Explore Top 6 Gay Bars Miami

Gay Bars Miami are famous for creating a fun space for people to eat, drink and have a fantastic night out. Despite Miami’s reputation for being the most LGBT-friendly city, finding a friendly gay bar in Miami may be a bit of a balancing act. However, if you’re traveling or want to check out a few LGBTQ-friendly establishments, this article is for you. 

Explore the Best Gay Bars Miami 

Greater Miami and Miami Beach have long been regarded as some of the top locations in the world for LGBTQ+ travelers seeking the city’s nightlife. If you’re interested in spending the night at one of Miami’s chic gay nightclubs or pubs, you have numerous options to discover. The most renowned gay bars Miami are mentioned below.


Hotel Gaythering

Hotel Gaythering

At the only gay hotel in Miami, you may partake in various events, from karaoke to spa days. Karla Croqueta hosts Karaoke nights on Mondays, trivia nights on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and 1990s music on Tuesdays and Fridays. You won’t want to miss Bears & Hares nights on Fridays because you got it; bears will be abundant. On Supposably Saturdays, Juanita LaBanjee conducts a beautiful dance party, so you won’t want to miss it if you’re seeking to get your groove on and party a bit. Moreover, you can always try this gay bar in Miami if you’re searching for low-key cocktails.

Address: 1409 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach

Contact Number: +1 786-284-1176



Twist – Gay Bars Miami

Twist - Gay Bars Miami

This nightclub boasts two stories, seven bars, three dance floors, and a back room crammed with enough gyrating go-go boys to fill every float on Miami Beach. Twist is comparable to the Renaissance man of the gay club scene due to the variety of activities it offers. Do you wish to save one dollar? There is never an admission charge, and the “happy hour” deal offers two drinks for the price of one from 3:00 to 9:00 PM daily. Are you craving some show tunes? 

Wednesdays usually feature a VJ playing some of the best Broadway belters. You can converse with your friends outside while listening to house music, dancing to Latin grooves, watching drag acts, or getting down to house music. The party will be rocking no matter what hour you arrive or how many people are present. The density of the crowd is likely to increase at about midnight. This is one of the best gay bars Miami with multiple environments; you may bar-hop without leaving the main bar. No wonder it’s been going strong since 1993.

Address: 1057 Washington Ave, Miami Beach

Contact Number: +1 305-538-9478





If you spend all day roasting in the South Beach sun, there’s a high chance you’ll be looking for something to quench your thirst as the sun begins to set. This Miami gay bar is directly across the street from the beach and serves half-priced cocktails during happy hour, so it is a no-brainer to go there. 

The weekend breakfasts are popular with locals and visitors, but you must make a reservation well in advance. And if you’ve ever wanted to see a drag queen execute a split on the sidewalk after jumping off a table and then striding into the street to direct traffic, you’ve come to the correct location.

Address: 1052 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach

Contact Number: +1 305-531-7234



R House – Among Top Gay Bars Miami


Chef Rocco Carulli and his husband, Owen Bale, established R House in Wynwood in 2014. R House is a chic café and art gallery located in a vast indoor/outdoor warehouse-style space. In the years following their work with the drag queen Athena Dion and the DJ Jody McDonald, their concept evolved. The R House has become a hub for LGBT entertainment and holds a popular drag brunch on weekends. 

On Friday evenings, Yas Queen hosts a viewing party for RuPaul’s Drag Race, followed by this gay bar in Miami’s drag show featuring Miami’s fiercest queens. The Escandalo party features a drag performance with a Latin flavor and a live salsa band every Saturday. Because of Chef Rocco’s creative Latin cuisine and mixology program, a night out at R House is both elegant and exhilarating.

Address: 2727 NW 2nd Ave, Miami

Contact Number: +1 305-576-0201



Azucar Night Club

Azucar Night Club

You’ve never been to a Latin drag club with a more wonderful atmosphere than the Azucar Nightclub, renowned for it. This ultra-hot gay bar in Miami and Latin nightclub is the place to go if you’re searching for the best drag entertainment outside of South Beach. On Thursday nights, the venue offers “Drag War” nights, during which the top queens in town compete to determine who will win the prize and bragging rights. However, if you want to dance a lot, you should attend on a Saturday night when Sabados Locos con Azucar is occurring. This is the ideal time to travel. 

You can always visit the place if you’re in the mood for a more sedate evening. So, enjoy a comedy show coordinated by Poison Ivy, Teresita “La Caliente,” Josefina “La Globos,” and Mariloly, the Queen of Comedy. It is impossible to leave Azucar without having the time of your life, and there is no way to avoid this reality.

Address: 2301 SW 32nd Ave, Miami

Contact Number: +1 786-234-4027


Blackbird Ordinary

Blackbird Ordinary

Even though no bars in Miami cater particularly to lesbians, Blackbird Ordinary is open on Tuesday evenings. This is among top gay bars in Miami and is located in Brickell, approximately thirty minutes from South Beach. Even though it does not cater primarily to LGBTQ+ folks, ladies can drink for free from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM.

Additionally, Blackbird Ordinary is a place that defies description because it is neither a cocktail club nor a dance hall; instead, it blurs the distinction between the two. You can sunbathe on a leather sofa while sipping drinks with an avian motif, or you can dance till the wee hours of the morning at this Miami gay bar.

Address: 729 SW 1st Ave, Miami

Contact Number: +1 305-671-3307


If you and your friend are interested in having an excellent time together, we have given you the most exhaustive list of gay bars in Miami. You may have a terrific time with savory drinks, delicious cuisine, a vibrant atmosphere, and generally charming vibes.


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