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Bordel Chicago is among the top places to enjoy great food and some of the most amazing drinks in the city. Chicago is well-known for its museums and strong architecture, but it is also famous for its fantastic nightlife. The nightlife of Chicago is full of busy bars, exciting nightclubs, comedy shows, one-of-a-kind artisan brewers, and live music venues.

Bordel is a cabaret and cocktail bar in the center of Wicker Park that seamlessly reflects the city’s friendliness, festivity, and spirit. This magnificent place has the most intriguing cocktails, music, and entertainment, as well as an exciting private dining setting. 

Let’s dig into some specifics of the amazing Bordel Chicago.

Address: 1721 W Division St Chicago, IL

Phone: +1 312-487-1236


The Amazing Bordel Chicago

All about the amazing Bordel Chicago

Bordel is much more than another Chicago bar, and various factors contribute to its uniqueness and beauty. Let’s take a closer look:

Design and Concept 

Inside Bordel Chicago’s magnificent candlelight interiors, you’ll find pink velvet couches and draperies, tasseled chandeliers, and vintage bronze “cherub” sconces. Additionally, it also features Persian Bokhara hand-knotted carpets and walls covered in handmade, handcrafted wallpaper inspired by 20th-century American pulp cover creativity.

Bordel’s nightly stage entertainment has a renowned group of jazz musicians, burlesque performances, flamenco artists, magicians, and cabaret dancers. A residency of Chicago’s top sound curators set the pace throughout the night in between stage acts.

Bordel Chicago Menu

All about the amazing Bordel Chicago drinks

When your downstairs neighbor is one of the city’s top Spanish restaurants, Mama Delia, late-night dining at Bordel receives a significant lift. Bordel Chicago serves a limited menu of Mama Delia meals throughout the night. Pick your favorite from the menu.


Bordel’s essence is in its spectacle. The music and live shows are unlike any other venue in Chicago, from the light rhythms of a jazz trio at Wednesday’s Hôtel des Artistes to the fire, sensuality, and enchantment of Vaudeville Thursdays. On Fridays, visitors are transported to Andaluca by a live flamenco performance, while on Saturdays, DJs mix deep and sensual sounds alongside burlesque and flamenco acts for the appropriately called Velvet.

The Incredible Cocktails at Bordel Chicago

All drinks are inspired by the last golden era of cocktails, with clever garnishes that adhere to a no-waste philosophy and use ingredients contained in the cocktails they embellish. The cocktail menu features flawlessly executed classics as well as house concoctions. Punches, aperitif drinks, swizzles, “powerful but not quiet” stirred cocktails, and “shaky, shaky” citrus cocktails are all on the menu. Here are out top picks: 

Significantly, Punch has long been a mainstay of Bordel Chicago menu, served in Royal Albert hidden-in-plain-sight tea sets and hand-blown glass Porrones. Additionally, it was the first mixed drink and was a high society staple – where there was a party, there was Punch, and vice versa.

Private Dining and Events

Bordel Chicago seamlessly reflects the festive spirit of Paris. Inside Bordel’s magnificent candlelight interiors, you’ll find pink velvet couches and draperies, tasselled chandeliers, vintage bronze “cherub” sconces, Persian Bokhara hand-knotted carpets, and walls covered in handmade, handcrafted wallpaper inspired by 20th century American pulp cover creativity.

Significantly, Bordel also provides a really one-of-a-kind location for parties of all sizes.

Wrapping Up

Bordel Chicago is definitely not your average night out. With DJing, live burlesque acts, and a phenomenal drinks selection, this bar has something for everyone. The elegant atmosphere makes it the perfect spot to enjoy a romantic evening with your loved one or have an explosive night with your friends.

So, check out Bordel Cabaret and Cocktail bar when you are in the city and experience the fantastic nightlife.

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