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Radio Room Chicago is the coolest place to be if you are looking for an easygoing restaurant and bar experience in the city. It is located at the corner of State and Kenzie and offers a unique space with the utmost delicious food. In short, an amazing bar in downtown Chicago. 

Furthermore, the prices are economical, and the service is quick, efficient, and friendly. The servers and the staff are very hospitable, and the time they take to get the food on your table is quite short. 

Radio Room Chicago

The Radio Room is known for a lot of things, but its specialty is food and drinks. Let’s explore some unique features of the restaurant. 

A Unique Space

One thing that customers of Radio Room Chicago cannot agree more on is the unique space. Moreover, the vibe will make you feel just at home. Furthermore, it can host up to 40 customers at once. This lavish restaurant also has a patio and outdoor dining where even pets are welcome. 

In a place where you can find food and drinks anywhere, this 10,000-square-foot place offers a unique experience to foodies. Furthermore, they offer a serious and distinguished style in what they do. 

Radio Room Chicago’s Signature Dishes

Radio Room Chicago's signature dish

Radio Room Chicago is a restaurant that has a vast menu for both lunch and dinner. Additionally, the people looking for brunch may have to settle for a little less, but the quality of food balances the menu. Interestingly, the most preferred dish served by them includes fried cheese curds and amp pickles. Furthermore, these are pickled peppers and chipotle ranch.

The second best thing of the Radio Room menu is chicken. It will be grilled and crispy. They are served with slaw house pickles, Nashville aioli, and brioche bun, and the visitors can have the choice of traditional, Nashville hot, or buffalo. 

Furthermore, the chicken sandwiches and the fish tacos are some of the most popular dishes at the restaurant. The fish taco is served with beer-battered cod with spicy tartar sauce, purple cabbage slaw, and jalapeno. 

Affordable Services

The place offers affordable services, including food and drinks. At times, they also offer a 20% discount on special occasions. Even though Radio Room Chicago seems like a regular bar, but the amazing food, drinks, soothing music, and extraordinary hospitality make it different from the others. Additionally, the glittery groceries can never miss a compliment. The live music and the DJ.

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Renowned Chef

The food offered at the Radio Room Chicago is exemplary, and the credit goes to the corporate chef, Andrew Sikkelerus. Significantly, the menu itself is worthy of being fantastic. Not just that, the beloved American cuisine is one of the greatest hits, and the best part is the food served by the chef. 

Social and Private Events at Radio Room Chicago

All About The Ultimate Radio Room Chicago

Radio Room is not only a restaurant but also provides reservations for social events and happenings. Be it a Halloween hell and heaven party, build your burger party, football game days, wristband package, happy hour, taco Tuesday, wine Wednesday, or weekend brunch. Radio Room in Chicago is a one-stop shop. 

With so many categories of events happening all day, the place is a paradise every week. 

From Sunday to Thursday, the place offers a chance for you to build your burger. They offer the choice of meat, bun, cheese, toppings, and more. There is also a game-day menu every week. It includes tater tot nachos, buffalo chicken flatbreads, grand plateau, beer buckets, the holy shit mule, stadium drafts, and the Jameson bottle with pickle juice. 

The wristband package includes both standard and premium packages. The Radio Room Chicago menu offers 2-hour standard beverage packages, housemade chips and guacamole, bartop mingling space, individual tabs paid online, and more. 

Private events at the Radio Room are organized events filled with energetic vibes, great services, and incredible experiences. The amenities include unique and fun settings for private, personal, or corporate events. They have a  dedicated team for all events, and they are very hospitable and professional. The capacity for the event is 155 seats and 400 receptions. 

Event spaces include the studio, which is a dimly lit corner with acoustic panelling. At the back of the studio is the deck, which offers both privacy and comfort. The bar is largely distributed into the east bar and west bar, where all the live events are organized. 

Address: Radio Room Chicago, 400 N State St, Chicago, IL 60654, United States

Phone: +1 312-706-5228,

Wrapping Up

Radio Room Chicago offers preliminary reservations of a particular date and time. The events, food, and services are quite outstanding. The dedicated team leaves no stone unturned to make your experience incredible. We hope you enjoyed reading all about Chicago’s ultimate restaurant. So, head out to this restaurant to relish your next best cuisine. 

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