Food Trucks in Miami – Best 8 Trucks to Explore!

Are you fascinated by the idea of food trucks in Miami? Well, there is plenty that the city has to offer. Moreover, this is one eating trend that the city can’t get enough of (along with the brunches in Miami). Roving restaurants measure the food scene of a city. 

These days, attending a Miami food truck event on a Saturday night provides you with more imaginative alternatives than an entire season of restaurant dining, that too for about half the cost.

 Food Trucks in Miami

Here is a list of Miami’s 8 Best Food Trucks for your next street food expedition.


El Rey de la Fritas

El Rey de la Fritas

El Rey de las Fritas, Miami’s first frita establishment, has four brick-and-mortar locations and a large yellow food truck traveling across the city. While you won’t be able to obtain all of the extras offered at its permanent sites, such as a fried egg on top, the food trucks in Miami deliver the hand-crafted Cuban burger in all its iconic splendor.

Address:1821 SW 8th St Miami

Phone: 305-863-0880



Ms Cheezious Food Truck

Ms Cheezious Food Truck

Even with its blazing success as a food truck in Miami at its standalone store and Time Out Market Miami location, Ms Cheezious stays true to her roots and continues wandering the streets in its iconic turquoise truck. In addition, sandwiches such as the grilled bleu and bacon, Frito pie melt, and fried chicken and waffle melt have become South Florida culinary classics at this food truck in Miami. And they still taste just as good handed down from that beautiful window as they did at the start.


Phone: 305-989-4019


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Purple People Eatery – Among Top Food Trucks in Miami

Purple People Eatery - Among Top Food Trucks in Miami

This Miami food truck is the spot to sample a bison burger if you’ve never had one before. The truck is a partnership between chefs David Shipman and Michelle Duncan, and it delivers some of Miami’s most creative food on wheels. Moreover, the speciality, though, is the buffalo burger. The traditional is a deal at $9, but the truffle burger with quail egg, red pepper, truffle oil, and goat cheese is the greatest thing on the menu if you want to get fancy.

Address: 120 NW 24th St Miami



Caja Caliente

Caja Caliente

We can all rally behind one of the best food trucks in Miami that we don’t have to hunt out or search down on our phones whenever we need tacos. And this one is wonderfully located in Wynwood, where it serves the only Cuban-style tacos in Miami. Walk up to the window and get lechón on a nice, warm tortilla to consume while seated. They also have chairs. Caja Caliente just launched its first physical location in Coral Gables. However, the original vehicle may still be found in Wynwood.

Address: 2634 NE 2nd Ave Miami 

Phone: 786-442-8363



Monster Burgers

Monster Burgers

This Colombian fast-food establishment serves some of the most incredible food truck burgers in Miami. Monster Burger offers South Florida’s greatest mobile flame-broiled beef. In addition, the smashed potato chips atop the patties are the most significant part of these burgers, adding crunch and salty to the deluge of sauces. The hot dogs are also worth a try. These are topped with sausage, bacon, mozzarella, Monster sauce, and even more potato chips.

Address: 1 Young Circle Hollywood

Phone: 786-326-8501





The Mexican restaurant, famed for its delectable street cuisine and late-night snacks, will be in the Design District until May 2020. You no longer have to cross the causeway to get your hands on Bodega’s delicious tacos. Bodega’s permanent and one of the top food trucks in Miami has you covered for all things South of the Border, from traditional tacos al pastor and quesadillas to hangover-curing churros smeared in Nutella.

Address: NE 40th Street



King of Racks  – Among Popular Food Trucks in Miami

King of Racks  - Among Popular Food Trucks in Miami

South Florida might feel like a barbeque dessert at times. Then you come across King of Racks, a rolling smoked meat emporium that satisfies your barbeque need with mouthfuls of handmade sweet and tangy sauce. The baby back ribs at this Miami food truck, which are slow-cooked and served with creamed corn, are the go-to order here, as the name suggests. If you don’t mind getting sauce all over your face, the brisket sandwich and pulled pork tacos will have you believing you’re in Texas until you feel the humidity.

Address: 10600 N Kendall Dr Miami

Phone: 305-910-6523



Twice Butter

Twice Butter

Twice Butter stands out from the seemingly unending stream of taco shops that have opened this year with items like its eponymous burger—bacon, butter, chipotle, and provolone—and tuna tartare tacos, which come served in exquisite wonton shells rather than plain tortillas. It is one of the greatest fusion food trucks in Miami. Furthermore, the food truck may cater to a variety of occasions.

Address: 195 NW 36th STREET MIAMI FL.

Phone: 7864423591


Final Thought

The best food trucks in Miami offer a variety of cuisines from all over the world. If you’re looking for something new and exciting, check out these 8 food trucks. This list is an excellent place to begin. From Cuban cuisine to ice cream, there’s something for everyone. And, since all these trucks are available on Food Truck Tracker, it’s easy to find them and get your food fix. 

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