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Esotico Miami is a brand-new bar with a tropical atmosphere and a reputation for handmade cocktails. Furthermore, it is referred to as a craft cocktail bar. Contemporary tropical food, one-of-a-kind libations made by Daniele Dalla Pola, and live music performed by local musicians will all be included at Esotico in Miami. In addition, Esotico has a bar with a stage where local musicians usually perform live. So, let’s have a look inside! 

Things To Know About Esotico Miami

Address: 1600 NE 1ST AVE, MIAMI 

Contact Number: 305 -800-8454


Discover some of the significant characteristics of Esotico Miami that make it a place worthy of your time and attention.

Rum Club

They consider ourselves rum fanatics in every aspect at Esotico Miami. The official Rum Club is an organization that conducts a series of exclusive tasting and dining events for rum enthusiasts. These gatherings bring together individuals passionate about trying new and uncommon spirits and allow them to network. Every Tuesday, the crew will provide carefully selected beverages to help you widen your cocktail horizons and improve your palate. They will discuss the background of the bottle, including its history, what distinguishes it from other bottles, tasting notes, and the original cocktail recipes. 

Unbeatable Menu at Esotico Miami

Esotico Miami food

In terms of the range and depth of its offerings, this is the only restaurant’s menu that can match that of Esotico. Exquisite chefs who contributed to the project exerted great effort to create an irresistible array of delectably cooked meals and beverages. When you dine at Esotico Miami, the restaurant’s extensive menu will be the first thing you notice. The chef has put a great deal of time and attention into picking the menu items, and as a consequence, each dish has a distinct combination of fragrances and tastes that will leave you wanting more.

Moreover, the menu is comprehensive and contains a large variety of unique, high-quality, and previously unheard-of products. In addition, these items are prepared in a manner you have never seen at any other restaurant.

Excellent Ambiance

The area provided by Esotico in Miami is excellent for any upcoming event or celebration you have planned. They aim to provide the most enjoyable atmosphere imaginable with energetic music and flashing lights. Furthermore, their highly qualified and seasoned specialists will ensure you have all you need to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

Esotico Miami is a place where one can enjoy oneself while enjoying the music and ambiance. The menu provides a variety of alternatives that are suited for consumers of all demographics, and the service is friendly and supplied by well-trained workers.

Not just that, the atmosphere of Esotico is ideal for enjoying a drink, satisfying your hunger with dinner, and listening to music. Due to its distinct and unique touches, the restaurant is noted for serving exceptionally delicious food.

Host an Event at Esotico Miami

Event at Esotico Miami

Esotico Miami wants you to have such a terrific time at their events. They want you to be able to boast effortlessly about us. Moreover, this restaurant has established itself as an industry leader in organizing and creating events. Further, they organize events for corporations, business organizations, and corporate groups guaranteed to be memorable due to our extensive experience. These occurrences will undoubtedly have an effect.

They will provide you with an unforgettable experience and a spotless and adaptable room, and they will exceed all of your expectations. The accommodating members of their staff will ensure that your future gathering or party has the ideal atmosphere.

Esotico Miami provides a lighthearted environment but never lose sight of the fact that this is a serious matter. In addition to a dedicated bar, a full-time wait staff, and various live acts, they provide the city’s most upscale and abundant amenities.


Esotico Miami is the place to visit if you want to have a good time. If you are ever in the area, you should only take advantage of the opportunity to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience if you visit this gorgeous location.

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