11 Out of The Box Date Ideas in Chicago to Impress your Beloved

Fabulous date ideas in Chicago are something this windy city has no shortage of. It is a fun city to date, fall in love or make someone fall in love with you. Below is a list of incredible date ideas for couples looking for the perfect date in Chicago. 

From touring a brewery to a helicopter tour, Chicago has it all.

There are several restaurants with beautiful views where one can book a table for their loved ones. Chicago also has parks where you can arrange a date away from all hustles. The city has the famous salsa nights where you can go and tap your feet along with your partners. One can take a cooking class together or go shopping or go on a kayak tour.

Top Date Ideas In Chicago

It is essential to know each other, and for that, you need to spend time and talk. The more you get to know each other, the longer your relationship is. Below mentioned are the remarkable date ideas in Chicago that will help you get close to your loved one.


Aire Ancient Baths (Date Idea In Chicago)


Aire Ancient Baths is a luxurious modern bathhouse set up in a rustic factory. It gives you a unique, intimate, and sensual aquatic experience. They consist of various pools, each with different temperatures and salinities. In the saltiest pool, you can float side by side effortlessly. You will not regret bringing your date to AIRE Ancient Bath as you can swim outside in the warmth and watch the snowfall over you.

The tradition of baths from ancient Roman, Greek, and Ottoman civilizations has inspired this beautiful place. It offers various massages like AIRE Essentials, Couples Specials, Special Rituals, AIRE Signature Experiences, and more. 

Location: 800 W Superior St, Chicago, IL 60642, United States

Contact: +1 312-888-7099

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Kayak Along The Chicago River

Kayak along the Chicago River is amongst the marvelous date ideas in Chicago. Taking your loved one in a kayak below the sky is so romantic. You can rent from water riders or book one of their fun kayaking tours. They will make you see the beautiful windy city with your loved one from an entirely new perspective.

You can also book a boat for private celebrations like birthdays, bachelorette parties, reunions, etc. Kayak along the Chicago River offers history and architecture tours, ghost and gangster tours, sunset paddles, moonlight paddles, etc. A kayak tour is a perfect idea to impress your date.

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Enjoy Chicago Salsa Nights


Enjoy Chicago Salsa Nights is one of the best ways to make your date fall in love with you. You can do salsa with your loved one impressing her with your dancing skills. There is no dearth of vibrant Latin dance scenes and incredible music venues in Chicago.

Hotels bars downtown and the suburbs host regular Salsa nights so that you can fix a date there. Salsa nights start with an hour-long introductory lesson leading to free dance. The fees for admission, drink, and food are reasonably priced. At salsa nights, you’ll see dancers at all skill levels, including complete beginners. There are also a handful of expert couples taking over the dance floor. They are an absolute delight to watch.

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Take A Cooking Class together

Take a cooking class together and make your partner train with you in cooking for future help in the kitchen. It is one of the wonderful date ideas in Chicago as it is an opportunity to collaborate and engage together fruitfully and deliciously. Cook Au Vin is one of the best cooking classes in Chicago as they offer BYOB classes focused on French cuisine.

Chicago has several cooking classes that you can learn from with your loved one. To impress your date, learn the recipe of her favorite dish and cook for her and make your day more romantic.

Location: 2256 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

Contact: +1 773-489-3141

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Dinner at Alinea


Dinner at Alinea is not a bad idea to go for a romantic date. It is less like a restaurant and more like a creative dining experience. The chef & owner of Alinea is world-famous for their contributions to progressive cuisine and the techniques of their dishes. It has received numerous awards and holds 3 Michelin Stars. It serves 6-course tasting menus from regional to classics.

The ambience is just so perfect for making a night romantic for a couple. So do not take much time to bring your dear friend to fall in love with you. Book a table and make her feel special.

Location: 1723 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

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Take A Helicopter Tour

Take a helicopter tour and fly with your loved one in a beautiful sky with no hustles. It is one of the amazing date ideas in Chicago to elevate your date to the next level. It will make you see and enjoy the views of Lake Michigan, Millenium Park, Lincoln Park, and Grant Park.

The nighttime helicopter tours over Chicago have their unique appeal and make your date romantic. The couple can first appreciate the sunset over Lake Michigan, then watch millions of gleaming lights on hundreds of skyscrapers turn on for the night. Make your night memorable and unique by moving ahead with this idea.


Picnic In The Park (Best Date Idea Chicago)

A picnic in the park is the best way to spend your day with your loved ones. There are several beautiful parks in Chicago like OZ Park, The Art Institute’s South Garden, and more. Here you can create a romantic set-up with flowers, candles, wine, and well-packaged snacks. The couple can spend hours sitting together and getting to know each other in a better way.

A picnic in the park is one of the sublime date ideas in Chicago as you get more privacy, away from the hustles and crowd. So if you are planning a date, create a beautiful corner in the park and spend your day with your dear ones.

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Touring A Brewery – Date Idea in Chicago


Touring a brewery is one of the date ideas in Chicago, especially for the people who don’t like silence much. Take your loved one to the local brewery and grab a beer with him. Beer bars are friendly, exuberant places, full of entertainment, and where you can get more comfortable with each other.

Beer helps you open up quickly, share your thoughts and get to know each other better. It is a better place than other silent places as it creates more fun and casual vibe. The few best breweries in Chicago for a romantic date are Goose, Dovetail Brewery, Island Brew House, and Lagunitas.

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Shop For Jewellery At Precious Possessions

Shop for unique jewelry at Precious Possessions is undoubtedly amongst the spectacular date ideas in Chicago. Every girl is fond of shopping, and nobody wants to miss a chance to shop for jewelry. Precious Possessions is a gem and mineral shop in the Loop that sells various jewelry, crystals, and fossils.

If your loved one believes in self-healing, the shop also has aromatherapy and healing sets. There are many pretty and unique items in this store so that you can pick something for your sharing space as well. So impress your date by bringing her here and letting her pick up a favorite piece.

Location: 28 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60602, United States 

Contact: +1 312-726-8118

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Romantic Restaurant Date in Chicago


Romantic restaurants in Chicago are many where you can take your date to. You can book a table at a restaurant and decorate it with candles, rose petals, and wine, along with light music. Here you can spend time and get to know each other in a better way. Few go to restaurants for a date are NoMi, Boka, Sepia, and Roka Akor.

They serve fantastic food, drinks, and a great ambiance. Sitting with your loved one with a beautiful flowing water view, good crowd and great music is the best romantic date scene ever. Taking your beloved ones to a restaurant like this is one of the romantic date ideas in Chicago.

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Impress your loved one by choosing among the listed amazing date ideas in Chicago. It is essential to get to know each other better by taking them to a restaurant, a park, a brewery, or coffee. Make them happy by taking them out for shopping, booking a helicopter tour, or taking them to Chicago Salsa nights. It is essential to know about each other before you take a step ahead in a relationship, so spend time with them and then decide.

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