11 Amazing Studios For Pole Dancing Classes in Chicago

The windy city is known to have several dance schools and institutes for all dance forms. Pole dancing is one of the most famous and favorite dance styles that every woman wants to learn. If you wish to learn how to dance around a pole, check out these pole dancing classes in Chicago. It helps you improve metabolism, flexibility, mobility, and balance. It is the best way to make yourself relaxed and stress-free. Your heart health and stamina are improved. Also, you tend to sleep faster and more efficiently.

Every pole dancing class in Chicago has a professional and certified trainer who trains the students with all expert dancing skills on the pole. The goal of every trainer is to help gain confidence in women and get comfortable with her body. Pole dancing is of many types like pole sport, artistic pole dancing, exotic pole dancing, and each type is taught with perfection. Below mentioned are the famous pole dancing classes in Chicago.

Pole Dancing Classes in Chicago

Whether a beginner or pro, young or aged, or with anybody type, she is welcome to learn pole dancing. It is time to feel confident about yourself and come out real. Below mentioned are the best pole dancing classes Chicago owns.


Fempress Fit – Pole Dancing Classes Chicago


Fempress Fit is one of the best pole dancing classes in Chicago. It is an excellent fit for those looking for cardiovascular classes, dance routines, and acrobatics. Their pole dance class features dance moves on and around the pole, basic grips, proper body alignment, pole foundations, and most beginner spins. You will need knee pads or leg warmers for this class. The shoes must be professional exotic stilettos with 6″ heels or a little higher. They train you to become a pro in dancing on poles.

Location: 2150 S Canalport Ave Suite 5C6, Chicago, IL 60608, United States

Contact: +1 312-728-0477

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Stiletto Dance Studio

Stiletto Dance Studio is the largest and most popular pole dancing workout fitness program in Chicago. Their fitness style is to make exercise creatively matchless and fun, inspiring a healthy life. Stiletto Dance Studio is something unique and welcomes women of all ages to enjoy a fun class. This dance class helps you develop flexibility, tone muscles, burn fat, and build confidence.

You will be given training in stimulating moves, sensual spins, and a variety of pole tricks. Other styles of pole dancing are also taught by their professional trainers.

Location: 1843 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, United States

Contact: +1 312-488-1635

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Life Of A Pole Trick Studio


Life of a pole trick studio is one of the best pole dancing classes in Chicago. It provides 360 fitness in aerial, dance, pole fitness, and holistic wellness for all age groups. It helps increase mobility, range of motion and reduce tension across the body. They begin with essential tips on body awareness, conditioning, and silk holding.

The coaches train you for pole spins, transitions among pole spins, and combinations of floor moves. Their classes have levels, and as you keep learning, the trick levels keep increasing. It is one of the top pole dancing classes Chicago has.

Location: 415 W Huron St, Chicago, IL 60654, United States

Contact: +1 312-298-9296

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Bombshell Movement Studio

Bombshell movement studio is one of the studios counted amongst the best pole dancing classes Chicago owns. It is a sacred place where women are free to embrace and worship every curve of their feminine form in all its divine glory. It teaches you the sensual dance and movement incorporating the floor and the chair work.

Bombshell Movement is a Chicago-based hot dance and movement studio that raises women’s confidence, strength, and self-awareness. The Studio offers classes from beginner to intermediate pole. After the 4-week sessions, they will move into progressive series, which is membership-only.

Location: 2559 W 111th St, Chicago, IL 60655, United States

Contact: +1 312-858-7887

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Pole Velocity Dance and Fitness


Pole Velocity Dance And Fitness is the first Studio in the windy city to teach pole dance to people. It helps strengthen all major muscle groups, shoulders, core, hamstrings, quads, etc. You will improve self-esteem and confidence in your own body through pole dance and allow women to release the inner goddess inside.

The best part about this Studio is that it takes only 2-3 people in a session, which means more time on pole with more personal instructions. They train the fundamentals of pole dancing, pole fitness, intermediate pole fitness, sensual chair dance, pole routines, and freestyle pole dance.

Location:1912 W Winnemac Ave # 1, Chicago, IL 60640, United States

Contact: +1 773-965-1063

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Pure Pole Fitness

Pure Pole Fitness helps you learn the best pole dance in Chicago as the instructors have been in training for 6 years. The female trainers are professional and certified aerial pole silks fitness professionals. They are very personable, pro, and full of positive energy. Their style of teaching is sophisticated and sensual at the same time. The first focuses on your confidence, technique, flexibility, and your comfort level.

Pure pole fitness trains you with all types of pole dancing like pole chair dance, belly pole fusion, etc. It is considered to be among the best pole dancing classes Chicago offers.

Location: 5024 S State St, Chicago, IL 60609, United States

Contact: +1 312-529-8799

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Pole Appeal – Dancing Classes Chicago


Pole Appeal is one of the favorite institutions of dancers to learn pole dancing. The instructors are certified professionals who teach students step by step. They begin teaching from the basic moves, spins, and floor work. They gradually increase the levels that involve more combos in the air on the art’s static and spin, tricks, and freestyles.

Each class will vary and provide modifications for different skill levels. Pole sport, artistic pole, and exotic pole are the other types of pole dancing taught by the institute.

Location: 2544 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

Contact: +1 720-841-7631

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The Brass Ring Pole Dancing Classes Chicago

The Brass Ring Chicago is a pole dance studio that focuses on the inclusivity and accessibility of dance. The trainers start with an introduction with an overview of foundational movements and exercises to strengthen your body. Gradually they start training for floor work, low pole choreography, heelwork, burlesque dance, arm balancing, power pole, spin flow, etc.

Their instructors are experts and certified in pole dancing. They train their students very well, guiding them through every small trick of it. If one has to learn a specific form of pole dancing, personal classes are also available.

Location: 2511 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, United States

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Catalyst Movement Arts


Catalyst Movement Arts is one of the known pole dancing classes Chicago has. It helps you build strength, get in touch with your sensual self and find a deeper connection to your body. Their classes include pole foundations, spin pole basics, classic footwork for beginners. Whereas for the experienced ones, start with a specific pole dancing type and tell them its tricks.

Catalyst Movement Arts welcomes students of all genders, ages, and body types. The instructors also train for other styles of pole dancing like Exotic Pole, Stretching Pole, Latin Pole, Spinning Pole, Artistic Pole, etc.

Location: 2100 W Grand Ave unit 3B, Chicago, IL 60612, United States

Contact: +1 312-988-0974

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Pole Icons

Pole Icons is known to be the famous institute for learning pole dancing classes, Chicago owns. It offers a variety of dance classes that includes pole dance, ballet, ballroom, etc. However, it specializes in many aspects of sensual movement.

Pole Icons is the best institute for beginners and those ready to elevate their journey to the next level. It ensures that the classes are safe and each student gets individualized attention. For this reason, their pole classes consist of 12 people. All the tricks of pole dancing, like sensual pole session, pole tricks, freestyle, floor work, etc., are taught.

Location: 1919 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, United States

Contact: +1 312-676-0999

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Kookie’s Dance Den


Kookie’s Dance Den is one of the best schools to learn any style of dance. They train students with the best and unique skills of pole dancing. Name any kind and any dance Kookie’s Dance Den has certified trainers for all. Learners of all age groups, whether beginners or advanced, are welcomed.

They make sure that their student knows all styles of pole dancing like Pole Burn, Pole Chair Dance, Go-Go Belly Pole Fusion, Booty Pole, Exotic Pole, Stretching Pole, Latin Pole, Spinning Pole, Artistic Pole, Sensual Pole, etc. It is known to be one of the best pole dancing classes Chicago offers.

Location: 857 W 103rd St, Chicago, IL 60643, United States

Contact: +1 312-544-9768

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Round Off!

Pole dancing is now widely recognized as a highly beneficial form of physical and mental exercise. It is one activity that targets your entire body and happens to be good for the mind and soul. It is a sort of art as one has to support their entire body weight with a single arm. The above mentioned are the best pole dancing classes Chicago owns. So give yourself a chance to feel confident about the body and show some moves.

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