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Coco Pazzo Chicago is the right place for you if you enjoy some delicious Italian experience. What is that one food that satisfies your hunger, gives you comfort, and nourishes you? It’s Italian food for a lot of folks.

Furthermore, Italian food is a favorite of many people who consider themselves foodies. It is an instantly recognizable cuisine that consists of fascinating regional delicacies and seemingly endless variations of tried-and-true classic flavors. Chicago’s culinary heritage has long included Italian cuisine.

Coco Pazzo Chicago

Address: 300 W. Hubbard St., Chicago, IL 60654

Contact: (312) 836-0900, (312) 836-0257


Coco Pazzo Chicago – A Tuscan Delight

With 20 years in the food industry, Coco Pazzo Chicago holds the prestige of being one of the first restaurants with a Tuscan theme to launch in the city. One of the first eateries in Chicago to serve cuisine with Tuscan influences preparing pizzas, fish, vegetables, meats, and chicken in a unique wood-fired oven, the restaurant originally opened its doors in the winter of 1992.  The name Coco Pazzo refers to “crazy chef,” but the restaurant is neither eccentric nor carelessly designed. This business values its customers and aims to provide the best food to them.

Coco Pazzo, the city’s first eatery with a Tuscan theme, marks 30 years in the River Northern region. Coco Pazzo Chicago offers one of the best Italian dining experiences in a classic and elegant atmosphere. 

Since that time, Coco Pazzo has focused on preparing and serving simple, seasonally-based cuisine from Tuscany, attracting patrons from near and far, including influential businessmen, A-list celebrities, and politicians. 

Food at Chicago’s Coco Pazzo

Food at Chicago’s Coco Pazzo

Coco Pazzo is Chicago’s first Tuscan-inspired restaurant that delivers a satisfying blend of traditional and modern dishes that are as tasty as they are straightforward. Enjoy handmade potato gnocchi with tomato sauce and lovely ricotta on top.

Gnocchi with tomato sauce, buffalo ricotta, and fresh basil are among the restaurant’s best-selling dishes. The dessert menu is particularly outstanding and includes crowd-pleasers like the panna cotta with huckleberry sauce and caramelized citrus zests as well as the house-made gelato. Any dish from Coco Pazzo is sure to take you to the Tuscan countryside after just one bite.

Furthermore, they are also planning to add variety to their menu with a range of Italian cocktails. The eatery will also extend its operating days and hours to include lunch from Monday through Friday. 

You can discover another amazing delicacy on the menu: oyster mushrooms, grilled and served atop radicchio. Very thinly sliced smoked salmon is served over bitter frisee, garnished with diced red peppers and fragrant white truffle oil. A spectacular dish of risotto Coco Pazzo Chicago is the risotto that continues to be one of their culinary specialties.

Restaurant Space

Chicago's Coco Pazzo

The environment and service at Chicago’s Coco Pazzo are both pleasant, much like the food. There is low-key jazz playing, certain items are carved tableside, and four different servers will check on you every few minutes. It’s a decent choice for occasions when you care more about a restaurant’s decorum than its cuisine, such as a meal with your family or lunch with a former coworker.

Bottom Line

Elegant and sophisticated, reasonably expensive, and unafraid of flavors is how we describe Coco Pazzo. If you want to enjoy the goodness of Italian food at any time of day, reach out to Coco Pazzo Chicago. The restaurant provides the best services for unique events that call for extra special care and accepts reservations for you to make your moments lavish. If you want to place an order, they offer online service also.

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