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Savored with a unique taste that captures the city’s traditional values, Lula Cafe Chicago took the food experience to a whole new level. Yes, LULA CAFE is a place where luxury meets food.

If you idealize a cafe that backs a lot of food standards like affordability, ambiance, service, food quality, and a hard-to-find menu full of vegetarian options, then Lula is the one for you. To know more about this Chicago restaurant that is a twinkly spot with good food all the way, keep reading the segment below. 

Why is Lula Cafe Chicago a Popular Choice?

Why Lula Cafe Is A Popular Choice

Serving their clients on a first come-first serve basis, makes it an eminent place for locals to chill and enjoy with friends and family. Yes, no pre-booking or advance payments to book a seat to have a gala evening experience at Lula. 

For all the vegetarians out there, Lula Cafe Chicago offers an ambrosial menu filled with flavors that match every taste bud. The chefs at Lula provide their customers with an ace experience in catering to high standards of dietary preferences. Allergic customers can pre-list their preferences and coordinate with the staff to ensure a mouth-watering delicacy. 

One another reason why Lula is a top pick for a great diner in Chicago is due to its excellent parking services. You can easily find metered street parking which is directly in front of the restaurant. In case, where the cafe is locked and loaded, one can find multiple spots down the block at convenience. 

What Makes Chicago’s Lula Cafe so Unique?

What Makes Lula So Unique

It is ordinary to run a business. But, a business that transpires to build a community that aims to progress and supports values is rare. Such is the core foundation of Lula Cafe in Chicago. It prioritizes openness to change and creates room for curiosity, knowledge, creativity, and empathy for all. 

A vast menu that entails a variety of culinary dishes and exotic drinks, which are the hotspot of Chicagoans. From breakfast to dinner, and daytime drinks to evening snacks, you can get yourself a daily dose of delicious food items. 

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Menu At Lula Cafe Chicago

Menu At Lula Cafe Chicago

There is nothing flavorsome like Lula’s brunch. It is a great equalizer, a divine menu that can sustain both food obsessives, and those who focus more on what they eat after a night of drinking. To begin with, the burly burrito from chef Jason Hammel is one of the pinnacle dish at Lula cafe.

Made out of avocados, cheese, veggies, eggs, and potatoes, the delicacy is assembled with care. It is an ideal proportion such that with each bite you get to experience the flurry of flavors all at once. It’s that moment when the two-hour wait for a table on a busy weekend doesn’t hurt that much. Not to mention, all other dishes by the restaurant serve an experience one above the other. 

Let’s consider a unique brunch fare without getting too stuffed, then also it is right to choose Lula Cafe Chicago.  The Sweet Corn Grain Porridge crafted out of soy milk, sunflower, and rhubarb is AMAZING! Baked French Feta, Fava Bean Hummus, Bucatini with Ricotta, or Wood-ear Mushroom Risotto are for dinners. Believe it or not, when your taste bud will get used to the spices of Lula, you will want to hop on the place every time you pass by it.

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The Sparkling Drink Menu

For a fun-filled evening, the drink menu at Lula Cafe can be a right fit for wine and cocktail admirers. Let’s have a look at some specialties from the Lula Cafe Chicago menu:

  • A wide variety of ROSÉ

Here are some signature cocktails from the special bar menu of Lula Cafe Chicago:

  • PIMM’S HICCUP has Pimm’s, gin, jalapeño, poblano, lime, ginger beer
  • WEST BRIGHTON BEACH TEA wit rye, aged rum, carciofo, Earl grey, lemon
  • CATALAN includes blan vermouth, Anejo tequila, mezcal, dry vermouth, house lime liqueur
  • CARMINE TEARS with bourbon, guava, Amaro, bitter liqueur, angostura

Address: Lula Cafe, 63 E Harrison St, Chicago, IL 60605, United States

Phone: +1 312-376-1487


Wrapping Up

Lula Cafe Chicago is an incredible place, with a well-rounded restaurant. Certainly, it is not the cheapest and can sometimes be high-priced, but its menu and services are worth every penny. Furthermore, the staff at Lula pays so much more than attention to every aspect before serving the dish to its customers. That’s why it has sustainable, local, and delicious-tasting ingredients.

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