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If you’re trying to find the perfect hotel, you are not alone. With so many brands and choices, deciding where to stay in the Chicago area can be tricky. Well, Ritz Carlton Chicago is here to your rescue. If you’re looking for a classy slumber or an ironic experience, check out what this hotel offers.

Ritz Carlton in Chicago is a 30-floor hotel with 434 rooms located on Chicago’s Gold Coast, which provides mesmerizing view and makes you feel like you are inside a gorgeous jewel box. It was established in 1975, and the sparkling marble floors, the chandeliers, and every other space are quite exquisite for the eyes. 

Address: At Water Tower Place, 160 E Pearson St, Chicago, IL 60611, United States

Phone: +1 312-266-1000


Ritz Carlton Chicago

Regardless of the hotel’s size, it is quite spacious. There is an atrium lobby lounge containing a restaurant and bar on the 12th floor of the hotel. Furthermore, the guests frequently visit this place and then leave in a retro-cool elevator for their rooms located on the 15th to 30th floors. 

Ritz Carlton in Chicago has an amazing lobby area, a full-service app, a large indoor pool, a Club Lounge on its 15th floor, and various event spaces. However, all these amenities are strategically spaced out, thus, the hotel feels rather intimate. 

The hotel also has a pet-friendly environment, so even if you are taking your pet along, this is probably the right spot! 

Ritz Carlton Chicago – The Wow Factor

What’s the Wow factor of Ritz Carlton Chicago

Chicago is packed with many amazing skyscrapers, and the sunrise and sunset between those buildings look amazing. Some hotels in Chicago have their lobby or check-in desks on a high floor, and so does Ritz Carlton Chicago. 

The lobby of the Ritz Carlton is located on its 12th floor. Interestingly, that facilitates an amazing view which adds to the beauty of the stay. Moreover, owning prime real estate in Chicago, Ritz Carlton has some of the most amazing locations. Furthermore, the Lakeside Suite, which gives views of the mind-blowing skyline, the John Hancock Tower, and the Lake.

However, there are other spots, like the indoor pool, located on the 11th floor of the hotel underneath a skylight. Also, the John Hancock Tower looms just above it. In short, Ritz Carlton in Chicago has a remarkable architectural design. 

The Amazing Five-Star Service

Everything inside Ritz Carlton Chicago assures that you are living in a five-star hotel. The hotel has given its employees extensive training, which is reflected in their behavior and hospitality.

There is also a residence next door to the hotel, which offers quite a decent spa, wellness, and fitness facilities. However, these amenities are usually provided as membership to the wealthy neighbors, it still doesn’t feel crowded. 

The Lakeside Suite at Ritz Carlton Chicago

Ritz Carlton Chicago For The Best Of Luxury

The Lakeside Suite is certainly one of the best rooms in Ritz Carlton Chicago. It is massive, and despite the $100 million transformation of the hotel in 2017, this part was renovated in 2010 and still feels quite modern. The suite is also huge and makes you feel like a home away from home. It also has all kinds of amenities that one could expect and fit in a suite, like luxury bath toiletries, a mini-bar, plush robes, and impeccable room service.

Dining at Torali, Ritz Carlton Chicago

If you are looking for amazing food and beverages at the Ritz, then don’t miss the Torali, located on the 12th floor of the hotel. It’s an ultra-posh Italian-inspired restaurant and gives the feel of old-school aesthetics blended with new-school design. 

The Ritz Carlton Chicago is profound for its pre-hotel boom. The guests had to wear dinner jackets along with nice loafers. However, the hotel loosened its tie in 2000 and made dramatic transformations to its dining spaces. 

The vibe of Torali is somewhere in the middle of all that. You might even feel that the place is trapped in a time warp of high-brow, old-school ambiance, and refreshing, modern allure. The hotel is cozy and equipped with plush booths, Italian leather, marble, and high energy. However, the place also has old waiters dressed in suits and formal, giving classy service. 

Ritz Carlton Chicago serves a great breakfast, streaming hot blueberry pancakes and smoothies. The dinner menu is also great and fresh and serves some of the best in-house-made pasta, such as cavatelli. 

You also must try their lobby lounge, which has an amazing bar and a cafe, along with an outdoor patio. 

Wrapping Up

Ritz Carlton Chicago is definitely one of the best hotels in Chicago, offering all the luxury and amazing views in one place. The hotel’s design, ambiance, rooms, restaurants, and cafes are also amazing. Thus, you must visit this place if you want a luxurious and comfy hotel stay. 

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