5 Best Places To Go Horseback Riding in Chicago

Chicago is home to the best recreational activities. From exploring the world-class museums to running along Lake Michigan, Chicago has it all. It may surprise you that there are many places in and across the city that you could go to, for horseback riding. Riding a horse in Chicago isn’t just for the trained riders; it offers an abundance of experiences for those on their way to explore the intricacies of riding a horse.

With horseback riding, there comes a multitude of benefits that exceed our anticipation of what it might do to our bodies and mental health. An hour into riding a horse is equivalent to burning the calories from a 30-minute jog or exercise, thus improving our physique. It strengthens our posture and balance in ways that only rigorous training can do. It develops our leg muscles and impacts our digestive system in the healthiest of ways.

Horseback riding is yet another activity that freshens the mind of our daily troubles and helps us focus more on our strengths. This activity of riding a horse has added benefits of psychological issues being taken care of, to have therapeutic qualities that lessens the stress that keeps us concerned for our wellbeing.

With the benefits aforementioned about horseback riding, there’s the emotional facet that qualifies such activity as being the one to help us bond over with the animals to make us feel responsible for them as we aid them into control. This activity allows for social interaction between many riders and caretakers, creating a healthy environment of friendship and togetherness in this united effort of handling the horses.

The study done by the BHS concluded that 80% of riders felt feelings of happiness, excitement, and relaxation after having gotten off of a ride. People used horses for transportation from time immemorial, and this soon took a turn to people riding horses as a means to feel ecstatic.

Horseback riding in Chicago is now thought to be one of the only activities that cover all the aspects of optimum wellbeing of a person, which is why numerous people go for holidays in Chicago to feel the raw sensation that comes with riding a horse.

For your comfort and ease of finding the best places to go horseback riding in Chicago, we list for you just the suitable sites to enjoy the ride with your favourite gallant creature. Below are the five best places that we have cherry-picked for your convenience to go riding on the trail that offers you an adventure that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Places To Go Horseback Riding in Chicago

Ranch 394 – Best Horseback Riding in Chicago


To get through this place to ride a horse, you must meet the bare minimum requirements of your age and height, being no less than ten years old and 5.8 feet tall. Your weight must weigh below 250lbs to get on the trail of venturing out with a horse.

This horseback riding in Chicago will keep you hooked on coming back for the same experience. A $4 license is needed since the trails are in Cook County Preserve and are sold on-site. If you are going to bring a child along, they will be entertained by a pony ride that will have all their attention.

Location- 1465 Glenwood Lansing Road, Chicago

Forest View Farms (Horseback Riding in Chicago)

It is situated near Cook County Forest Preserve. The time for which you could take the trail ride varies from 1 hour to a little over. You come across mountains and a natural landscape that can take your breath away. The rides are first-come, first-serve, and you could reserve a private ride with some extra cash on hand. There is a petting farm on the side of the trail with different kinds of pets that you can greet with an additional admission fee.

Riders must be at least nine years of age to be eligible for the adventure of being in control of the horse. Come along to this place for horseback riding in Chicago to practice the art of riding a unique animal that you could soon befriend.

Location- 16717 Lockwood Ave, Tinley park

Sarah’s Pony Rides


Sarah’s Pony is distinctive as it is open throughout the year. It trains the novices to practice riding in the ring, after which two professionals guide them during the guide. It has access to 25 miles of trails which affords enough of a space to get trained. Three hours from there, you can explore the stables that have animals they care for in there. You must make an appointment with the trainers before a horseback ride in Chicago with this place.

Location- 8220 A Kean Ave

Tower Hill Stables

This Stable is unlike any other since an hour-long ride takes you along the scenic hills and wooded fields where you will have water gushing across the crossings. Riders should be at least ten years old to live through a dream of riding a horse with guides helping you know just how to aid. It takes a day of being energized to go on a ride and pack a lunch to enjoy horseback riding in Chicago.

Location- 12n254 Tower Rd, Hamshire

Memory Lane Stables

This southwest-side stable has been around for over half a century in Chicago. They have availability for both horse and pony trails. The oldest of all the stables, it sure does provide a perfect destination for a picnic area. The more the people, the less the price you will be charged for the rides.

Location- 8290 Kean Ave, Willow Springs


Come and visit the places mentioned above to feel the royal treatment you get by being on the horses whose unrivalled skills will give you goosebumps. Horse riding is an activity that you could better your skills at by practising along with the professionals who will accompany you through the process. With just a few visits paid to any of these stables, you will want to come again to meet your pal and take you for a ride through one of the most beautiful places for horseback riding in Chicago.

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