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Chicago can always get a little overwhelming for the residents, even the outsiders, all because of the many great places to be. One such attraction with diverse live music series is Howl at the moon Chicago. It is one of the best live music bars Chicago has in store. 

One place that is keeping the nightlife of Chicago alive is the bars. And this half bar and half concert place is among the renowned ones. They offer a non-stop party with live music performed in the high-vibe setting. This is much different from the regular piano bars that the city has. Rather, it lets you dance all night in your favorite grooves. 

Howl At The Moon Chicago

Let’s get an inside view of Chicago’s Howl At The Moon for the best of food, drinks and music.

The Iconic Music

Howl at the Moon Chicago is a combination of talented musicians, signature drinks, high spirits, and a very interactive musical session. The energetic setting of the place creates an automatic interaction between the customers and lets them enjoy themselves the most. The place has a band that plays seven nights a week, and not only do they have the most versatile musicians, but the way they handle the vocals and play with their instruments is amazing to watch. 

Each of the musicians has their charm, and they bring out the best among the people present there. People cannot stop but dance to the beats. They also take requests and let you show your moves up on the stage. 

Signature Drinks at Howl at the Moon

Signature Drinks

Apart from shots and beer, Howl At The Moon in Chicago has two popular drink categories: buckets, cocktails and cans. These are the especially customized signature drinks that the place offers:

The Buckets:

  • Malibu Barbie
  • Cherry Limeade
  • Hurricane
  • Adios Mofo
  • Fruit Roll up
  • Sex n the moon
  • Howling punch
  • Pink Paradise
  • Hot girl simmer
  • Howling mule
  • Signature margarita.

The cocktails and cans:

  • lime tequila
  • blackberry lemonade
  • moonshine cocktail player
  • tequila seltzer
  • cosmo
  • trashcan
  • old fashioned
  • skinny summer fling.

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Parties And Events

Howl at the Moon Chicago is one of the perfect locations for personal and social gatherings. The events include bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, holiday parties, corporate events, meetings, cocktail parties, networking events, team-building events, graduation parties, ceremonies, and more. 

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Special Occasions Booking

If you are looking for a place to celebrate a special event, be it anniversary parties, wedding after parties, or retirement parties, Chicago’s Howl At The Moon will surprise you. The venue is perfect for any party, and servings will be offered following the party you book. 

For booking such events, you have to prebook the venue for the specified date. You can either make reservations in advance from the online website of the bar or try a walk-in. 

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The Incredible Shows @ Howl at the Moon

The place is no less than an entertainment center for adults. These high-energy live music shows are a perfect place to let some steam off. The music can get you dancing in no time, and the drinks will be a perfect way to quench your thirst. Additionally, they also hold shows which can be live performances of some of your favorite music or Howl at the party marmalade, Howl at the moon shake it off, or Howl at the moon tik tok. There are so many events that they have held in the past, and they keep coming up with more. 

If you are unsure about the shows and want to have a glimpse of what goes on there, you can visit their website and check videos on the previous shows. 

Howl At The Moon Halloween Party

Howl at the Moon Halloween party

Chicago’s Howl at the Moon also organizes Halloween parties each year. You can have the ghoulish day of your year at this place. They also organize costume contests, drink specials, and games. One of the groups also gets to win the happy hour party at the contest. 

Howl2G0 – Howl At The Moon Chicago Band

Howl2G0 is the name of the band that performs at shows, events, and parties held in the Howl At The Moon in Chicago. The whole crew is entertaining, professional, and lively. The group performs at several Chicago nightclubs and bars other than this one. The fan following of the band can easily be seen in how quickly their tickets sell out. They cater to the requests of the clients while keeping the crowd energized all night. 

Howl At The Moon Chicago

Address: 26 W Hubbard St, Chicago, IL 60654, United States
Phone: +1 312-863-7427

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed reading all about Howl At The Moon Chicago and its intriguing services. There is live music, fantastic food and one of the most amazing cocktails and blends to spend the night away. Furthermore, their signature drinks are something you definitely cannot miss while visiting the place.

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