Vibez Fit For Boxing In Chicago

Are you bored of the same old, dull gym routine? Vibez Fit Chicago is here for you. This dynamic and innovative fitness center is making waves in Chicago for its unique approach to exercise and boxing classes. From high-energy dance classes to personalized training sessions, this boxing class in Chicago has something for everyone. So what sets it apart from other gyms? 

Vibez Fit For Boxing & More

Location- 664 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60654

Contact- +1 312-624-9473


One of the top boxing programs in Chicago, Vibez Fit, brings something new to the table. The program and classes aid in building strength, sculpting your muscles, enhancing suppleness, and strengthening yourself. The training includes a 30-minute full-body practice combining strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility drills. 

Additionally, it features a 30-minute bodyweight format emphasizing strength, cardio, and core movements, as well as a 30-minute conditioning session intended to lengthen your legs, chisel your abs, and sculpt your biceps. 

There are additional classes that teach students various boxing techniques. The fact that each client has their workstation and tools is something to vouch for. Also, there are only 20 people in the class, and you won’t need to feel the rush as with other gyms. 

The Power Plate Mechanism

Vibez Fit equipments

Vibez Fit in Chicago uses a Power Plate mechanism to offer better results in less time. The Power Plate triggers an involuntary muscular contraction by stimulating the body’s natural reflexes.

Furthermore, it activates the body’s defense mechanisms, heightens Metabolism, burns fat more quickly, and reduces cellulite’s appearance, making our skin fine and radiant. So, compared to a typical 90-minute exercise, this one takes just 30 minutes. Also, the workout results in longer, leaner muscles, glowing skin, and detoxification. You will notice a difference between using the Power Plate and performing the same movements on the floor within the first three minutes.

Science-based technology is used in Vibez Fit courses to boost Metabolism and calorie burning. Whole-body vibration exercise has been proven beneficial for people of all ages and fitness levels, enhancing general health while shaping the body.

The Interiors of Vibez Fit Chicago

You will sense the positive energy flowing as soon as you enter the brand-new, cutting-edge studio of Vibez Fit in Chicago. Each client has a dedicated workstation and tools carefully cleaned before and after each lesson. Each station has a 7-foot perimeter around your workstation following modern societal conventions. Moreover, the 17-foot ceilings enable the CDC-required airflow, and ultraviolet lamps sanitize all the air. Our fully qualified Vibez Fit Chicago instructors will lead the meticulously crafted classes. In just 30 minutes, you’ll feel revived and invigorated.

Pricing and Plans

Vibez Fit exercise

Vibez Fit offers various class options, including introductory classes, membership plans, class packs, and an on-demand studio. The introductory classes package includes two classes of the customer’s choice for $20, which must be used within 14 days and is only available for new and local customers. Moreover, the membership plans offer three options: 8X/month for $149/month, 12X/month for $159/month, and unlimited classes for $179/month. Memberships renew monthly but can be canceled with 30 days’ notice. Members can also purchase additional monthly classes for $18/per class.

Class packs are another option for customers. The single-class option costs $30 and expires within seven days, while the 5-class pack costs $125 ($25 per class) and expires three months from purchase. The 10-class pack costs $229 ($23 per class) and expires three months from purchase.

Lastly, Vibez Fit has an on-demand studio with three purchase options: one-month unlimited for $29.99, recurring monthly unlimited for $29.99, and two weeks unlimited for $14.99. These options allow customers to take classes at their convenience and from the comfort of their own homes.


Vibez Fit offers a wide variety of fitness classes and packages to fit the needs of any customer. With options ranging from introductory classes to membership plans, class packs, and on-demand studios, this spot provides a flexible and accessible way for customers to achieve their fitness goals. 


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