Gitano Miami For Delicious Meals!

Gitano Miami is a popular Mexican restaurant that specializes in delicious Yucatan. Furthermore, the ambiance, the lavish hotel, a typically lovely bar, and the fantastic vibes are all needed to describe the place. They have excellent food and drinks complimented by world-class service. 

The dining service at the place is located on the first floor of the building. Gitano in Miami has an outdoor terrace that can be preserved or given on a first-come, first-served basis, and then there is the Jungle rooftop which only has cocktail service. 

Sounds delightful? Let’s know more about the enticing space in Miami:

All About Gitano Miami 

Address: 3500 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

Phone: +1 786-655-5600


The Executive Chef – Antonio Maldonaldo

Gitano Miami’s executive chef is responsible for all the luscious food Antonio Maldonaldo. Moreover, he has been a resident of Miami for over eight years. Having 18 years of experience in the culinary industry, he has been a renowned chef, having worked at famous restaurants across the cities and various other countries. 

Gitano Miami ambience

That said, someone who knows the name visits the place to enjoy the delicacies he serves. He has taken the menu of the restaurant to a whole new level by including the rich and authentic new flavors of Mexico with a twist of modern delectables. Every dish he has prepared has been a hit, and everybody who has tasted his food recommends the place.

Events at Gitano Miami

The restaurant and the rooftop lounge can be booked for private events and meetups through the official website of the Gitano Miami. It costs around $95 per person. Any specialized and customized events to be organized at the place has to be pre-informed. 

For parties with guests below 11 people, a reservation can be made through the official website, but they have to contact them for more than that. 

Ambiance and Staff

The place is comfortable and has a welcoming team of chefs, managers, and servers. Furthermore, they are cooperative and will make your time as congenial as possible. 

The building of the place is beautifully decorated with typical yet seemingly contemporary designs on the wall. They have tiled floorings, rustic chairs, and banquettes filled with cushions. 

Gitano in Miami has a luxurious pain that gives off the class. Further, it gives off the feel of an expensive Mexico.


The meals served include breakfast, dinner, lunch, brunch, and after-hour drinks. Moreover, this place boasts distinguishable features, including the reservation of seats, private dining, a full bar, wine and beer, and live music. 

Gitano Miami food

Some of the popular dishes at Gitano in Miami includes as simple as a watermelon salad and Pork Chop Al pastor. In addition, the churros of the place are also one of the most sought dishes. While all the chef’s signature dishes are famous, these have been the most reviewed ones.

And if you are a fan of desserts, then this is the place. The dessert courses are a delight. The Panna Cotta is one of the restaurant’s signature dishes and has been one of the most ordered at the place, making it a must-try!

Wrapping Up  

So, the next time you plan a part, Gitano Miami is your spot. Moreover, it is one such experience that you should definitely try when you are out and about in the city. 

We hope you enjoyed reading all about this amazing restaurant. Check out RegalBuzz for more exciting content. 


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