you know all about the Miami Mojito Company, we are sure you must be planning your next visit to the tiki bar to try your choice of tiki-inspired mojitos. So, the next time you are in the city wondering where to get a delicious drink, a quick bite to eat, or a fun and lively atmosphere, this bar will come to your rescue! 


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