4 Fun Activities in Boise This Weekend

Boise, Idaho is often overlooked, but it’s in one of the most beautiful and serene environments. 

Mores Mountain is only 20 miles away from Boise, making it a perfect vacation spot. Whether you want to spend your time in the mountains or the city, Boise is ideal. You can discover the unique culture, landscape, and events of Boise while saving money and avoiding crowds. 

Take a look below to discover the best activities in Boise this weekend so you can travel with a plan! 

1. Look for Hidden Treasures

If you don’t know what to do in Boise but want to see it all, you should take part in the Noise Scavenger Hunt.

The Hidden Treasure Scavenger Hunt is a fun way to get your kids involved with vacation. This is the perfect activity for families since it lasts a couple of hours, but won’t pull you away from other events. If you’re near Basque Block or the Linen District, you can quickly get to the starting point of this scavenger hunt and explore the local wildlife.  

2. Check Out Museums & Art Galleries

Did you know that Idaho is home to more than 150 museums, galleries, and historical sites?

Some of the best of these attractions are found in the heart of Boise. If you have an eye for art and history, Boise is a great place to stop and absorb more info and culture. The Basque Museum, Discover Center, and Art Museum are the most popular Boise attractions. 

3. Visit Broadway 

Mean Girls, an iconic coming-of-age movie, has become so popular that it’s made its way to Broadway. 

This weekend, you can enjoy the Mean Girls musical and show, which will make you experience all the feelings. Mean Girls is a fun, entertaining, and memorable show you won’t want to miss. You can get tickets for this weekend at the Morrison Center and catch a delicious meal afterward! 

4. Bite into the Best Brunch 

Brunch in Boise is so exciting that some people visit the area to take a bite and sip on mimosas. 

Richard’s Restaurant and Bar is highly recommended if you enjoy classic brunch dishes. Whether you’re looking for pancakes, biscuits and gravy, or chicken, you have plenty of options. Boise is home to some of the most flavorful dishes and diversity. 

If you’re planning to catch a Broadway show or visit the park, brunch is the ideal meal to get. Whether you want to eat before or after an event, you’ll get the best of both worlds. 

Activities in Boise This Weekend 

No matter what you’re seeking, you can find beauty, good food, and adventure in Boise. 

Finding activities in Boise this weekend can help you make a plan and discover where to stay. You can tour the city on a fun scavenger hunt, visit the downtown district, and absorb the art scene. This is a great trip for groups and families since there are diverse attractions and activities to enjoy.  

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