The Safest Neighborhoods in Chicago to Live & Travel

You might know Chicago as a city with a high crime rate. However, there’s no dearth of safest neighborhoods in Chicago, if you know where to look.

The Windy City is one of the most populous cities in America with over 2.7 million residents living within its city limits. With such a large number, it can be hard to find peace and quiet among so many people. It’s not easy being surrounded by millions of people who are all trying to get somewhere at once! Moreover, heh city has many neighborhoods, some of which are more dangerous than others.

But fear not! We have compiled a list of some of the safest neighborhoods in Chicago for you to consider when moving there or even just visiting.

Safest Neighborhoods in Chicago

Here are the safest neighborhoods in the city of Chicago. Check them out!


Printers Row

The Publishing and Printing center of 1880s, Printers Row, is still among the safest neighborhoods in Chicago. Sitting in the south of the Loop, this area constitutes the basic as well as the luxury amenities.

It is conveniently within walking distance of several restaurants, grocery stores, and shopping centers. Another major attraction is the quick access to the major expressways, buses, and trains. Printers Row can be your top choice to live in Chicago with below the national average violent crime rates.

Crime Rate: Below the national average.

Population: 20,060 (Estimated)


The Loop (Safest neighborhood in Chicago)

Forming the heart of the city, The Loop is among the safest places in Chicago. It features high-rise offices and top universities. Moreover, you get to walk to your office every day if you are working in the downtown area.

The living expenses are a little high compared to some other areas. But at the same time, the median household income that you can get is also high. You can enjoy a comfortable life here, and the nightlife of downtown Chicago is something you will definitely enjoy.

Crime Rate: Below the national average.

Population: 37,647 (Estimated)


Lincoln Park

Covering around 1200 acres, Lincoln Park is among the largest and safest neighborhoods in Chicago. Also, since it features the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Chicago History Museum, the Lincoln Park Conservatory, beaches, theaters, and recreational places, Lincoln Park has something for everyone.

With the crime rate below the national average, Lincoln Park is one of the most friendly neighborhoods for a reason.

Crime Rate: 24% lower than the Chicago average

Population: 68,697 (Estimated)


Lake View (Safest neighborhood in Chicago)

Situated close to downtown, Lake View serves singles and families alike with great amenities. Conveniently sitting near Lincoln Park, it has quick access to almost everything one can ask for. A place with vibrant nightlife and great opportunities, Lake View can be the ideal place for your bachelor’s life in Chicago.

Crime Rate: 40% lower than the Chicago average

Population: 1,00,000 (Estimated)


Edison Park

The crime rate, which is 77% lower than the Chicago average, is enough to tell you that Edison Park is among the safest neighborhoods in Chicago. The area has a very warm and welcoming community and just the right vibe. If you are longing for a nice suburban feel, it would be the perfect place for you.

Crime: 77% lower than Chicago average

Population: 13,358 (Estimated)


Rogers Park (Chicago’s safest neighborhood)

Safest Neighborhoods in Chicago

Situated in the far north, Rogers Park is another fun and safest neighborhood in Chicago. Rogers Park has registered a significant decrease in the number of crimes, and now the safety concerns are much less than other neighborhoods of Chicago. Rent prices are also affordable, so Rogers Park will treat you well if you have a tight budget and are looking for a safe place.

Crime Rate: 23% lower than the Chicago average

Population: 54,402 (Estimated)


Forest Glen

Forest Glen is one of the nicest neighborhoods in Chicago. The closely knitted community and low crime rate add to its charm. Giving you that calm and relaxed vibe, Forest Glen is among the safest places best suited for families. The area gives you more than just the suburban feel, and you have several restaurants, parks, and bike trails to have some fun.

Crime Rate: 71% lower than the Chicago average

Population: 19,384 (Estimated)


Gold Coast

Safest Neighborhoods in ChicagoLocated in the Northside of Chicago, Gold Coast is a very inclusive place. It mostly features upscale townhomes, but mid and high-rise apartment buildings are not a rare sight either. You can find all the basic amenities within walking distance. Formerly known as the Astor Street District, Gold Coast is a family-friendly place with some of the lowest crime rates in Chicago.

Crime Rate: Below the national average

Population: 17,448 (Estimated)


Andersonville (Safest neighborhood in Chicago)

Famous for its Swedish heritage, local shopping options, and local food, Andersonville shares its own flavor. The crime rate, which is below the national average and the welcoming community, makes Andersonville one of the safest neighborhoods in Windy City. There’s also a lot in the history books about this locality that is worth knowing.

Crime Rate: Below the national average

Population: 7,925 (Estimated)



Safest Neighborhoods in Chicago

It is a unique neighborhood surrounded by water, defined by Lake Michigan and the Chicago River. It features Navy Pier, a tourist attraction, and has a crime rate below the national average. Streeterville has numerous medical and corporate opportunities. They also have an organization called the Streeterville Organization of Active Residents (SOAR) to advocate and support the people living in Streeterville.

Crime Rate: Below the national average

Population: 27,197 (Estimated)


When selecting a new home the safest neighborhoods in Chicago like the Edison Park, Lincoln Park, Printers Row should be at the top of your list. While Lake View and Rogers Park appear to be the best options for singles as they are not harsh on your budget.

When going about a goal or deciding something, you can either go for the best or avoid the worst to arrive at an optimum solution. In the above article, we took you through some of Chicago’s best neighborhoods.

Figure out the things and factors you are looking for in the place you want to live, and based on the information we provided you above, you can make a calculative decision

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