Give Your Bathroom a Touch of Freshness with Under Mount Sinks

You can imagine your bathroom in many ways after modern, contemporary, coastal, Mediterranean, traditional, or other themes. However, its personality will always reflect your taste and lifestyle, even through the minute details. Hence, you are responsible for choosing everything with care when you renovate or remodel this room. Typically, on average, remodeling costs around USD $7k-17k based on area, labor, electrical work, plumbing, amenities, and fixtures. If you plan to makeover the primary bathroom by replacing the sink, bathtub, toilet, shower, and others, it can cost anywhere from USD $10k to 25k. Likewise, you can also set a rough estimate for other bathroom types.

Some people avoid large projects due to time and money constraints. They choose specific fixtures and work on them to refresh the bathroom’s energy. One of the straightforward choices for them includes a sink area. It is the hero of the entire space. The sink and vanity usually welcome you as soon as you step in. That’s why it also makes sense to update this particular corner. So, how do you go about it? Think about sink style first. It will lead you to other features, such as countertop and faucet. 

Bathroom sink varieties

Pedestal, wall-mounted, drop-in, console, corner, trough, and many variations are available. Some options, like pedestals, suit bathrooms with limited square footage, where adding a vanity can be out of the question. Corner sinks can be a thing for a room with awkward cuts. Then, trough sinks are for commercial places, where multiple users access them simultaneously. But when it comes to one’s home, a bottom-mount sink for the bathroom can be ideal. Any modern or contemporary private room can benefit from this humble design. The sink and countertop edges will be flush, creating a seamless look.

Do you plan to buy quartz countertops? In that case, you will like to stick to your decision of an under-mount sink. A large part of the sink will hide from your view as it hangs under the countertop surface, giving the premium countertop surface a chance to shine. Due to lipless design, maintenance and cleaning work will feel more manageable. There will be no edges to encourage debris, grime, or dirt buildup. However, the sink’s efficiency is maintained. The deep bowls ensure you wash your hands safely without getting splashed by the faucet. 

Options in sink material

It can be the most critical consideration. After all, your bathroom sink’s longevity and durability depend on the surface to a great degree. Again, options are plenty. So you must know why you need something more than the other. Most bathrooms rely on ceramic-porcelain and solid surface varieties. But first, let’s deal with other materials, such as composite stone, copper, and acrylic. 

Composite stone

Composite stone sinks contain ground stones and resins. Ground stone material can be anything from sandstone, slate, marble, and onyx to granite. It can be a good selection considering affordability, non-porous nature, and stain resistance. But users need help with installation due to its heavy construction. Plus, you must be careful when using abrasive sponges and chemical substances. It cannot withstand their impact. 


Aesthetically, it can be hard for anything else to beat the copper sink’s presence in the bathroom. But this unique base needs some special effort from your end. You must clean the surface when you use cosmetics, sebum, shaving gel or cream, toothpaste, and other substances. Also, you cannot apply drain cleaner without thinking twice. All these can affect its patina. If you can afford this expensive material, you should be willing to take full responsibility for its daily care and maintenance. Otherwise, the sink will lose its charm soon. If you still think these are manageable, please don’t forget to check the quality of the water supply in your house. Is it hard water? It’s not safe for copper.


It’s a solid plastic material with resin or fiberglass reinforcement. People choose this for its lightweight, easy maintenance, and low price. Stylish designs and noise absorption are also a factor. But this material is intolerable of heat and sharp objects. That makes your daily grooming work challenging in the bathroom. Durability is also a question mark in this case, even if you vouch to maintain it well.


It can be a lesser-used material in the bathroom, but fireclay is solid and durable. Of course, you pay a heavy price for this. Also, you will get only a few styles of sinks made of this material. 

So, what’s ideal for your bathroom?

As hinted, solid surfaces and ceramic-porcelain can suit your bathroom sink area more than any other material. Solid surfaces usually contain composite materials. You find them in many shapes and forms. If you wish for a sleeker design, this can happily oblige. You can ditch the expensive stone sinks for this more affordable and high-performing material. It eliminates your stress about chipping and staining. Weight is also manageable. When you add a sink like this, you also eliminate the tension of accidentally scratching the surface. Because of protective coatings, these sinks let you clean them effortlessly. Another option is vitreous china or a ceramic-porcelain combination. You can choose different sizes and shapes in this material at a pocket-friendly rate. Scratching and staining issues are also almost nonexistent. With routine care, anyone can keep this sink surface going, which should be a hassle-free experience.

Deciding on the sink shape and mounting style is crucial. It will help you determine a countertop choice also. Modern bathroom sinks are much more versatile in design and size. Whether you have a small or large bathroom, you can pick one to suit the layout. And no matter what you select, a well-made sink will add to your private room’s aesthetics and décor. Some homeowners choose white sink color for its ability to blend with any background. You can also take this safe route. White under mount sinks stand out for their classic appeal. You can elevate their appearance by matching them with the right vanity and countertop material. As mentioned once, quartz countertops and under-mount sinks make a good match. You can give this combination a try.

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