Top 8 Gas Stations in Chicago

There are numerous reasons to look for gas station Chicago has in store for visitors. Since the everyday lives of the majority of people depend on gasoline, we thought about creating a detailed guide about top 8 gas stations that you can find in Chicago. 

You won’t have to look around for accessible gas stations the next time you are running late for work or are out on a road trip in the city of Chicago.

Top 8 Gas Stations Chicago   

Here are our top 8 picks!


Marathon Gas

Marathon Gas - Gas Stations Chicago

One of the best gas stations Chicago has to offer is Marathon Gas. It is the first integrated downstream energy company. Furthermore, the company operates the biggest refining system in the country. Significantly, their marketing strategy includes branded places, such as retail shops for the Marathon brand. 

Additionally, the products offered by this gas station in Chicago are diesel, gasoline, lubricants, and more. Not only that, Marathon Gas offers in-store rewards and accepts a range of credit cards for all transactions. Their team of knowledgeable fuel attendants will make sure your car is correctly topped off so you can go without any hassle.

Address- 2584 S Blue Island Ave, Chicago, IL 60608

Contact No- (773) 254-9444



Milito’s Mobil Gas Station

Milito's Mobil Gas Station

Milito’s Mobil Gas Station is another best gas stations in Chicago. Located in the centre of Chicago, it has been offering services for years. The station offers both full-service gas and diesel fuel services. Seven days a week, from 5 am to 8 pm, diesel and self-service gas pumps are available to be pumped, and attendants are on duty to continuously clean the pumps. 

The best thing is that they are available every day to assist you. While they pump your gas, stay in your car to avoid the elements and viruses. They stock the specialized fuel to ensure your diesel engine needs to stay on the road and keeps operating properly.

Address- 1106 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

Contact No- (773) 248-0414



Mobil – Among Top Gas Stations Chicago

Milito's Mobil - Gas Stations Chicago

Looking for the best Chicago gas stations? With years of service, Mobil has been offering the finest quality service to its clients. They offer services such as fuel, rewards, and payments. Further, they take great pride in collaborating with various businesses and organizations to foster innovation and advance cutting-edge technologies that improve the quality of life for everybody. 

Address- 1234 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60622

Contact No- (312) 664-6512



Thornton’s Fuel Station

Thornton’s Fuel Station

Thornton’s Fuel Station is another best gas stations Chicago has to offer. Additionally, they aim to maintain the trust that every gallon of petrol you purchase is of the finest quality. Furthermore, they provide the most suitable type of fuel for your vehicle. 

Unleaded 88 is typically less expensive than unleaded, and it is generally accepted to provide superior performance and less harmful emissions. The best part? You can expect it here and enjoy better functioning

Address- 3450 S California Ave, Chicago IL, 60632

Contact No- (773) 523-2030


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Falcon Fuel

Falcon Fuel - Gas Stations Chicago

Falcon Fuel has a long history in the oil industry. Significantly, this gas station in Chicago has experience in both retail and wholesale marketing and runs numerous sites throughout the Chicagoland region. 

Furthermore, a few years ago, Fuel Line Management was approved to provide all of their petroleum requirements for all Falcon Fuel locations. Their only goal is to provide petroleum dealers with the best customer service possible. Apart from that, they also take pride in distributing and delivering petroleum products efficiently and competitively.

Address- 43 N Homan Ave., Chicago, IL 60624

Contact No- (773) 826-5746



Cottage Citgo – Gas Stations Chicago

Falcon Fuel

Cottage Citgo is another best gas stations in Chicago. They try their best to stay environmental-friendly and provide a great service. Additionally, they provide an accepting atmosphere that enables both the employees as well as customers to engage and contribute completely. Cottage Citgo gas station’s staff and personnel will always be able to respond quickly to your demands. The staff consists of specialists who provide quick, effective, and knowledgeable client service.

Address- 6700 S Cottage Grove Ave, Chicago, IL 60637, United States.

Contact No- +1 773 241 6670



Clark Gas

Clark Gas

Based in Chicago, Clark Gas is another best gas station. Each day, our stations provide thousands of people with services and jobs. With more than 85 years, they have been providing services for years. Their staff members are knowledgeable, courteous, and always have a grin on their faces while they serve you. 

Simply put, this gas station in Chicago offers full service that is affordable, effective, personable, and professional. Their goal is to give some of the most competitive fuel prices in the area while also giving customers the greatest experience possible.

Address- Clark Brands, LLC 750 Warrenville Rd, Suite 301 Lisle, IL 60532. 

Contact No- 331 444 7959



Gulf – Gas Station Chicago

Gulf - Gas Station Chicago

One of the oldest and most well-known gas stations in Chicago is Gulf. They have supplied countless motorists with fuel and some of the best services on the market for more than 100 years. The Gulf is one of the more cost-effective gas stations in the nation since they are committed to assisting consumers in saving fuel. 

This gas station in Chicago sells diesel, regular gasoline, and E-85 as fuels. They also have other things, like lubricants, and convenient payment options. Watch out for the latest offers from the gas station so you can save money on your subsequent fill-up or purchase. Besides, it also offers rewards and promotions.

Address- 601 S Cicero Ave. Chicago, IL 60644

Contact No- (773) 287-3700


The availability of these gas stations Chicago has made lives easier for citizens of the city. Further, they not only provide great services but also try to be cost-effective for customers. We hope you enjoyed reading about these gas stations located in the city of Chicago.

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