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Sephora is a global makeup and beauty brand founded in France in 1969, with over 2,300 stores worldwide. Sephora’s flagship store on Michigan Avenue is unlike any other in the US, offering a wide assortment of makeup and skin care products. If you want an enriching shopping experience, head to Sephora Chicago. But first, read this post and make your experience completely seamless.

Dive in to find out all about the glamorous Sephora Chicago!

The Glamorous Sephora Chicago

Address: 605 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago.

Cross street: Between E Ontario and E Ohio Sts

Website: Click Here

Sephora Chicago, on Michigan Avenue, is their 400th store. The store is Sephora’s fourth largest to date, spans 10,040 square feet at street level, and offers over 13,000 products.

This remarkable store features a beauty workshop, a fragrance studio, and a skincare studio. The entire store is equipped with the latest technology. Also, it features a 14-seat beauty studio with an interactive face chart that can record its customers’ products and preferences, which is also emailed to clients.

Moreover, it is a one-stop beauty shop for all your makeup, hair, and skincare needs. It is one of those stores you can’t wait to get inside to find yourself in a total state of bliss with all the brands and limited edition collections. You can shop from more than 300 brands of products, including their own range of makeup that is exclusive to Sephora Chicago. 

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Why Shop at Sephora Chicago?

Why should I shop at Sephora Chicago

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all your beauty needs, Sephora is the place to go. It gives you plenty of reasons to shop at Chicago’s Sephora, but here are a few great ones: 

  • Sephora carries a wide range of high-end makeup and beauty products from brands like NARS, Lancome, and Urban Decay. 
  • You experience an interactive digital setting that serves up customized recommendations.
  • The store offers helpful services like free makeovers and free samples with purchases. 
  • The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. 
  • Sephora Chicago often has sales and special deals on popular items. 

Furthermore, even if you’re not much of a makeup person or don’t know what style goes best with your own face shape, their staff is always there to help you. And you’ll be surprised by the fantastic offers and discounts they provide on the products and brands they carry!

Love Sephora products? You should definitely be aware of the following:

The Best Way to Shop at Sephora Chicago

What's the best way to Shop at Sephora

Sephora in Chicago is known for its wide selection of luxury beauty products and unique shopping experiences. You’ll discover the Beauty Workshop at the store’s heart, similar to an Apple Genius Bar, only for beauty lovers. Here, you can interact with Sephora’s beauty experts to get tutorials and makeup lessons in a super techy setting. 

The Fragrance studio is far more fascinating. It is equipped with a dry air delivery system that enables you to experience and identify different fragrances. Then there’s the Skincare Studio, an idle place to find the perfect solution for your skin woes. 

Customers can receive makeup consultations, participate in beauty classes, and receive free samples with every purchase. Sephora Chicago also offers a loyalty program that gives members access to exclusive sales and events. 


All in all, Sephora Chicago, Michigan Avenue, is a dreamland for all beauty lovers. You will get to explore a world of esteemed beauty that offers an unrivaled selection of makeup, skincare, hair care, fragrance and much more. You can shop from classic and exclusive beauty brands such as Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, Drunk Elephant, and Sephora’s exclusive Collection.

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