Kit Kat Lounge Chicago: The Ultimate Gay Bar

Indulge in a memorable treat with Kit kat Lounge Chicago! If you’re searching for a new spot to satisfy your cravings, This lounge is something you might want to try. This iconic destination is known for its drinks, entertaining atmosphere, and lively performances. Whether you’re in the vibe for an intimate gathering or a wild night out, this article about the best gay bars in Chicago will give you all the juicy details on what makes it one of the hottest spots in town. 

All About Kit Kat Lounge Chicago

Location: 3700 N Halsted St, Chicago

Contact: +1 773-525-1111


The Kit Kat Lounge & Supper Club is a premier location for every occasion and demographic. Kit Kat is undoubtedly a top-tier entertainment hotspot with its inventive martini, cocktail list of more than 200 options, upscale modern cuisine, entertainment by the world-famous Kit Kat Divas, and sleek “South Beach meets Hollywood” inspired décor.

The owners were motivated to design a restaurant appealing to their customers’ senses and passion for entertainment. It’s an achievement of a country. Every night, the renowned Kit Kat Divas perform dinner and drag performances!

What Sets Kit Kat Lounge Chicago Apart?

kit kat lounge Chicago Ambience

At this swanky nightclub, get ready to be entertained by black-and-white Hollywood glamour films and performances by female impersonators of Hollywood stars. You can catch a drag performance at Kit Kat Lounge in Chicago and get a great seat if you come here. The queens in this chic gay and lesbian bar or lounge in Chicago move between booths comfortably despite its modest size. 

After visiting this cozy, 20-year-old feast club popular with bachelorettes and partygoers, you’ll see why. Along with hundreds of options for strong martini drinks, there is also a sizable brunch and dinner buffet.

Therefore, this is the spot to go whenever you want to be entertained comfortably. In addition, cook Joann Witherell creates mouthwatering dishes like bacon-truffle mac and cheese and Southern fried chicken with cayenne maple waffles. As a result, you can be sure that you’ll have a sophisticated encounter whenever you decide to visit the Kit Kat Lounge. 

Parties at Kit Kat Lounge

Kit Kat offers the perfect venue to host any event, whether a birthday, corporate event, fundraiser, wedding, or community gathering. With a full kitchen and bar available, the party events planning team will work with you to ensure your event is successful. The main dining room can accommodate up to 100 guests, while the patio can seat 85. Both areas can accommodate 125 guests for cocktail events. Additionally, the entertainers can be booked to elevate the event and make it even more memorable.

Menu Rundown

kit kat lounge Chicago Drinks

At Kit Kat Lounge Chicago, there is an array of delicious food options to choose from. Some delectable appetizers on offer include the crispy beef empanadas with chimichurri sauce, creole shrimp, coconut curry marinated chicken served with Thai peanut dipping sauce and crisp cucumber salad, and toasted spinach & ricotta-stuffed ravioli with marinara. 

The restaurant also offers Parmesan truffle fries and garlic mashed potatoes. Customers can choose from various options for the main attraction, including the Kit Kat burger, fried chicken with spicy and sweet BBQ sauce, and make your own omelet. 

The house-made cheesecake at Kit Kat Lounge Chicago is a must-try to end the outing on a sweet note. For brunch, customers can enjoy dishes such as Macho Man or the Kickin’ Korean BBQ Chicken Sandwich and the option to make their own omelet. Customers can add sides such as sausage or roasted potatoes to their meals.


We hope you enjoyed reading our review of the Kit Kat Lounge Chicago. From the diverse menu to an entertainment vibe that is hard to find, the venue has much more to offer than you can imagine. Do pay a visit, and you won’t regret your decision. 


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