Top 7 Restaurants For The Best Pho in Chicago

Chicago is full of enriching experiences, but one of the best things about the windy city is the diversity of food. Moreover, you can find almost anything you’re craving, including the best Pho in Chicago. Significantly, Pho is a Vietnamese soup with rice noodles, meat, and a flavorful broth. It’s the perfect comfort food for a cold winter day; luckily, plenty of places in Chicago serve it. 

Additionally, this article will explore the top 7 places for Chicago’s best pho. From traditional spots to some newer restaurants, there’s something for everyone on this list. Dive in to find out.

Best Pho in Chicago

Let’s explore some of the most amazing places in Chicago for the best of pho.


Le Colonial

Le Colonial

Le Colonial is a chic French-Vietnamese spot on the Gold Coast and is considered one of the greatest places for best pho in Chicago. Furthermore, the broth is rich and full of flavors, and the beef is tender and thinly sliced. The noodles are cooked perfectly, and the toppings are fresh and plentiful. The appetizers, including spring rolls, are also worth trying. And guess what? Everything is quite reasonably priced too.

Address: 57 E Oak St, Chicago, IL 60611, United States

Phone: +1 312-255-0088



Tank Noodle for Best Pho in Chicago

Tank Noodle

When it comes to the best Pho in Chicago, there’s no shortage of delicious options in the city. But if you’re in search of the absolute best, you can’t go wrong with Tank Noodle. Locals and visitors alike love this authentic Vietnamese restaurant in Chicago, and it’s easy to see why.

The soup here is always piping hot and full of flavor, and the noodles are perfectly cooked. The beef is tender and juicy, and the garnishes are fresh and fragrant. It’s no wonder Tank Noodle is consistently ranked as one of the city’s best pho spots.

So next time you’re in the mood for a steaming bowl of this classic Vietnamese dish, be sure to head to Tank Noodle. You won’t be disappointed.

Address: 4953-55 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640, United States

Phone: +1 773-878-2253



Big Bowl

Big Bowl for best pho in Chicago,

If you’re looking for a delicious bowl of Pho in Chicago, look no further than Big Bowl. Located in the heart of Chicago on Michigan Avenue, this popular spot offers a variety of pho options and other Vietnamese staples like banh mi and spring rolls. The beef pho is a must-try and comes with various toppings to choose from. 

Plus, you can also enjoy craft beers and an assortment of wines from around the world. And did we mention they have a gluten-free menu too? So, yes, whatever you order, you’re sure to enjoy it at Big Bowl, especially a piping hot bowl of one of the best Pho in Chicago.

Address: 60 E Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60611, United States

Phone: +1 312-951-1888


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Saigon Sisters

Saigon Sisters

Saigon Sisters is one of the most popular places for Pho in Chicago. The restaurant is known for its flavorful and authentic Pho, which is cooked with quality beef or chicken broth, rice noodles, and some authentic herbs and spices. 

Chicago’s best pho restaurant, Saigon Sisters also offers a wide selection of other Vietnamese dishes, such as banh mi sandwiches, which were bestowed the title of “crown jewel” of this cozy restaurant by the Food Network. And don’t worry! Despite being featured on the Food Network, their prices are reasonable, and the portions are generous.

Address: 567 W Lake St, Chicago, IL 60661, United States

Phone: +1 312-496-0090



Pho Viet – Among Best Pho in Chicago

Pho Viet - best pho in Chicago

Another highly recommended place for the best Pho in Chicago is the Pho Viet. This restaurant has been serving authentic Vietnamese cuisine for years, and its Pho is no exception. Made with fresh ingredients and a secret recipe, Pho Viet’s Pho is sure to satisfy you. And if you’re not in the mood for Pho in Chicago, they have a wide selection of other Vietnamese dishes that are just as good. Their shrimp vegetable vermicelli rolled in rice paper makes an excellent appetizer choice. 

Address: 4941 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640, United States

Phone: +1 773-769-1284


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Hai Yen

Hai Yen

Hai Yen is a great place for Pho in Chicago. The excellent restaurant is nestled in the heart of Chinatown and offers many pho options. The broth is flavorful, and the noodles are cooked perfectly. The service is also friendly and fast.

Besides Pho, their Bo La Lot, marinated ground beef wrapped in a Hawaiian leaf and then grilled, is also exquisite. One can also try their exotic salads and fresh fruit smoothies with tapioca. Visiting Hai Yen will satiate your Vietnamese palate. 

Address: 1055 W Argyle St # 1, Chicago, IL 60640, United States

Phone: +1 773-561-4077



Nha Hang Viet Nam – One of the Best Pho in Chicago

Nha Hang Viet Nam

Among the great places to get Pho in Chicago, Nha Hang Viet Nam is one of the best. This restaurant has been serving authentic Vietnamese cuisine for over 20 years, and its Pho is amazing. 

Expect rich and incredibly flavourful beef broth with perfectly cooked noodles. The Pho is garnished with fresh and plentiful toppings that enhance the flavors of this delicious bowl of one of Chicago’s best Pho. 

What makes this one of the best places for Pho in Chicago is the amazing taste of its food and its service, setting and prices. So, make sure you try it at least once.

Address: 1032 W Argyle St, Chicago, IL 60640, United States

Phone: +1 773-878-8895

Wrapping Up

If you are searching for the best pho in Chicago, look no further than these three restaurants. Each restaurant offers its own unique take on this classic dish, and all of them are sure to leave you satisfied. So next time you’re in the mood for some pho, be sure to check out one of these establishments for the best Korean food in Chicago.


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