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If you are constantly looking for halal restaurants Miami and unsure where to find the right one, throw your worry out the window. Since halal food is gaining popularity in Miami due to the city’s diverse population and increasing demand for diverse dining options, halal restaurants in Miami offer a range of dishes from various parts of the world, including Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Indian cuisine.

For Muslims and those who follow a halal diet, it is essential to find halal-certified restaurants to ensure the food they consume is prepared according to Islamic dietary laws. Moreover, Halal certification ensures that the food and ingredients used are permissible for Muslims and that the food preparation follows halal guidelines. It can also offer peace of mind for those unsure about the ingredients and preparation methods used at non-certified restaurants.

Halal Restaurants Miami

Let’s look at some of the top restaurants in Miami that serve halal food. 


Saffron Grill

Saffron Grill

Saffron Grill is a popular halal restaurant in Miami that serves various Middle Eastern dishes. Moreover, the restaurant has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and the staff is known for their friendly service. Some of the menu highlights include the lamb gyro, chicken shawarma, and falafel platter. In addition, they also offer a selection of vegetarian options, such as the veggie kabob and baba ghanoush. The Saffron kebabs are a must-try. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for a tasty and enjoyable meal in a comfortable setting.

Address: 1049 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 

Phone: +1 305-397-8118



Taj Mahal “MiamiHits” Indian Cuisine, Midtown

Taj Mahal "MiamiHits" Indian Cuisine, Midtown

Taj Mahal Halal Restaurant in Miami is a must-visit for anyone seeking delicious and authentic Indian cuisine. Furthermore, their menu features many dishes, including tandoori chicken, lamb vindaloo, and paneer tikka masala. Their ingredients are sourced from local markets and prepared with the utmost care and attention to detail. Their cozy and welcoming atmosphere is perfect for intimate dinners or large group gatherings. They also offer catering services for events and celebrations. Taste the magic of India at the Taj Mahal Halal Restaurant Miami. And while you’re at it, try these dishes from the menu:

  • Chicken Dal Gosht 
  • Lamb Dal Gosht 
  • Goat Dal Gosht 
  • Bangla Chicken Curry

Address: 185 NorthWest 36th St, Miami, FL

Phone: +1 786-502-3296



Shawarma Al Basha – Halal Restaurants Miami

Shawarma Al Basha - Halal Restaurants Miami

Shawarma Al Basha is one of the top halal restaurants Miami, Florida. Moreover, the restaurant is known for its delicious and authentic Lebanese cuisine, including its signature shawarma dishes. Made with fresh, high-quality ingredients, the shawarma at Shawarma Al Basha is a must-try for anyone visiting the area. In addition to shawarma, the restaurant serves various other dishes, such as falafel, kebabs, and hummus. Shawarma Al Basha has something for everyone, from quick bites to a sit-down meal. Here are some dishes from the menu that you can try:

  • Shish Kebab Kafta Sandwich: A beef skewer with parsley, onions, and Lebanese seasonings stuffed in a piece of homemade pita bread with your choice of toppings. 
  • Chicken Shawarma Arabe Wrap: Comes with a side of hand-cut French fries, garlic cream sauce, and a Lebanese pickle.
  • Chicken Shish Kebab Tawook Sandwich: It comes with Chicken breast skewers stuffed in homemade pita bread customizable toppings. 
  • Beef & Lamb Shawarma Arabe Wrap: With a side of hand-cut French fries, tahini sesame cream, and a Lebanese pickle.

Address: 440 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 

Phone: +1 786-502-4445



Spitfire Halal Restaurant

Spitfire Halal Restaurant

Spitfire Halal Restaurant in Miami is a standout dining destination for delicious and authentic halal cuisine. Located in the trendy Wynwood neighborhood, Spitfire boasts a menu of mouthwatering dishes like spicy lamb kebabs, succulent chicken shawarma, and flavorful falafel. Moreover, the restaurant also offers a variety of vegetarian options and a selection of refreshing drinks and desserts. Don’t miss out on trying some of the best halal food in Miami at Spitfire Halal Restaurant.

Address: 405 15th St, Miami Beach

Phone: +1 305-397-8567



Aladdin Mediterranean – Halal Restaurants Miami

Aladdin Mediterranean - Halal Restaurants Miami

Aladdin Mediterranean Halal Restaurant in Miami is a delightful experience for your taste buds. Enjoy the flavor-packed dishes inspired by traditional Mediterranean cuisine and prepared with only the freshest ingredients. From juicy shawarma to succulent lamb kebabs, this eatery has something for everyone. Further, their homemade hummus and baba ghanoush is a must-try for those searching for a unique and delicious meal. Enjoy the inviting atmosphere and friendly staff that make dining at Aladdin special. Indulge in the tasty flavors of the Mediterranean and experience the hospitality at this one of the best Halal Restaurants Miami.

Address: 20 NE 167th St, Miami, FL

Phone: +1 786-916-5100


The city is home to a range of delicious halal restaurants Miami, and these restaurants offer a variety of cuisines, from Middle Eastern and Mediterranean to Indian, and are all excellent choices for tasty and enjoyable meals in a welcoming atmosphere.

With so many great halal restaurants in Miami, it’s worth trying out various options to find your favorites. Each restaurant has its unique atmosphere and menu, so you’ll indeed find something that suits your taste and preferences. 


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