Oyster Bars in Chicago – 6 Best Options To Explore!

There are a lot of Oyster bars Chicago has in store for visitors, and finding the best one out there can be tricky. Oysters are considered to be a delicacy, and if you are in for a tasteful experience, these restaurants will come in handy. So, give this article a quick read the next time you are wondering where to stop for some oysters.

Furthermore, this article will take you on a ride to the top oyster bars in Chicago, where you can go and enjoy the delicacy.

Oyster Bars Chicago

Add to the sophistication in your life with these best oyster bars in the city of Chicago!


Chicago Oyster House

Chicago Oyster House

This amazing restaurant and oyster bar in Chicago specializes in serving oysters to their customers. You can reserve your table in advance here. This bar offers free Wi-Fi, street parking, and other amenities. Furthermore, it also offers world-class grilled oysters along with the best sushi in town. 

This bar completely understands people’s love for oysters and continues to fulfill the same. The oysters Rockefeller is good to have here. The oysters here are super big, grilled, and served with spinach and cheese. After opening in 2013, it has been one of the best oyster bars in Chicago.

They have Southern Fried Oysters, Grilled Ichi Oysters, Firecracker Oysters, and Grilled C.O.H Oysters under the appetizers. There are Oyster shooters and also 6 Delaware Bay Oysters. All these offer a wide range of choices to the people who love to come here for these amazing oysters on the menu, making Chicago oyster House one of the best Oyster Bars in Chicago.

Address: 1933 S Indiana Ave, Chicago


Telephone:  3122258833


Queen Mary Tavern – Among Best Oyster Bars Chicago

Queen Mary Tavern - Among Best Oyster Bars Chicago

This oyster bar is located at Damen Ave and Leavitt St. West Town. It offers an outside seating facility to the visitors, there is a full bar, and it has free Wi-Fi and street parking for the people. An Oyster Happy Hour is there on Sundays and Mondays all around the year.

The oysters served here are amazingly delicious and are always in demand. You can also try the raw and fresh oysters, served with lemon in the middle part and come in a full ice container. The dollar oysters offered here are great to have. The cost-friendly oysters here make this place much loved and is among the best oyster bars in Chicago.

Address: 2125 W Division St, Chicago,


Telephone:  7736973522

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Maple and Ash

Maple and ash

Maple and Ash is located on Maple Street in Chicago. This oyster bar in Chicago offers a great dining experience and amazing decor. There is an offer on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 5 PM to 6:30 PM, and oysters are available only @$2.

Both raw and fire-roasted oysters are offered at this place in Chicago. The best oysters served with roasted garlic butter and chili oil is one of the best servings offered by Maple and Ash bar. It is a perfect place for people to have show-stopping Blackout Oysters.

This Maple and Ash oyster bar in Chicago was opened in 2015. Apart from these, Maple and Ash offers a fire-roasted seafood tower that includes Maine lobster, Alaskan King crab, Gulf shrimp, and roasted oysters.

Address: 8 W Maple St, Chicago


Phone: +1 312-944-8888

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The Publican

The Publican

The Publican is located in Fulton Market, West Loop, near the West Side of Chicago. It offers delivery and a full bar availability. Both vegan and vegetarian options are available here.

This oyster bar in Chicago comes with trendy and classy outdoor seating. Furthermore, it also specializes in oysters and seafood. It offers exceptional oyster varieties and is a perfect place for oyster lovers. There is a full oyster menu; you can choose according to your taste and preferences. People like to order several oysters at once and savor the taste.

The Publican is one of the best oyster bars in Chicago, making it a must-go place in Chicago.

Address: 837 W Fulton Market, Chicago


Telephone: 3127339555

You might also be interested in exploring Aikana, Chicago, for its great food and ambiance. While the Carmine’s Chicago also serves great food and drinks.


Venteux – One of the Best Oyster Bars in Chicago

Venteux - One of the Best Oyster Bars in Chicago

Venteux is a crowd-favorite go-to place for oyster lovers. This oyster bar in Chicago offers both east and west coast oysters served in the quantity of a half or full dozen.

Additionally, there are several offers and happy hour offers that you can avail at this oyster bar. One of Chicago’s best oyster bars is different from others as full attention is given to the making of oysters from the time the order is received till the time it is served to the people.

Address: 224 N Michigan Ave, Chicago


Phone: 3127779003


The Hampton Social

The Hampton Social oyster bars chicago

This bar is one of the top oyster bars in Chicago. It is located on Hubbard Street near North Side. Many vegetarian and vegan options are available here. This trendy and classy oyster bar offers a great variety You can have brunch, lunch as well as dinner at this beautiful oyster bar.

The Oyster St. Charles offered at the Hampton Social fried oyster served with creamy spinach and lemon aioli. The specialty oysters served by this oyster bar are so delicious and taste like a whole foods oyster. The sparkling Seafood Tower dishes are enjoyed by everyone.

Here, you can have a warm experience and a good social atmosphere to enjoy your food. Raw oysters are also available under the cold menu. 

Address: 353 W Hubbard St, Chicago


Phone: +1 312-464-0500


This list gives you a full disclosure of all the oyster bars Chicago that offer the best from the rest. You can go through their menus offering different oyster serving and select any one of them based on your choice and taste. So, pick your favorite and enjoy the deliciousness of oysters in the city. 


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