Chicago Bagel Authority – All You Need To Know

Chicago Bagel Authority serves the best Bagel Sandwiches in the city. Interestingly, CBA is not only famous for the best Steamwiches, but also their menu varies over hundreds of other food items. However, it is best known for making greasy steamed bagels that are soft and moist. Their Bagel sandwiches are filled with meat, egg, bacon, cheese, and other toppings. 

This restaurant has two outlets, and both are in Chicago. The first outlet is at 953 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, and the other one is at 953 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 6065. For the past two decades, the restaurant has been proving its worth to all customers with its professional staff and enjoyable services. 

CBA serves their customers for the whole week from 7 am to 4 pm. However, you have to wait till 8 am on Sundays. You can fulfil your breakfast needs daily at a min cost of 20$. The Chicago Bagel Authority delivery options are also an amazing treat if you want to enjoy bagels at home.

Inside the World of Chicago Bagel Authority

The restaurant was founded by the greatest breakdance legend Greg Gibbs in the year 1998. Since the launch of CBA, it has been serving the best and most meaty, Juicy bagels in the heart of Chicago.

In an interview with “Word of Mouth,” he said he had worked with a late-night Miami University staple known as Bagel and Deli. This palace served around 40-50 different types of sandwiches, and he came up with dozens of various other sandwiches. When Gibbs opened his own Bagel shop in Chicago, it came into the limelight and was named Chicago Bagel Authority.

Why is CBA Famous?

Chicago Bagel authority is a two-location sandwich shop in Chicago that is majorly renowned for its steamed bagel sandwiches. However, only a good product is not enough to make the business successful. The restaurant got its devout fanbase for its famous steam winches that are known by unique and humorous names like the Bread intruder and the Lincoln Pork.

Just like any other restaurant owner, Gibbs is also capable of doing much more than just handling the place. He’s a cook, cashier, manager, bookkeeper, payroll administrator, and also a marketer. Being the chief marketer for CBA, he is well aware of how important it is to connect and engage with guests even outside the restaurant.

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He says that it is extremely important to communicate and reach out to customers outside. This shows that you are concerned about them and remember them. These are some secret sauces of the restaurant that worked for the Chicago Bagel Authority. Let’s have a look at some steamwich specials from the menu:

  • Covfefe Crunch comes with roast beef, salami, swiss, horsey sauce, lettuce, tomato, covfefe peppers, sour cream, and onion chips on a sesame bagel
  • The famous The T-Broeger with roast beef & cream cheese on an onion bagel
  • Ravenswood is full of roast beef, smoked cheddar, horseradish, mayo, lettuce & tomato.
  • Frank’s includes roast beef, swiss, chive spread, onions & mustard on rye

Special Items in the Chicago Bagel Authority Menu

Chicago Bagel Authority Food

CBA has several food items with playful and fun names on its menu. Here we have a few creative dish names from the menu, The Goat killer, Eternal Sunshine, The Eggosaurus, Dank’ N’ Eggs, and Urban Gardener. 

Apart from these, other food items that you must try from their tempting food menu are: 

  • Sam’s Sunrise
  • The Belmont
  • The Messy Katie
  • Bread Intruder
  • Chia Bagel
  • Messy Katie
  • Clayboy
  • Chicken Salad Bagel

Undoubtedly, there is a wide variety of dishes along with famous steamed sandwiches you’ll get to taste in Chicago Bagel Authority. But those mentioned above are the ones you should definitely try. 

CBA also has a very cool menu for kids that you should definitely check out if you are planning to dine out or order in for your family:

  • The classic pb&j bagel

CBA in Armitage, Chicago:

Address: 953 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

Phone: +1 773-248-9606

CBA in Belmont, Chicago:

Address: 955 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657, United States

Phone: +1 773-549-1982

Final Words

If you are a fan of those meaty, juicy bagels, then you must visit this 2-decade-old restaurant. Chicago Bagel Authority will definitely serve you the best-steamed Bagel sandwiches in the city. 

Overall, CBA will be an excellent destination for your Sunday brunch. You will get to experience the best-in-class food and great hospitality. So, why not visit this place at least once? 

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