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Rose Mary Chicago is a restaurant and pub with a distinct vibe originating from Italy. The food is delicious, and the menu offers several traditional dishes that will satisfy your hunger. Chicago’s Rose Mary is a great spot to celebrate any occasion, whether with a large group of friends or wanting a romantic evening for two.

It is excellent for a group dinner with the office, drinks with friends after work, or a quiet evening with your significant other. Let’s explore some fantastic things about this place.

Rose Mary Chicago


Address: 932 W Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607

Contact Number: (872) 260-3921


Rose Mary in Chicago is a wonderful restaurant and bar with good food and a great all-around atmosphere that many people have come to love. The food is exquisite, and the restaurant is quite hospitable. If you have yet to try it, we recommend you do it soon and don’t miss out on great meals.

Inspirational History

Rose Mary Chicago, Chef Joe Flamm’s newest restaurant, was inspired by his grandmothers and their delicious Croatian cooking. The restaurant’s location in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood with the historic Fulton Market district is a great fit. He draws inspiration from what he calls “Adriatic drinking food” to create a lively ambiance and a menu that is rustic yet polished. 

Croatian and Italian-influenced foods mostly dominate the diversified menu. Flamm’s grandmothers, Mary and Mary Rose, inspired the name, and the Rose Mary herb, native to the coasts of Italy and Croatia, was also taken into account.

The Fantastic Dishes at Rose Mary Chicago

The Fantastic Rose Mary Chicago

Dishes at Rose Mary in Chicago are primarily Croatian but may also have Italian influences. Furthermore, their enormous menu has an abundance of tempting options. Everything about the meals is amazing, from the appetizers like the stracciatella with apple mostarda and light lepinja to the main course like the crni rizot. This creamy squid ink risotto tastes delicious!

The wait staff is well-versed in the cuisine of the Adriatic region and will gladly help patrons through the extensive menu. Two noteworthy meals are the burek with minced beef and mozzarella and the tortellini djuvec, which is made with eggplant and preserved zucchini and served in red pepper cream. Lamb with blitva and potatoes, a sumptuous main meal, is cooked entirely in a charcoal hearth. Save room for the rosewater fritule and other desserts.

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Superb Ambiance

Moreover, if you want to dine or drink in a truly unique restaurant, Chicago’s Rose Mary is the place for you. Every dish at this trendy Italian eatery is flavorful, thanks to the chefs’ attention to detail. The ambiance is decidedly vintage, but it has a modern touch. 

The atmosphere and the quality of service they provide are unparalleled because of the meticulous planning and preparation that went into creating their business. You will enjoy authentic, traditional Croatian fare that is more flavorful than anything. This Chicago place has become legendary for the many fond memories it has preserved for locals and visitors alike.

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Private Events and Gatherings

Private events are perfect for the elegant Chicago Rose Mary restaurant. They can accommodate events of any size, from small meetings to huge conferences, wine tastings, and social events. The restaurant can comfortably provide seating for over 200 people, making it a great place for events.

Private events can be held in either a half-size (holding up to 16 people) or full-size (holding up to 40 visitors) room or in the entire restaurant (holding anywhere from 125 to 200 guests). The restaurant encourages customers to make their meals by picking and choosing from the bar and restaurant menus. You can select three separate food items in the first and second courses. You can also choose two savory meals from the third course and a dessert.

Special Offerings

Special Offerings rose mary chicago

All year long, Rose Mary Chicago provides the celebratory mood it creates for milestone events. Furthermore, they have a special holiday menu and delicious items like salads and steaks. One of the best ways to welcome the new year is at the delightful New Year’s celebration that everyone looks forward to every year.

The 2.5-hour, four-course meal Chef Joe Flamm has prepared for the customers is sure to be memorable. Additionally, the speciality cocktails and beer and wine will be for sale on the premises. Rose Mary Chicago restaurant offers a wide variety of options on their rotating menu for special occasions. A delectable tasting menu at the bar showcases a selection of their best-selling items and special blends.

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There’s something for everyone at Rose Mary Chicago. The menu is extensive, and the service is great and the staff is welcoming. All in all, Rose Mary has earned a stellar reputation. The classic pasta, seafood, and steak dishes are unrivaled, and the ambiance is fantastic.

Whether you’re looking for a place to have lunch, celebrate an event, or have a good time on the weekend, Rose Mary in Chicago is the place to be.


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