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Chica Miami is a lively bar and restaurant that offers some of the most delectable flavors. Moreover, it is a mashup of a nightclub and restaurant with tremendous meals, and dance bases with dinner plateaus. This is precisely what you can anticipate at Chica in Miami. It is one of the best club and restaurant choices in Miami. So, let’s explore more about this place here! 

Explore All About Chica Miami 

Address: 5556 NE 4th Ct, Miami, FL

Phone: (786) 632-7725 


If you are looking for the revivified flavors of Chef Garcia’s cuisine or traditionally receptive hospitality space in Latin America, then you are at the right place. 

More About Chica Miami 

Chica Miami is an extravaganza of Latin savors by Chef Lorena Garcia within Miami’s historical MiMo neighborhood. Furthermore, it features innovative cocktails and an unprecedented multi-sensory experience synonymous with 50 Eggs Hospitality Group.

Moreover, this nightspot has a very exclusive and classy decor that gives it a small-town Cuban vibe. Nights get gorgeous with Love DJ, sparkling dancers, and performers, along with the panoramic fireworks and strategy.

Chica Miami Interior

Chica Miami is tracked down on a modest street outlying by clangorous bars, and it turns into a full-fledged clubstaurant on Fridays and Saturdays starting at 9 pm. The service and attendants are exemplary, and the restaurant configuration is a style of adorable mid-century contemporary. 


Chica in Miami commemorates a prosperous mixture of ingredients and techniques perpetually incorporated into American chronology and palate; from Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, etc. 

The environment is musically rebuked with Latin throbbings, while a lively bar setting features cocktails, wines, and delicate essences from a regionally enlightened curated quencher schedule.

Not just that, the central dining province highlights a sophisticated, smacking color palette of terracotta, brass, and affluent blues coaxed by Latin American culture, consistencies, and craftsmanship.

Overall, Chica Miami’s ambiance is stylish, classy, with live music for visitors.

Food Options at Chica Miami

It has everything from the wood-fired grill to the traditional plancha and rotisserie chicken for the signature Meyer Lemon Chicken. In addition, one can enjoy revivified juices, mimosas, and pomegranate soda in quenchers, along with tacos, Guacamole, or avocado toast as starters.

Not just that, Chica Miami’s donuts, sticky buns, bagels, fried chicken, Latin breakfast, and burritos congregate a brunch favorites menu with tropical fruit plates or chica rice and bean as a flank dish.

Blends and Cocktails 

Chica Miami Drinks  

Moreover, cocktail enthusiasts can prefer the extended menu offering double trouble, old Cuban, cucumber summer, or cranberry fizz, and numerous additional choices.

In short, one can also incline toward craft beers and wines or spirits to give their insolence terrific savors. Chica Miami also offers a wide range of tequila and cocktail menus with happy hours from Monday to Friday, from 12 pm to 4 pm.

For dessert, guests can choose the flaming skull, churro Bouquet, Marquesa de chocolate, and coffee or tea.

Wrapping Up

Chica Miami is one of the town’s most mature clubs and restaurants. Try tasty churros, cheesecakes, and ice cream, or drink good wine and margaritas at this fantastic spot.  


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