Explore Kosher Restaurants Miami Beach

Miami is home to a rich culinary culture like kosher restaurants Miami beach serving great and genuine kosher food. These restaurants range from casual to upmarket dining, providing traditional cuisine, seafood, and more. In this piece, we will talk about the top kosher restaurants in Miami and what makes them stand out.

Finding a great kosher restaurant is crucial for people who follow a kosher diet, as it guarantees that their food is according to dietary requirements. Furthermore, a fantastic kosher restaurant serves delicious and authentic kosher food and creates a warm and welcoming ambiance. 

Kosher Restaurants Miami Beach

There are many fantastic kosher choices in Miami, and we will highlight the finest of them in this piece.


Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink

Michael's Genuine Food & Drink

Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink features a laid-back, industrial feel with exposed brick walls and a bustling open kitchen. The design is modest, with rustic wood tables and metal accents. Moreover, the restaurant offers a relaxed and pleasant ambiance, making it great for a casual supper or a fast lunch.

This Kosher Restaurant Miami Beach provides unique and delectable kosher menu items, such as handmade pasta, fresh fish, and grilled meats, that are sure to suit any palette while following kosher dietary regulations.

Address: 130 NE 40th St, Miami, FL 

Phone: +1 305-676-0894



Harry’s Pizzeria – Kosher Restaurants Miami Beach

Harry's Pizzeria - Kosher Restaurants Miami Beach

The restaurant offers a lovely, relaxing ambiance that is pleasant and welcoming. Simple and beautiful, the décor mixes earthy and natural wood tones to create a comfortable atmosphere. The restaurant is excellent for a laid-back evening with friends or family due to its basic design and soft seats.

This diner provides unusual and excellent kosher pizza options with various toppings, including conventional and inventive varieties. The pizzas are attractive and fulfilling as they have excellent ingredients and cooked with care.

Not just that, this spot has garnered various awards, including being voted one of Miami’s finest Kosher Restaurants Miami Beach by local foodies and plaudits for its great pizza and overall dining experience.

Address: 1680 Meridian Ave Suite 102, Miami Beach, FL 

Phone: +1 786-991-9511



The Fish Box

The Fish Box

The Kosher Restaurant Miami Beach has a posh atmosphere with soft lighting and comfortable seating. Further, a special occasion or a romantic dinner is made possible by the design’s contemporary elegance and sea motif, which includes natural wood and blue tones.

Not just that, the fresh salmon, tuna, sea bass, and shellfish are among the delicious and distinctive kosher fish and seafood options offered by the restaurant. Each dish is expertly prepared and accompanied by mouthwatering sides.

Address: 1952 W Flagler St, Miami, FL 

Phone: +1 305-642-3322


Joes Stone Crab – Kosher Restaurants Miami Beach

Joes Stone Crab - Kosher Restaurants Miami Beach

The restaurant’s ambiance is warm and friendly, with soft lighting and comfy seats. The design is rustic and homey, incorporating natural wood and earthy hues, providing a warm and inviting ambiance that is excellent for a nice supper with friends or family.

The restaurant provides unique and tasty kosher stone crab selections, such as luscious stone crab claws, with a range of sauces and sides, all made with care and delivered fresh.

This is one of the top Kosher Restaurants Miami Beach and has earned attention for its wonderful kosher stone crab selections, has been dubbed “Best Stone Crab” by local food reviewers, and has been featured in several food and culinary media.

Address: 11 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 

Phone: +1 305-673-0365



Miami features a wide choice of delicious Kosher Restaurants Miami Beach with diverse cuisines, beautiful atmospheres, and superb service. These establishments will not fail if you hunt for classic cuisine, seafood, or stone crab. We suggest you visit these locations and experience the exquisite kosher options. So, if you want a fantastic and satisfying kosher lunch, visit these top 6 kosher restaurants in Miami.


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