Try The Best Fried Chicken Miami

The best fried chicken Miami extends well beyond what is believed to be traditional American Southern cuisine. Since most people are a fan of this delightful snack, here is a list of the best spots where you can try delectable fried chicken in the city. 

Best Fried Chicken Miami 

Explore the best from the rest with this article for some of the mouthwatering fried chicken in Miami! 


Yardbird Southern Table And Bar

Yardbird Southern Table And Bar

Yardbird Southern Table and Bar is a popular restaurant known for its delectable fried chicken. Furthermore, the restaurant has gained a reputation for serving some of the best Southern-style comfort food, and its crispy, golden-brown fried chicken is a crowd favorite. 

Moreover, the Miami fried chicken recipe is one hundred years old and was passed down from the owner’s grandmother to the current owner, John Kunkel. In addition, John Kunkel’s family has owned and operated this restaurant for three generations. And while preparing Yardbird’s world-famous fried chicken, the recipe has some secret seasonings. 

Furthermore, customers can order the half turkey with chilled spiced watermelon, a cheddar cheese waffle, and bourbon maple syrup instead of the traditional hot Tabasco honey sauce and the best fried chicken Miami at this spot. 

Address: 1600 Lenox Ave., Miami Beach

Contact Number: +1 305-538-5220



Chick’ N Jones – Best Fried Chicken Miami

Chick' N Jones - Best Fried Chicken Miami

Chick’ N Jones is a beloved eatery in Miami, renowned for serving some of the best fried chicken Miami has to offer. Additionally, the restaurant prides itself on using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients in its dishes, and its fried chicken is no exception. Moreover, the chicken is seasoned with a secret blend of herbs and spices, hand-breaded to ensure a crispy exterior, and cooked to perfection. In addition to their fried chicken, Chick’ N Jones also offers a range of classic fries, salads, buckets, and sandwiches that complement the fried chicken well. 

Moreover, Jones makes the best fried chicken in Miami with mustard and spices in this recipe for twenty-four hours before golden-frying it. Furthermore, the chicken has a great flavor after being fried. Not just that, if you want a classic dish that will leave your tongue tingling, get the hot honey chicken in the Nashville way. Moreover, you can strike a healthy balance by adding a kale salad to your order with your selections or ordering loaded fries instead. 

Address: 1601 Drexel Avenue, Miami Beach

Contact Number: 305-335-0538



Gitano Miami

Gitano Miami

Order Miami’s best fried chicken with a side of Miami’s tropical flair at this eatery. Moreover, the objective of this establishment is to provide customers with an experience equal to traveling to Tulum but without excessive expenditures. 

Furthermore, the “Pollo en recado Rojo,” a delicacy consisting of crispy fried chicken with spinach, pepita lime butter, and a spicy sauce, is best savored on the rooftop terrace, where you can also try a choice of cocktails that pair remarkably well with the food. In addition, the rooftop terrace is an excellent spot to take in the cityscape.

Address: 3500 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach

Contact Number: (786) 655-5600



The Backyard

The Backyard

The Backyard has quickly established itself as the place to go for brunch due to its fine selection of dishes influenced by Southern cuisine. Moreover, those interested can order the delightful and best fried chicken Miami with a Waffle dish. 

Additionally, it consists of buttermilk waffles that are light and airy and chicken breast that comes with tangy homemade pickles that are the ideal accompaniment to the signature sweet and savory dish that combines sweet and savory flavors. Not just that, the restaurant serves Fried Chicken and Biscuits with handmade pickles and buttery biscuits. As with the rest of the dish, the chicken batter is handcrafted to offer a rich finish and a blast of spice.

Address: 1741 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

Contact Number: +1 844-472-3663



Red Rooster Overtown

Red Rooster Overtown

Marcus Samuelsson’s restaurant in Miami is a celebration of Southern cuisine with a Florida touch. Further, the restaurant is named for Miami, Samuelsson’s hometown. Moreover, it is spacious and modest, with a large terrace surrounded by tamarind trees. This area is the most convenient location to enjoy the restaurant’s fried chicken, which is paired with sour orange spicy honey and cookout-style pigeon peas. This place for the best fried chicken in Miami is in the historic Overtown neighborhood of Atlanta.

Address: 920 Northwest Second Avenue, Miami

Contact Number: (305) 640-9880



Whisk Gourmet for Best Fried Chicken Miami 

Whisk Gourmet for Best Fried Chicken Miami 

At this restaurant for one of the best fried chicken Miami, diners can customize their order of buttermilk fried chicken and choose from a vast selection of side dishes. Furthermore, it can also come as a spinach salad, as a main course with mashed potatoes and bacon gravy, or on a bacon-buttermilk biscuit with pepper jam and sauce. All of these dishes are delectable. 

Furthermore, this eatery is unparalleled in traditional Southern comfort cuisine, especially buttermilk fried chicken. Even though the boneless quarter chicken and flaky biscuit that come with Whisk’s fried chicken biscuit are an appetizer, the dish is substantial enough for a main course.

Address: 7382 SW 56th Ave, South Miami

Contact Number: +1 786-268-8350



Jackson’s Soul Food

Jackson's Soul Food

Jackson’s Soul Food has become a community pillar in Overtown. Moreover, you can try the world-famous fried catfish and eggs, fried liver and onions, and fried chicken legs. Further, this restaurant for Miami’s best fried chicken has changed locations throughout the years, but these aspects have remained the same. 

This item is part of a breakfast special with eggs, homemade buttermilk biscuits, and grits. There is nothing better than awakening to a platter of Jackson’s renowned fried chicken legs in the wee hours of the morning if you are experiencing exceptionally high levels of spirituality. So, to enjoy some of the best fried chicken Miami, give this spot a try! 

Address: 950 NW 3rd Ave, Miami

Contact Number: +1 305-374-7661



The Best fried chicken in Miami is available at these top spots. For all chicken lovers, these most popular places are a must-try out the best. So, visit them whenever you are in or around Miami for a great experience. 


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