6 Best Coffee Shops in Miami

The Best Coffee Shops in Miami provide some of the best blends and notes out there. In Miami, several things can pop up in your routine. The first is the year-round warmth and mild temperatures. A decent cup of joe is another.

There are numerous coffee shops sprinkled across the Magic City that are ideal for a morning pick-me-up or noon pick-up.

Best Coffee Shops in Miami

Here are six spots where you may sip a perfectly prepared cuppa.


La Colada Gourmet

La Colada Gourmet

A journey to Miami would be incomplete without a stop at a Cuban coffee shop in Miami. La Colada Gourmet, located in East Little Havana, is the ideal spot for a cafecito fix. This hole-in-the-wall establishment, known as “House of Cuban Coffee,” serves a broad selection of robust and well-balanced brews.

Don’t know what you should order? The helpful staff will gladly recommend caffeinated drinks based on your preferences. If you want a light snack to accompany your coffee, La Colada Gourmet also sells baked products such as cakes, muffins, and doughnuts.

Address: 1518 SW 8th St, Miami

Phone: +1 305-873-4007

Website: La Colada Gourmet 


Panther Coffee – Among Best Coffee Shops in Miami

Panther Coffee - Among Best Coffee Shops in Miami

For a long time, Miami was severely short of excellent coffee shops. That is until Panther Coffee showed up. Moreover, this specialized coffee chain is one of the most well-known in Miami, with locations throughout the city. In fact, if you’re drinking coffee at one of Miami’s most excellent restaurants, Panther provides a fine selection of coffee beans. The initial Panther location in Wynwood serves as a relaxed business location and a refuge for local artists.

Furthermore, this is one of the Best Coffee Shops in Miami, and it excels in single-origin and mixed-origin cocoa bean roasting in small batches. In addition, this well-known coffee business also specializes in espresso blends. Choose the Fazenda Furans, which has chocolate and hazelnut flavors, or the West Coast blend, which has raspberry and Concord grape overtones. Do you want to try more than one mix? Spend the extra money on an espresso flight to try a little bit of almost everything!

Address: 2390 NW 2nd Ave, Miami

Phone: +1 305-677-3952



Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar

Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar

Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar has worked its way up to become one of Miami’s best coffee shops. Moreover, you can stop for weekend breakfasts or regular power-ups at any of these locations around Miami and far beyond. There are many different types of coffee, including espresso shots, cortados, cappuccinos, cold brews, and iced drinks with flavors like hazelnut and lavender.

Interestingly, pre-and post-workout, you can also sip a smoothie or power drink and couple it with sandwiches loaded with veggies and protein. If you want carbs, there’s also spaghetti.

Address: 249 E Flagler St, Miami

Phone: +1 786-391-2607



All Day – Best Coffee Shops in Miami

All Day

All day is the coffee shop in Miami for serious coffee connoisseurs. Moreover, All Day takes its coffee extremely seriously. This independent and among best coffee shops in Miami offers a wide range of strange yet great coffee beverages, such as cold brew rosemary limeade, foamy nitro cold brew, and espresso-based cocktails depending on milk preference. Guests will be able to add water to their espresso and select from a variety of milk foams with varying textures.

This Overtown location also serves as an eatery with egg-centric cuisine. So, if you favor sweet over savory breakfast delights, try the blood orange morning bun, Florida sunshine pavlova, or raw chocolate hazelnut tart.

Address: 1035 N. Miami Ave., Miami






Bebito’s, based in Miami Beach, provides comfortable seating, decent coffee, and a range of breakfast options. Their unique blend is roasted in Miami and combines Central and South American coffee beans. Moreover, this one of Miami’s Best Coffee Shops has it all. Furthermore, breakfast is available all day, along with a variety of Cuban selections and healthy lunches.

The sleek and contemporary design provides a relaxed and colorful environment with plenty of WiFi and plug space, ideal for a study break or following up on emails while enjoying a fantastic coffee.

Address: 1504 Bay Rd #106, Miami Beach

Phone: +1 786-353-2829



Vice City Bean

Vice City Bean

This is a specialty coffee store with outlets throughout the city. Moreover, the visitors are greeted by vibrant and modern decor and unique artwork on the walls that keep them engaged at this one of the Best Coffee Shops in Miami.

The café’s premium quality coffee and delicious light snacks and pastries are what keep visitors and locals coming back. Vice City Bean’s culinary team is skilled, and their goods are made with locally sourced ingredients suitable for all diets.

Address: 1657 N Miami Ave unit c, Miami

Phone: +1 305-726-8031



When visiting Miami, there are numerous places to grab a delicious cup of coffee, and you can even purchase roasted coffee beans to carry home with you. We know that getting the ideal cup of coffee or a delightful snack in a big city can be difficult. Fortunately, this list includes all of Miami’s greatest coffee shops and cafés that are suitable for every occasion.

Go ahead and try one today!

So next time in Miami, visit any or all of these cafes for a delicious coffee treat. Experience more amazing things at RegalBuzz!


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