Tzuco Chicago: The Best French-Mexican Restaurant

Come for tasty dining, and leave with beautiful memories at Tzuco Chicago! For a long time, the people of Chicago were struggling to find a single restaurant that could offer them a unique blend of French and Mexican tastes since the city has a good demand for the same.

This long wait ended when Tzuco became operational and started delivering mouth-watering starters like Tostada, main course dishes like Cabrilla, desserts like Guanabana/Avocado, and some of the most exotic drinks and cocktails! So, let’s explore this eatery in detail here: 

Explore Tzuco Chicago

Address: 720 N State St, Chicago, IL

Phone: +1 312-374-8995


Ratings & Reviews

For any restaurant to become a renowned name in the food industry and rule the hearts of food lovers, it just must maintain the quality of its food, service, and the experience around its ambiance. 

Moreover, the reason Tzuco Chicago has achieved great success is that it has taken care of every aspect in the best way possible, and its following ratings and reviews prove the same:

1) On Google, Tzuco has a rating of 4.5/5, with the best review by Sarah Resenic:

  • The professionalism and friendliness of the staff, along with the timely delivery of every dish that had been cooked to perfection with the right flavors and ingredients, simply added to the overall exceptional dining experience. I would love to visit the restaurant multiple times in the near future.

2) On Yelp, Tzuco Chicago has a rating of 4/5, with the top review by Luke:

  • Due to the complimentary tostadas and ceviche, I couldn’t have asked for a better start at this restaurant. I normally don’t like seafood, but they made it so delicious that I have almost fallen in love with seafood now! Undoubtedly, the best in taste!

Food and Drinks at Tzuco Chicago

Food and Drinks at Tzuco Chicago

  • Brunch drinks comprise coffee, tea, refrescos/agua, cervezas, 
  • You can pair these drinks with your dinner comprising refrescos/agua, cervezas, spirit-free cocktails, classic margaritas, etc.
  • Dinner comprises primero-appetizers like tetela, segundo-mains like carne asada, extras-sides like pommes frites, etc.
  • You can also try para la mesa, principales, masa, postres for brunch.
  • For desserts, there is gianduja, snowman, arroz con leche, and more. 

The Ambiance

The ambiance of Tzuco Chicago makes it the No.1 choice amongst diners since it gives you a cozy, earthy vibe, comprising multiple ventilated areas and a great bar space for you to have the best drinking and dining experience with your friends and family. 

From the first corner of the restaurant to the last one, you will experience the perfect alignment of style and simplicity, with exotic drinks and dishes right in the comfort of your home.

The Presentation at Tzuco Chicago

The food presentation of Tzuco in Chicago has made people fall in love with the restaurant! The food decoration clearly defines the creativity and skill set that the staff has crafted.

Tzuco chicago

Meet the Chef

Born in 1970 in Guerrero, a small town in Huitzuco, Chef Carlos Gaytan has always had a passion for food since it was passed on as a gift from his mother. When he headed to Chicago at age 20, little did he know that one day he would become the first-ever Mexican Chef to receive Michelin Star twice in 2013 & 14. 

With humble beginnings in the food industry, he achieved great success through his consistent hard work, never dying passion for food, and the quest to learn something new each day; Chef Carlos has gathered the right skills and expertise to not only provide the residents of Chicago with mouth-watering dishes but also an unforgettable dining experience at Tzuco Chicago.

Wrapping Up

Tzuco Chicago is undoubtedly one of the finest restaurants operating in Chicago presently. If you visit the city, make sure you make the most of your stay by visiting the restaurant that provides unmatched taste and dining experience.


Vibhuti is a passionate food blogger. She loves trying out new restaurants, cooking dishes with out-of-the-box ingredients, and sharing recipes with family and friends. When she's not blogging about food, Vibhuti enjoys traveling and exploring new places. You'll often find her searching for new flavors and dishes to enjoy. She is so crazy about food blogging that she recently took a 5 hours flight to Seattle just to try a cup of Turkish coffee at a newly opened cafe.

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