Japanese Restaurant Miami – Top 5 Picks!

The Japanese Restaurant Miami has to offer is available at the best of places throughout the city. So, if you are wondering where to get a bowl of ramen or try sushi, here are some of Miami’s top places for Japanese food. Moreover, these restaurants in Miami serve the freshest fish, tender meat sizzling and so much more!

Amazing Japanese Restaurant Miami

Here is the list of some of the best Japanese Restaurants in Miami for you to explore!




Makoto is a chic Japanese eatery that provides sushi, robata appetizers, and contemporary, upmarket Japanese meals in Bal Harbour Shops.

Thanks to chef Makoto Okuwa’s impeccable sushi menu, this Stephen Starr restaurant is a favorite among people in the city. Along with the raw ingredients, Makoto’s contemporary Japanese meals, including charcoal robata and lunch bento boxes, is a crowd-favorite!

In addition to the excellent sushi menu, this Japanese Restaurant Miami also serves Wagyu Short Rib, Certified Angus Beef Prime Steaks, and delicious Brussels Sprouts, making it the finest place to treat yourself.

Address: 9700 Collins Ave., Bal Harbour

Phone: 305-864-8600



Wabi Sabi – Among Best Japanese Restaurant Miami

Wabi Sabi - Among Best Japanese Restaurant Miami

The Wabi Sabi aesthetic, which originated in Japan, places emphasis on not just accepting but actually embracing the beauty of flaws. Moreover, they try to discover delight in distortion and beauty in simplicity. This Japanese Restaurant in Miami has paid a lot of attention to ingredients and hospitality to provide guests with one-of-a-kind and memorable experiences that redefine luxury and hospitality. In addition, Wabi Sabi is a traditional Japanese restaurant that uses uncomplicated, tried-and-true techniques to offer a condensed menu of sushi and donburi in a warm environment.

Their menu now features elegant vegetarian alternatives, traditional rolls and hand rolls, magnificent omakase platters, and a range of private dining options.

Here are some specialties that you should try at the restaurant:

  • Bowls – Wabi Sabi, Yasai, Hamachi
  • Maki – Eel Cucumber Avocado, Negitoro
  • Omakase – Chirashi
  • Nigiri & Sashimi – Maguro, Shima Aji, Hirame, Botan Ebi, Wagyu-Uni

Location: 851 NE 79th St., Miami

Phone: 305-890-7228





Hiyakawa is a contemporary Japanese restaurant that delivers authentic Japanese food prepared using traditional techniques. Furthermore, it is a modern Japanese restaurant rooted in tradition. Not just that, it blends the best ingredients with  commitment to craft to create an experience like no other. The major considerations are simplicity, seasonality, and kikubari, which is the ability of the Japanese to provide for others by accurately anticipating their needs.

In addition, the menu includes items from small, regional vendors as well as micro-seasonal seafood and ingredients that are flown in daily from Tokyo’s Toyosu Fish Market. The restaurant limits its menu to 50 dishes every night. Each dish is cooked by a group of expert sushi chefs. Their kitchen uses agemono, yakimono, nimono, and tsukemono, as well as other traditional cooking methods, to provide complete, balanced meals and omakase progressions in accordance with the seasons. The customer service at this Japanese restaurant in Miami is tailored to meet each visitor’s needs with the highest level of expertise and minimal interference. 

Check out their special dishes and pick your favorite!

  • Appetizers – Yuzumiso Salmon, Kani Sunomono
  • Soup – Chawan Mushi With Kani
  • Mushi Mono – Niwa Tori
  • Age Mono – Shishito
  • Yaki Mono – Ko-Hitsuji
  • Nigiri – Akami, Hotate, Anago, Chu Toro
  • Maki – Ana Q, Kanpyo, Kame

Address: 2700 N Miami Ave #5, Miami

Phone: +13053332417



Azabu – Japanese Restaurant Miami

Azabu - Japanese Restaurant Miami

Azabu is a modest Japanese restaurant Miami inside the Marriott Stanton that offers both traditional and modern Japanese food, including sushi cooked with fish from Japan.

Moreover, a substantial amount of its seafood is flown in daily, and its Japanese sushi-rice makers are exactly calibrated to thrive in Miami’s peculiar humidity.

The first outlet of the same-named Michelin-starred restaurant in New York City lives up to its reputation, emphasizing omatenashi, or traditional Japanese hospitality, and offering an incredible collection of more than 40 international whiskies, which are tasted in a flight. For the best taste experience, ask about Azabu’s exclusive omakase den.

Furthermore, the restaurant offers some of the best Japanese cuisines with specially cooked dishes. Starting with the Miso soup, Azabu House Salad pairing it with Nigiri – O-Toro, Hiramasa, Akami, and so much more.

Location: 161 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL

Phone: +17862760520



Sushi Garage

Sushi Garage

Sushi Garage upholds the Japanese cultural ideal of giving equal weight to culinary aesthetics and flavor. Moreover, the restaurant is housed in a former car body shop, hence the name, and both the food and the decor are crucial. Sushi Garage began as a lone eatery in Miami Beach’s Sunset Harbor district, but it now has three locations, one of which is in Fort Lauderdale. Chef and business partner Sunny serves up delectable rolls like the rosemary eel roll with avocado and rosemary aioli and the Garage bagel roll, which is filled with salmon, cream cheese, crisp capers, onions, chives, and furikake seasoning. All three of these establishments specialize in fresh sushi.

Location: 1784 West Ave., Miami Beach

Phone Number: 305-763-8355

Wrapping Up

These Japanese Restaurant Miami offer the most authentic cuisines. Whether you’re looking for a $200+ omakase, a laid-back restaurant where you can wear flip-flops, or just some rolls and nigiri for takeout, these Japanese restaurants offer the best sushi out there.


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