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Bistro Cafe Miami serves some of the most excellent brunch dishes and coffee for you to try. Moreover, it comes with a wide range of crispy croissants and signature desserts such as petit gateaux (small cakes), macaroons, and tarts. The menu draws inspiration from all over the world and reflects the chef’s talents, pedigrees, and passions.  

Explore Bistro Cafe Miami

Address: 1352 NE 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33132, United States

Phone: +1 786-533-3876


Bistro Cafe Miami features newly made daytime pastries, which include Danish, brioche, and a wide range of crispy croissants, as well as signature desserts such as petit gateaux (small cakes), macaroons, and tarts. Not just that, the menu draws inspiration from worldwide and reflects the chef’s talents, pedigrees, and passions.

The Tantalizing Menu of Bistro Café Miami

Ruiz and Tamara Perez share the eatery. However, the Bistro Café quickly gained a reputation for serving excellent brunches and coffee to visitors and residents. 

Bistro Cafe Miami food

Bistro Cafe Miami offers a variety of savory breakfast options as well as delicious lunch options like open-faced sandwiches, salads prepared with green and grainy ingredients, house-made soups, and primary entrees laden with vegetables. Visit Bistro Café Miami for the finest lunch and a fantastic location to eat American food. You’ll be happy you did if you find our extensive menu and choose salads, for instance.

Brunch Menu Specials 

It is time to unwind while enjoying wonderfully cooked prosciutto, laing, and Philly cheesesteaks. This eatery’s delectable fruit toasts, French toasts, and pancakes are some things you cannot miss. Good mimosas, champagne, or pia Coladas will enhance your meal’s flavour, guaranteeing you’ll return. Among the best beverages to try are a great latte, a mochaccino, or an iced coffee.

To make it easier for its clients, Bistro Cafe in Miami provides food delivery. Imagine having excellent food and an enthusiastic staff, precisely what you get at this restaurant. The owners of this restaurant put a lot of consideration into providing excellent service. You may get a wide selection of meals at this place at reasonable costs. Moreover, the customers can feel at ease here because of the lovely decor and welcoming atmosphere.

Special Events and Promotions at Bistro Cafe Miami

At Birsto Cafe Miami, they offer a range of unique events and promotions to keep their clients interested and amused. Coming up, they have a Wine Tasting Night, where customers can experience a range of wines matched with small plates, and a Summer BBQ event, offering a variety of tasty BBQ meals and live music. Additionally, they offer discounts for groups, special rates for students and military members, and a loyalty program where clients can redeem points for discounts. They also provide unique services such as private gatherings, catering, and online ordering and delivery. Keep an eye on their social media for updates on forthcoming events and promotions at Bistro Cafe Miami. 

Community Involvement

Bistro Cafe Miami ambience

At Bistro Cafe Miami, they emphasize giving back to the neighborhood that helps us succeed. They routinely engage in community charity events, like holding a fundraiser for a children’s hospital. They also donate some of our earnings to neighborhood groups and educational institutions. Additionally, they have created strong partnerships with neighborhood companies and local farmers to acquire our products and encourage sustainable practices. They also make our space available to the community for events like book clubs, and they support local artists by hanging their artwork on our walls. They are glad to be a community member and will continuously try to have a good impact.

Wrapping up 

Bistro Cafe Miami is a good place for people to explore the various food options and pair them with the best of coffee. We hope you enjoyed reading about this cafe in this article and are already planning a visit. 


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