Top 5 Chicago Riverwalk Restaurants

Chicagoans, are you ready to explore some of the best Chicago Riverwalk restaurants? And why only Chicagoans? If you are not a resident of Chicago but planning to visit this city, this blog is for you. Here we will suggest some restaurants you can visit with your family and friends. Also, in these places, you can enjoy the serene beauty along with your favorite meal.

So, if you are a food lover and peace lover, you must explore these Restaurants near Chicago Riverwalk that we will discuss in this blog. Let’s dig into the topic and learn about these restaurants without any further ado. 

Chicago Riverwalk Restaurants

Following are some of the outstanding restaurants that we have shortlisted for your reference:


Tiny Tapp & Café

Chicago riverwalk restaurants

Tiny Tapp Café is located on a fabulous Chicago Riverwalk. This cafe is well known for its decent crowd and cocktails, where you can also have your meal or coffee with a Riverwalk view. Tiny Tapp is an al fresco restaurant with limited cuisine options, including street corn nachos, turkey club, and the perfect-for-summer elotes. 

You will surely enjoy your favorite cocktail with a city view here. Their drink menu includes margaritas, local craft beers, and wine on tap. During the peak time of summer, they serve you Frozen Henry’s Holiday, made up of fresh pureed strawberries, lemon juice, and vodka. Surely, we can include this under one of the Best Cafes on the Chicago Riverwalk.

Location: 55 Chicago Riverwalk, Chicago, IL 60601, United States

Contact: 773-967-0102


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Chicago Brewhouse – Among Top Chicago Riverwalk Restaurants

Chicago Brewhouse, as the name suggests, is a among great Restaurants near Chicago Riverwalk that is best known for its craft beer. If you are a person who needs to try the best fresh beer in Chicago, you must visit this place at least once. 

The restaurant even has some of the best food items listed on its menu, including Lincoln square jumbo pretzel, Pilsen street tacos, Greektown gyro sliders, etc. The city’s ethnic enclaves inspire the local beers and the food times they serve. 

Location: 33 E Riverwalk, Chicago, IL 60601, USA

Contact number: 312 867-5766



Sweet Home Gelato

Sweet Home Gelato

Sweet Home Gelato is one of the finest Chicago Riverwalk restaurants for having desserts. A person with a sweet tooth will never be able to resist waffle cones whenever he passes by Sweet Home Gelato. Not just waffle cones, but their floats and milkshakes will blow your mind. 

However, Sweet Home Gelato is extremely famous for its gelato, which is smoother and denser than American ice cream. It is a healthy dessert option for people who are conscious about their diet. This version of ice cream is made of whole milk and excludes cream and butter fat.

Location: 50 S Main St Suite 138, Naperville, IL 60540, United States

Contact number: 312-405-5736



City Winery – Chicago Riverwalk Restaurant

City Winery - Chicago Riverwalk restaurants

Can you say no to a locally-made wine that, too, while sitting outside accompanied by good music and a serene view of the iconic Marina Towers? Of course, no one can!

You can enjoy your food and wine here on any day of the week. However, you will get limited food options on Mondays and Tuesdays but a lot of variety on the other days of the week. Like any other wine bar, you’ll also be served charcuterie and cheese at the most amazing Chicago Riverwalk restaurants in the city. 

Location: 1200 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60607

Contact number: 312-733-9463



Chiya Chai Café- Chicago’s Riverwalk Cafe

Chicago riverwalk restaurants

Yes, you guessed it right! Chiya Chai Café is a renowned chai café. But along with chai, you can enjoy the cuisines of those countries closely associated with chai.

For instance, they serve savory pies, a cuisine of Great Britain, curry and other dishes from India, and dumplings or momos from Nepal and China. This is a great place to be if you’re looking for some authentic food at Chicago Riverwalk restaurants.

Location: 2770 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, United States

Contact number: 773-360-7541


Another must visit place in Chicago – Soho House.


The Northman Beer & Cider Garden Riverwalk

The Northman Beer & Cider Garden is a new Riverwalk restaurant in Chicago. If you are a cider person, you should definitely visit this restaurant. Not just people who prefer cider should visit this place, but those who like beer and wine must have a visit once. 

Apart from drinks, they serve some unique food items, including Doner Kabob Sausage, their signature dish. This dish is served with a bun, marinated tomatoes, sriracha, seasoned yogurt, and onions. 

Location: 233 East Riverwalk, Chicago, IL 60601, USA

Contact number: 312-228-1911



Beat Kitchen on the Riverwalk Chicago

Beat Kitchen on the Riverwalk

Beat Kitchen on the Riverwalk is located next to the Bridgehouse Museum. You can enjoy both drinks and delicious food here. Their menu includes pizzas, tacos, guac and chips, bacon mac ‘n’ cheese, and much more. Enjoy the best of Italian and other culturally rich dishes at one of the crowd-favorite Chicago Riverwalk restaurants.

You can visit Beat Kitchen from Monday to Thursday from 4 pm to 9 pm, on Friday from 4 pm to 10 pm, on Saturday from 11 am to 10 pm, and on Sunday from 11 am to 9 pm. 

Location: 91-95 E Riverwalk, Chicago, IL 60601, USA

Contact number: 773-281-4444



O’Brien’s Riverwalk Café Chicago

Chicago riverwalk restaurants

Now, if you want to dine out and enjoy your meal, you can surely visit O’Brien’s Riverwalk Café. It is a great option even on sunny days as the café offers plenty of umbrella seating. 

This is one of the first places to have an outpost on the Riverwalk. Their menu includes apps, burgers, salads, and more. The best part about this place is that it is a kid-friendly spot where you can come along with your family. For an amazing experience with food and drinks, this is probably the most loved cafes among other Chicago Riverwalk Restaurants.

Location: 45 E Riverwalk S, Chicago, IL 60601, United States

Contact number: 312-346-3131



Island Party Hut Tiki Bar & Grill

Chicago riverwalk restaurants

Island Party Hut Tiki Bar & Grill is a tropical-themed bar and grill Chicago Riverwalk restaurant. It has multiple bars that serve frozen cocktails and island-inspired drinks. This place is famous for its grilled cuisines, including slow-smoked pulled pork, brats, and a big kahuna burger. 

If you want to enjoy your meal in a place where you can even play some fun games like jumbo Jenga, corn hole, giant connect four, pink pong, etc., this place is the perfect pick. 

Location: 355 Chicago Riverwalk, Chicago, IL 60601, USA

Contact number: 312-600-0488


Wrapping Up

We are sure after going through these Chicago Riverwalk restaurants, you are all excited to visit them. These are the best places to enjoy your meal and drinks, along with a city view. Choose the one that best fits your taste and preferences. Also, tell us if you have visited any of these or any other that we didn’t discuss in this article. And while you are at it, you can also explore the best German restaurants in Chicago.

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