Jiao Chicago For Premium Dumplings

Jiao Chicago is a Chinese restaurant known for its delicious dumplings, made fresh daily and some of the city’s best. Furthermore, they use authentic recipes to create some of the best flavors for you to try. Explore this popular dining destination in the city and read about it in this article. 

Jiao Chicago for the Best Dumplings in the City

Location- 18 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 

Contact- +1 773-598-4093


Jiao Chicago is a well-known and popular restaurant from the Qing Xian Yuan chain. Although the fundamental concept of providing the freshest morsels here is old, the atmosphere here is entirely different. There is no turning back once you choose hand-pressed Northern Chinese noodles.

One of the finest dumplings in Chicago can be ordered online and picked up at the curb. The Jiao also offers top-notch cuisine and service that won’t disappoint you. Moreover, the eatery, which has only been in business for four years, has established itself as one of the neighborhood’s most authentic dumpling eateries. The restaurant’s primary specialities are Chinese dumplings and fast food options. You will also adore the packaging they employ. It is fundamentally artistic and inventive.

Authenticity of Jiao Chicago

Jiao Chicago Dumplings

Jiao Chicago is a Chinese restaurant that prides itself on its authenticity, offering diners an authentic taste of traditional Chinese cuisine. The restaurant’s chefs use authentic recipes and techniques to create dishes reminiscent of China’s flavours and aromas. Further, Jiao Chicago’s dedication to authenticity is evident in its ingredients in the speciality dishes. 

Dumplings Specialty

Jiao Chicago’s dumplings comprise an outer flour wrapper (Pi) and flavorful fillings (Xian). Everything is built on a base of flour. To create its wrappers, JIAO only chooses whole grain sprouted wheat flour. This variety of wheat is a natural creation without any recent mixing. This flour is well-milled and extremely fine. The high fiber and protein content releases tender flavors when you take a mouthful.

Jiao Chicago retains the most authentic taste of any other soup dumpling by adhering to a 300-year-old recipe. Additionally, Jiao in Chicago elevates the flavor of Chinese soup dumplings to a new level by utilizing healthy and premium components like 100% Angus beef, grass-fed poultry, pacific king shrimp, crab roe, premium truffle, and organic vegetables. This typical Chinese dish, made with such high-quality ingredients, provides a wholesome and energizing dinner while infusing it with a fresh spirit.

Menu Rundown

Jiao Chicago ambience

Jiao Chicago offers a variety of delicious dishes. The pork and cabbage dish features black pork with organic cabbage, while the beef and onion dish boasts 100% Angus beef with organic onion. For those who love seafood, the shrimp, pork, and leek dish features white leg shrimp and black pork with organic leek. Chicken and mushroom is another excellent option with grass-fed chicken and organic mushrooms.

The lamb and coriander dish includes Mongolian lamb with organic coriander. Vegetarian options include the zucchini, rice vermicelli, wood ear mushroom dish, and tofu, cabbage, and wood ear mushroom dish. Jiao in Chicago also offers Chinese-style appetizers, which are daily rotating Chinese-style salads. Additionally, Jiao serves CHA Skyline, a line of premium tea beverages with a rich yet light cream cold foam on top.

Customers can choose the amount of ice, sugar, and flavor of cream cold foam for each cup. The tea options include Osmanthus (Black Tea), Longjing (Green Tea), Jasmine (Flowering Tea), and Taiwanese Oolong (Oolong Tea).


Jiao Chicago is an excellent restaurant that serves delicious and authentic Chinese cuisine. From the savory pork and cabbage dish to the flavorful truffle and beef, each entrée is made with high-quality, organic ingredients and perfectly cooked. With friendly service and a cozy atmosphere, Jiao is a great dining spot for both lunch and dinner.


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