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Sunda Chicago is a one-stop place for the best food experience. However, Chicago has a staggering array of food alternatives, including drive-throughs serving deep-dish pizza, breakfast joints on every street, and the dirtiest dirty martinis in the world. Are you ready to enjoy a “culinary experience” developed by folks who adore food and entertainment? The proprietors established the Sunda concept to honor the stunning fusion of coexisting cultures found on the Sunda Shelf after spending a lifetime steeped in Southeast Asian culture.

Billy Dec, a seasoned restaurant manager, and Emmy-winning television personality is the founder and CEO of Sunda New Asian. Furthermore, after extensive culinary excursions across Southeast Asia, he founded Suda Chicago in 2009. The Sunda Shelf, which is currently a submerged land mass in the shallow seas of the South China Sea, the Gulf of Thailand, and neighboring areas, is where Sunda New Asian celebrates the diversity of cultures and culinary traditions.

Sunda Chicago

Address: 110 W. Illinois St. Chicago, Illinois  60654, USA

Contact Number: 312-644–0500


Opening hours: Mon-Wed 11:30am–11pm; Thu, Fri 11:30am–midnight; Sat Brunch 10:30am–3pm Dinner 4pm-midnight; Sun Brunch 10:30am–3pm Dinner 4–11pm

Offerings at the Restaurants

According to the Chicago Tribune, Sunda Chicago is the “preeminent pan-Asian restaurant of River North” and the city’s top location for celebrity sightings. The staff of this new Asian Restaurant provides approachable menus for large gatherings that include meals made of meat, chicken, and seafood as well as sushi and creative maki. The additional menu items include intriguing salads, spicy noodles or the famous Chicago ramen, renowned dim sum, and handcrafted desserts.

Signature cocktails, sake, wine, champagne, Japanese whiskey, and other drinks are all part of the beverage menu at Sunda Chicago. It is a bustling restaurant where you can obtain dishes and drinks with vibrant and vivid flavors influenced by Asia. Every meal’s components are fresh, and they are very understanding of unusual requests, especially if you have particular allergies. They also provide a variety of tasty vegetarian options. 

The Delectable Sunda Chicago Menu

Fantastic Sunda Chicago

Sunda New Asian Restaurant, a Rockit Ranch Venue is located in Chicago Illinois. This location is ideal for anyone wishing to celebrate a distinctive eating experience in Chicago. The SUNDA is where your visitors can go on a culinary adventure and sample some of the best flavors of New Asian food. They try to cover the cuisine and culture of the area known as the Sunda Shelf, including contemporary and modern interpretations of classic cuisines from the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and China. Let’s have a look at the most delectable menu at Sunda Chicago:

  • KALBI SHORT RIBS: Beef short ribs with kimchi and sesame soy marinade.
  • SISIG: Honeycomb tripe, onions, shishito peppers, egg, chili lime vinaigrette, braised pork belly, and roti prata.
  • Szechuan Chicken: Chicken thighs, dried Chinese chillies, green beans, scallions, and sesame chilli oil make up 
  • GARLIC CRAB NOODLES: Lo mein noodles, garlic butter, crab, scallions, and fried garlic make up the dish.”
  • GAMBLER SUSHI ROLL – A single ghost pepper sambal is concealed in one of the sushi pieces, together with spicy tuna, kani, cucumbers, scallions, kampyo, and avocado.
  • “TAIL OF TWO TUNAS” IS SPICEY Yellowfin tuna, escolar, pickled jalapenos, fried shallots, and spicy mayo makes the sushi roll.
  • KAMAYAN FEAST: Green beans, jasmine rice, crispy pata, grilled garlic shrimp, BBQ inasal chicken, and lumpia egg rolls made in the style of Shanghai.

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Signature Beverages At Sunda Chicago

  • GRASS TIGER includes fresh spanking mint, lemongrass, lime, orange, and old tom gin that has been infused with jalapenos.
  • Blood Orange Margarita: Altos Plata, Pierre Ferrand dry curacao, blood orange, and home-made sour 
  • BILLY’S SUPER FRESH SAKETINI: Muddled cucumber, Junmi sake, vodka, and mint.

The restaurant Sunda Chicago is the perfect location for pre-wedding activities including rehearsal dinners because it can accommodate groups of up to 100 guests. Their delicious fare can be served as a buffet-style dinner, ideal for a rehearsal dinner or wedding reception.

Wrapping Up

SUNDA Chicago displays a clean, modern aesthetic while maintaining a connection to its primary function—that of a gathering place for guests to enjoy great food and socialize in a comfortable setting—throughout its interior, which ranges from the ubiquitous red travertine marble to French-polished black bamboo. This Asian fusion concept from Rockit Ranch Productions is a good option for an undoubtedly cool meal in River North because it toes the line between a swanky hotspot and refined eating destination.

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