Chotto Matte Miami – A Blend of Japanese & Peruvian Cultures!

Chotto Matte Miami Restaurant blends Tokyo’s artistic energy and London’s sophistication. Moreover, this place serves Nikkei Cuisine and creates a playful dining experience. Most importantly, the DJ sets your mood as soon as you enter the place with its unique wall art and decor. 

Whether you want a dimly lit place with soft jazz music or a place with a sophisticated view, this place serves all types of costumes under one roof. Being a Japanese franchise, this restaurant is quite an organized place, and you can explore the authenticity under one roof. 

Chotto Matte – An Authentic Experience!

Address: 1666 Lenox Ave. #1664, Miami Beach

Phone: +1 305-690-0743


The European director of Nobu owns this place. Kurt S established the first European restaurant opened in London. It received a Michelin Star within 10 months of its inauguration. The brand was then further expanded worldwide. In September 2013, Kurt opened Miami’s Chotto Matte, bringing together the finest Japanese and Peruvian cultures. 

The area was designed to have a loud and vibrant atmosphere with its high-quality Nikkei cuisine and colorful cocktails. 

Private Events at Chotto Matte Miami

The versatile and vast space the place offers is perfect for any personal or corporate event. Check out the three significant spaces that you can explore at Chotto Matte in Miami:

Private Events at Chotto Matte Miami

  • The Lounge – The capacity of the lounge is 30 to 80 guests. Moreover, the place is near the cocktail bar, making it convenient for the guests. It also has an open view of the resident DJ at the place. Not just that, it is overall a vibrant and versatile space to enjoy any event
  • The Dining Room – It has a capacity of almost 160 to 210 people. These are primarily popular for corporate and private events. Furthermore, they are presented with live cooking theatrics with views of sushi and fiery robata. 
  • Full Venue Hire – The whole venue at Chotto Matte Miami is also available for hire exclusively. It involves an event that includes 200 to 245 guests. These are subject to availability and can be confirmed through an inquiry or visiting the place.

Gift Vouchers

The place offers various gift vouchers to purchase. These include:

  • Birthday Experience – These are birthday gift vouchers through which you can treat your loved one with a bespoken experience on their special day. These gift vouchers apply to two people.  
  • Chef Experience – These vouchers present you with one of the finest Nikkei Cuisine. It takes you from an 8-course menu showcasing the highest quality selections.
  • Nikkei Experience – This voucher at Chotto Matte Miami is perfect for a first-timer looking to start their journey in Nikkei cuisine. These are expertly designed 9-course menus showcasing signature dishes. 
  • Sushi Experience – The gift voucher serves sushi lovers who are served by knowledgeable servers.
  • The Romantic Experience – The luxurious romantic experience serves the customer with 6 delectable courses. 

Chotto Matte Menu

Chotto Matte Food

The menu of Chotto Matte Miami includes dishes for A La carte, Jungle brunch, Dessert, Bar, Wine, and social hour list. Moreover, the jungle brunch is the wild side of the restaurant. In short, it takes you to the depths of the Peruvian rainforest on an unforgettable adventure. They serve the restaurant’s signature dishes, including appetizers: sushi, robata, dessert, champagne, and cocktails. 

Wrapping Up

Chotto Matte Miami restaurant is a specially-curated space for people who want to get a taste of the best. Moreover, this popular Michelin Star restaurant aims to elevate your tastebuds by providing some top dishes to their valued customers. 

We hope you enjoyed reading about this space combining Japanese and Peruvian cultures.


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