11 Famous Cooking Classes in Chicago

Cooking is a form of art that every person should know. ‘Cooking Classes Chicago’ is an eminent discussion among the people in and outside the Windy City. The reason for this is its extraordinary food, different recipes, luscious desserts, and cool summer drinks. The Chicago culinary education scene includes intense short-course offerings like a diploma, two-year courses, and bachelor’s degrees. Cooking classes here are an unforgettable way to learn a new culinary skill in any cuisine you’re craving. There are a variety of classes, menus and options to meet your needs. 

Chefs in Chicago are excellently trained and are passionate about training their students into perfect cooks. Most of these cooking classes are conducted for all age groups, including children to adults. 

Cooking Classes in Chicago

Below mentioned are the top 11 cooking classes in Chicago for the ones who are passionate about cooking. The training will be provided by professional chefs having unique skills and techniques.


The Chopping Block


The Chopping Block is among the top 10 cooking classes in Chicago for those who dream of a career in food. Whether one desires to become a master chef, restaurant owner, or creator of signature cuisine, this is the go-to place. Their classes are most suitable for home cooks with busy lifestyles but with a passion for food. They organize boot camps that give you a  chance to show your cooking skills and take them to the next level. The concise cram sessions are conducted on a wide range of topics. 

The Chopping Block provides Virtual Demonstration classes via Zoom, where you get to watch the chef in action. The chef teaches you how to prepare the dishes during the course while you observe and take notes. Another option is Virtual Cook, where along with Zoom classes you and your chef cook together in real-time. You’ll also receive recipes and equipment lists after you register yourself.

Location: 222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza #107, Chicago, IL 60654, United States

Contact: +1 312-644-6360

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The Wooden Spoon (Cooking Classes In Chicago)

The Wooden Spoon is the perfect, relaxed setting for group courses. It has a beautiful kitchen and outdoor patio with a wood-burning pizza oven and an outdoor grill. There is a rooftop garden where you can learn about many ingredients used in the class. Once the preparation of elements is complete, a chef leads through four recipes that you’ll cook as a team. Their course themes vary from technique-based sessions like pasta workshops and pizza-making to global cuisines. Its classes provide recipes and skills required to recreate the meal at home as well. It is hence one of the best cooking classes in Chicago.

Location: 5047 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60640, United States

Contact: +1 773-293-3190

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The Social Table


The Social Table is one of the top-rated cooking classes in Chicago as it is an ideal spot for groups who want to get together to cook, eat, learn, and have some fun. It has a dining room next to the kitchen where a meal is prepared and later enjoyed together

To join the class one has to sign up for open spots on the calendar of public classes or book a private lesson. Their other subjects include Journey to Morocco, Southern Comfort, Taste of Spain, and Parisian Bistro. Another exciting part of The Social Table is special summer camp sessions for teens and pre-teens. Probably this is the reason why ‘cooking classes Chicago’ are becoming a prominent topic to talk about.

Location: 819 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

Contact: +1 773-697-4109

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Kids’ Table (Cooking Classes In Chicago)

Kids’ Table is specially designed to teach kids from a younger age to teens. Its goal is to get kids involved in the kitchen early and get them in touch with real food. Its class commitments are very flexible as there are options to sign up for weekly sessions as part of the Cooking Club. One can also choose a package among the courses mentioned and register for a drop-in. Young chefs get to chop, mix and roll their way to a different delicious dish.

On-demand classes are for all age groups and involve real-life cooking with tools, heat, etc. So it is made sure that parent involvement is there. The prerecorded classes are available through Vimeo On Demand. One has to choose from individual class rentals or unlimited access to all the courses with new content added every week. They provide links to the ingredients and a list of equipment at the start of each video. 

Location: 2337 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, United States

Contact: +1 773-235-2665

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Cook Au Win


Cook Au Win is one of the best cooking classes in Chicago. Here, one can select the classic French-themed cooking class, a bread-baking course, or a pastry lesson.  It specializes in French cooking class, Bread Baking class, and pastry making. It has regular culinary sessions that usually last for four hours. The ones interested in baking can learn how to make the bread, French baguette, boule, brioche, and flatbread from start to finish. 

They teach you crafting a variety of bread, including a mother dough that’s a must for serious bakers. After the baking is over, you get to relish your own cooked bread, paired with an assortment of cheese and charcuterie. If one has a sweet tooth and wants to learn to bake sweets, he can sign up for the pastry class.

Location: 2256 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

Contact: +1 773-489-3141

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Cooking Fools

Cooking Fools is an interactive culinary event facility that focuses on international flavours for its global clientele. Their classes are available to the public accommodating up to 30 people. A few of them is the art of sushi, making tamales, and the different varieties of rice. For the lovers of dumplings, there is a lesson that teaches how to make Tibetan momos, Chinese shumai, potstickers, and more. A session about condiments like pesto, relish, salsa, chutney, vegetable coulee, etc is also conducted.

‘Cooking classes Chicago’ is the ideal topic to talk about for people in the city. The institution is inspired by global cuisines, with their rustic style and bold flavours created with fresh, healthy ingredients. They have custom and social events where guests prepare a complete lunch or dinner menu based on international cuisine. After the cooking, everyone relaxes to enjoy a full sit-down meal featuring the result of their efforts. There are social events and their cost depends on group size, menu, and beverage package.

Location: 1916 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, United States

Contact: +1 773-276-9377

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Dave’s Speciality Foods


Dave’s Specialty Foods is known to be one of the famous cooking classes in Chicago. It provides unique cooking classes that offer a memorable experience to those who are passionate about learning. The students are given various recipe choices, techniques, tips, and tricks of the trade that helps them be pro. 

Dave gives amazing demonstrations at his classes and makes sure every student is confident to recreate the recipes learned. It looks forward to the annual thanksgiving tips & tricks to the class by the students.

Location: 105 W Prospect Ave, Mt Prospect, IL 60056, United

Contact: +1 847-259-9510

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A Tavola (Cooking Classes In Chicago)


Tavola has been the finest cooking class in Chicago with Italy’s regionally inspired flavour for more than 20 years. The atmosphere is cheerful and relaxed allowing attendees to enjoy a glass of wine and participate in the preparation of the food. At Tavola, you get to learn new skills of cooking and how to cook restaurant-quality food.

Tavola is known for pillow-soft gnocchi dishes, which is also taught by giving lessons. Their classes hold 10 to 30 people and begin at 6:30 pm lasting for about 3 hours. The recipe taught is picked from the menu of Tavola, and each class features pasta, entree, dessert, and appetizer. They invite you to watch their cooking style, give demonstrations, and let you participate in hands-on cooking. After the class ends, the food is relished together with a glass of wine. It is one of the best cooking classes in Chicago.

Location: 2148 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, United States

Contact:  +1 773-276-7567

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Give Me Some Sugar

Give Me Some Sugar as the words say is for learning the sweet recipes. It is known to be the famous and the best cooking class in Chicago for learning how to bake. There are courses for decorating cakes, cookies, making doughnuts or French craft macarons. Give Me Some Sugar also gives lessons for making croissants or chocolate candies if you desire.

Their other class topics include Bread 101, Buttercream Flowers, Baking with Citrus, etc. Classes are for 3 hours, and once the chef gives instructions, you get the opportunity to practice independently. The ones who have dietary restrictions, like vegan and gluten-free modifications, are available. Give Me Some Sugar organizes a party for kids where little ones can decorate cakes and cupcakes.

Location: 2205 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60618, United States

Contact: +1 773-281-3154

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Bettie’s Baking School

Bettie’s School is one of the topmost cooking classes in Chicago. It teaches their students from the scrap and helps them gain complete knowledge about baking. The goal is to help build baking confidence through teaching foundational baking techniques, approachable baking science, and classic recipes. They cover almost all the sweet recipes, covering the way to cook to decoration. Their recipes include sweetbreads, macarons, sugar cookies, bon vivant shag cakes. Etc.

Bettie’s Baking School has classified the baking classes into different categories. A few of them are holiday bread, the bread bundle for cookies, the cookie bundle, and sugar cookie decorating essentials. Other courses include the yeast bread introductory course, fundamentals of baking course, beginner sourdough intensive live-stream replay, etc.

Location: Lakeview, North Side 3617 N Broadway, between W Patterson Ave & Addison Chicago, Illinois 60613

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iCook After School

iCook After School is an innovative educational company that provides children with an enjoyable, hands-on after-school cooking and nutrition education program. They are always searching for students who are passionate about cooking food and are serious about being little chefs. The trainers come from different backgrounds to teach their style of cooking and baking.

The classes are easy to do as the timings are flexible, one can choose the time convenient to them. They always have a scheduled plan for “what to cook” every day and allow children to practice with them. Their recipes include summer drinks, all about avocados, desserts, watermelon slush, etc. ‘Cooking classes Chicago’ is the hot topic of the city because of such amazing cooking institutions.

Location: 1700 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60613, United States

Contact: +1 773-900-7074

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“Cooking Classes Chicago ” is a popular topic to talk about in the windy city. Become independent and start learning how to cook. There are institutions for all age groups from youngsters to teens. Every chef is passionate and is an expert in their skills. The above-mentioned are the best cooking classes in Chicago that will help build your career in the culinary field. Baking is the most delicate culinary art and for those who love baking, Chicago also has a number of institutions for them.

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