Black Market Miami – The Ultimate Sports Bar!

Black Market Miami is the ultimate sports bar for you to try in the city! Moreover, Miami is a place that is connected to fun, luxury, and vacation. Whenever someone says Miami, all we can think about is a beach, sun, parties, shopping, and exotic restaurants. Miami is home to so many restaurants that offer great experiences. One of those restaurants is Black Market in Miami. So, let’s explore it further!

All About Black Market Miami

Address: 168 SE 1 St., Downtown Miami 

Phone: 786 558 5910


Black Market Miami is a sports bar and club in the heart of downtown Miami. Moreover, this bar has a casual atmosphere centered around the eighties in Miami. Black Market is proud of Miami’s colorful past, as it helped shape the city it is today.

Furthermore, the sports bar is an outcome of Miami’s sports and party spirit that is genuinely local. Not just that, it is a sports bar that serves food and drinks, and you can enjoy one of your favorite games in the restaurant with many other people.

Let’s discuss everything you need to know about this amazing sports bar!

What to Expect at Black Market Miami

What to Expect at Black Market Miami

When you enter the Black Market Miami, you’ll immediately notice the large number of 4K TVs spread throughout the room. Moreover, the makers explicitly created the restaurant to evoke the nostalgic Miami of the 1980s. The sports bar looks more familiar to Miamians because of its 1980s Miami sports tradition or historical aesthetic.

Furthermore, there are several options for seating, including stools at the bar, high-top tables with chairs, and plush banquets with sofas. The furniture is also very comfortable and attractive. Miami’s Black Market also has private areas for large groups that enjoy their favorite game in a quiet setting with fewer disturbances or distractions.

They also provide happy hours on weekdays and special offers and activations on game days, and there is a DJ for commercial breaks and time outs, just like a live game. So Black Market has a plan to keep you entertained throughout your stay at the restaurant. 

Food and Drinks

You can expect typical bar food in Black Market Miami, nothing too extravagant or sophisticated. In addition, you can choose from the two main options on the food menu: Starters and Sandwiches.

Black Market Miami food

Their menu is sweet and short, but whatever you order is served to its best possible, and you won’t be disappointed. On the other hand, there is an extensive drinks menu with Craft Cocktails, House Cocktails, Wines, Drafts, and Beer & Seltzers. You should definitely try their craft cocktails like Magic City, Miami Breeze, and El Chapo. 

Services by Black Market Miami

Black market Miami offers catering for your events like Fundraising Events, Product Launches, Weddings, Concerts, Workshops, etc., and event planning services for Birthday Parties, Social Events, Sporting Events, Corporate Events, Private Parties, etc. 

For these events, they offer a space of over 10,000 square feet customized by a professional team keeping your wishes and demands in mind. The Black Market is a perfect place for any event because of its location in the heart of downtown.

Wrapping Up

Black Market Miami is ideal if you are looking for a hotspot that allows large groups and has a great selection of craft beer and cocktails. The place is a temple for sports lovers; if you are one, this spot is definitely a must-try!

So if you haven’t been to this happening place in downtown Miami already, we suggest you reserve a table for the next game night and see it for yourself if the place serves you right!


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