Lyra Chicago – A Great Choice for Greek Food

Chicago is undoubtedly one of the country’s top cities for Greek food, and it has some cool Greek restaurants. If you ask me which is the best Greek restaurant in the city, I’ll say it’s Lyra Chicago. It is the only eatery of its kind in Fulton Market. This enormously busy Greek restaurant is best suited for people to have various events and occasions. This includes business associates having team dinners and couples getting dressed up for a night out.

Enjoying authentic family recipes in a city where Greeks have become the leading restaurant owners has a certain allure. Chicagoans can find a sea of options that reflect the variety of flavors associated with the Mediterranean diet when they need their fill of Greek food. It’s no secret that Chicago is a national hub for some of the best Mediterranean food.

Lyra Chicago

Location: Lyra, 905 W. Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 312-660-7722

Phone Number: +1 312-660-7722


What Makes Lyra a Popular Choice in Chicago?

Lyra Chicago

This West Loop restaurant is run by two friends, David Rekhson and Lucas Stoioff, and has a distinctive personality, in contrast to some generic Greek-themed eateries. Lyra Chicago, rooted in the Mediterranean wellness idea,  serve diners in an earthy, indoor-meets-outdoor setting. Chef Athinagoras Kostakos and chef Alexis Zoaps use bespoke wood and a charcoal-burning fireplace in the kitchen to prepare unpretentious dishes.

A street musician playing the harp in Mykonos became an inspiration for the name of the restaurant. With its light earth tones, hand-carved wood, pots, urns, and abundant vegetation flowing from the main bar into the patio, the area has a Mediterranean feel. Apart from this, the wonderful indoor-outdoor space created by the big windows is the place for outdoor dining.

Let us dig more into the restaurant and learn about the food, drinks, and space of the Lyra Chicago.

Food at Lyra Chicago

Lyra Chicago

You already know that Lyra’s exquisite Greek cuisine is one prominent feature that makes it a distinctive and popular restaurant. Interestingly, you can see charcoal- and wood-fired ovens in an open kitchen which the chefs use to make traditional Greek dishes like deconstructed pastitsio, the Greek version of lasagna, and shrimp saganaki, broiled with a bubbly, cheesy crust. You can also enjoy classic Greek dishes like grilled octopus marinated in balsamic vinegar and eggplant spread.

The popularity of the Mediterranean diet is still growing, and at Lyra Chicago, they’ll serve fresh, veg-forward recipes from the Greek Islands. Most Greek restaurants serve hummus, but Lyra combines it with roasted beets, pomegranate, and toasted pine nuts. This makes the meal much tastier and worth trying.

Another popular dish at Greek eateries, charred octopus, is given a delectable makeover with charred cipollini onion, Fresno chili, Kalamata olive relish, and Greek balsamic.

The Slow-Roasted Lamb Shoulder Gyros and the Mykonian Anice Crusted Pork Chops are seasoned with Himalayan sea salt, gremolata, Florina pepper, and romesco. They are offered to people who are fond of meat. The steak lovers can go for twenty-two-ounce dry-aged prime ribeye with Linz heritage Angus, garlic confit, and herb butter. This dish is made over the burning hearth in the kitchen and is a tastier steak than you might usually expect from a Greek restaurant.

Lyra Chicago Drinks

With rare red and white vintages, the wine selection is absolutely incredible. In the white, you can try to Watch out for the 2020 Domaine Sigalas, Assyrtiko from Santorini, and try the 2017 Diamantis Magoutes, Xinomavro from Macedonia in the red categories.

Regarding beverages, Lyra at Chicago offers a great selection of wines from Greece, France, and the US and numerous inventive cocktails that feature Greek ingredients. 

The Hades, another famous Greek cocktail, has Patron Silver tequila, fresh grapefruit, dehydrated Greek sugar, lime, and serrano pepper in it. There are several innovative variations to the traditional martini, one of which contains olive juice and feta blue cheese olives.

The Overall Space

The open kitchen is Lyra’s focal point and is above the main dining area like an agora in an old Greek city.  The kitchen has a wood and coal burning hearth. Lyra Chicago’s center of attraction is the elevated cooking platform, where culinary teams can present the food. Additionally, a wraparound patio with movable floor-to-ceiling windows combines the internal and outdoor areas in a seamless manner. The interior of the restaurant is in sand-colored tones, and the distinctive lighting elements transport visitors to the Mediterranean. It has two private dining rooms that one may divide off or add to the main dining area. Each area can accommodate up to 60 people for a seated event and offers a variety of event features.

The Bottom Line

If you love Greek food, you’ll find Lyra Chicago an excellent, authentic, and perfect place to enjoy your favorite cuisine. Also, you will fall in love with the ambience when you visit the site for the first time. 

So, visit the place early if you want a peaceful, delectable Greek supper in a perfect location. However, if you are a party person and enjoy the buzzing club environment, visit this place in the evening. If you haven’t scheduled a reservation at this popular Chicago restaurant yet, do it now. And don’t forget to tell us how you like this location.

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