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Chicago is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, with its food landscape featuring bold flavors from all corners of the globe. Amongst the bustling streets lies Fat Rice Chicago – a restaurant that serves up an explosion of Macanese-infused dishes bringing together Portuguese, Chinese, and Indian influences. It’s no wonder why this casual restaurant has been making waves among foodies in the city! So, we decided to check it out for ourselves and give you our lowdown on this culinary hotspot. 

All About Fat Rice Chicago

Location- 2957 W Diversey Ave, Chicago

Contact- +1 773-754-4000


Chicago’s finest casual eatery, Fat Rice, is known for its authentic Macanese-inspired dumplings, noodles, and curries. The restaurant’s namesake dish, Arroz Gordo, is a vibrant spread of shellfish and poultry, hog, chicken-fat-fried croutons, and tea eggs served atop a bed of sofrito-thickened jasmine rice. Moreover, Macanese specialities like Goji and Tamarind curry, a noodle dish, handmade Linguiça, and ginger and pig dumplings can all be found at Noodlebird At Fat Rice. This is a must-try at any of Chicago’s top informal dining establishments.

What Makes it Special

fat rice Chicago ambience

NoodleBird, a novel Asian restaurant in Chicago’s Logan Square, is the brainchild of the same award-winning team behind Fat Rice in Chicago. The owners are responsible for bringing Macao and Asia’s exciting street food culture to the United States.

In this lively, fast-casual setting, you can witness your food being prepared as you place your order at the counter. Furthermore, their live-fire charcoal grilled chicken is a house speciality; wash it down with a Chicago Spirit drink, some wine from the bottle, or a draft from the taproom. You can’t go wrong with homemade rice vermicelli topped with peanuts, dumplings, a cucumber salad, or sweet glazed Berkshire barbecued pork. Also, they have freshly brewed milk tea and our world-famous egg custard pastries, both renowned for their flaky crusts. You can consume it in one of the 25 available booths inside, on the patio, at home, or have it delivered from Fat Rice Chicago.

A Must-Visit Spot

Macau, a small enclave of the South China Sea, has a vibrant multicultural food scene. And the owners of Noodlebird, Fat Rice Chicago, fell in love with it during our travels and studies across Asia to learn about the various cooking traditions of the area. Macau has a rich and complex past reflected in its cuisine, which blends Chinese, Portuguese, Indian, Malay, and African influences to create unique flavor profiles and preparation methods.

The Menu of Fat Rice Chicago

Noodlebird at Fat Rice Chicago is a paradise for foodies who love Asian cuisine. Start your meal with their famous Corn & Jalapeño Fritters or the Shrimp and Garlic Boiled Dumplings. For those who want to try traditional flavors, try the Red Braised Pork Belly or the Half Charcoal Chicken.

fat rice Chicago kitchen

And, if you are looking for something to share, Noodlebird’s Dinner Packages are perfect. Savor a customized meal for four, or try the Chicken Dinner for Two Special. The Over Rice section offers delicious options, including Spicy Jumbo Shrimp and Minced Soy Sauce Beef Rice Bowl. The Fried Rice, Dumplings & Noodles section will take you on a journey with Pork Noodles and Smoked Tofu Fried Rice. 

All sides are gluten-free and vegan; you can’t miss the Ginger Cabbage Salad or the Sweet and Sour Eggplant. Noodlebird at Fat Rice Chicago has desserts like the Banana Caramel Chocolate Brownie and the Egg Custard Tart. Whether you want an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage, Noodlebird has a great selection of drinks, including beer, sake, and tea. Don’t forget to try their unique sauces, which add an extra kick to your meal.

Wrapping Up

Noodlebird at Fat Rice Chicago is a spectacular spot for anyone who wants. The joint has become perfect in offering a modern take on traditional Macanese home cooking. Fat Rice’s NoodleBird is a homage to casual eateries and street food throughout Asia. Visit here, and you may embark on a gastronomic journey of unparalleled taste and excitement.


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