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The Chicago skyline is the world’s tallest skyline that boasts four of America’s eight tallest buildings. In the afternoon, the building becomes crimson with the setting sun, and the lights give you a feeling of being amidst the stars at night. Do you want to look at this enthralling skyline and watch a classic movie with your loved one? Then rooftop cinema club Chicago is your place to be. 

Rooftop Cinema Club Chicago

Address:  311 N Morgan St. Chicago, IL 60607

Contact number: +1 201 555 1234


You can come here for a date night or have a good time with your friends and family. You may even watch the movie, have dinner and play some games that the place offers at their rooftop cinema. No matter what your favorite genre of film is, you can choose from a wide range of options that they have to offer. Initially, the venture began in London in the year 2011. Gradually it was brought to the US. 

A Look Inside Rooftop Cinema Club Chicago

The rooftop cinema club Chicago is located on the 5th-floor terrace of The Emily Hotel. You can reach the cinema by entering the hotel and taking an elevator to the 6th floor.

The club offers three types of tickets for two distinct kinds of deckchairs. This includes a single lounge seat for one, a lounge seat, popcorn for one, along with a wide-width Loveseat and Popcorn for two. 

You can choose to lean back from deckchairs with lounges or two deckchairs that are adjusted together. You will be provided with individual wireless headphones, and the movies will be featured on ultramodern LED screens. The tickets range from $18.75 to $27.75 as per the type of ticket and day of the week at Rooftop Cinema Club in Chicago.

What Else is Exciting?

A Look Inside Rooftop Cinema Club Chicago

You can watch the movie with the fantastic skyline at the rooftop cinema club Chicago and enjoy other activities. As mentioned earlier, you can play games with your family and friends. The place has a tropical decoration- green and colors splashed all over and has lawn games that you can enjoy. 

You must arrive early to have delicious food and enjoy drinks like slurries, beer, wine, cocktails, and many more- you name it, and you get it. For the movie geeks who enjoy their movie with popcorn and candy, you won’t be disappointed too!

People below 18 can watch the screening that starts before 4:30 P.M, and those above 18 can opt for the 4:30 P.M and late-night shows.

Deals and Offers

Rooftop cinema club Chicago offers a special discount for military personnel and students. No matter whether the military personnel are retired or still working. With the code “FultonMarketMilitary2022”, you can enjoy a 15% discount. Be sure to bring any form of ID proof with you to avail of the deal. 

Students can also enjoy a discount of 10% using voucher code: FultonMarketStudent2022. You need to bring your active student ID or Student schedule to avail of the discount. 

Rooftop Cinema Club Chicago - Things To Bring!

Rooftop Cinema Club Chicago – Things To Bring!

BYOB, or Bring Your Own Blanket. The environment on the rooftop is cold and breezy. Thus, bring blankets and enjoy the movie by cozying up in your seat. 

Also, if you are bringing your kid, ensure that you bring headphones that fit them. The cinema provides free-size headphones, but they may not fit children below 5 years of age. 

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Rooftop Cinema Club Chicago has some of the best policies for show delay or cancellation. You will be notified in either of these cases via Email, and you can get a refund or book another show. You can even see the thumbnails to view the current status of your screening. The thumbnails will appear on the webpage of the venue. And if you feel the need to change the screening time, you can change the timing from your account to a different screening time. 

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed reading about the Rooftop Cinema Club Chicago and have already started to make plans to visit this amazing place to watch the best of movies. Since this place works on a first-come, first-served basis, the earlier you visit, the better seats you will get. So, why wait, right?

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