7 of The Best Karaoke Bars in Chicago (2023)

The American city, Chicago, is full of talent and artists. And there is always a place to showcase every talent, whether you are a chef, street artist, or singer. Well, speaking of singing, you don’t have to be a professional singer to sing. The best karaoke bars in Chicago are where you can blow off steam after a hectic day. Some drinks with friends at a Karaoke Bar will be a stirring way to end the day. 

Although there are basically two different types of karaoke bars; private rooms and freestyle bars.  The former is where you can book a room and show off your skills with your group only. The latter type is free bar-style where you have to put your name on a list and sing on stage in front of strangers. Chicago has all types of the best Karaoke Bars.

Best Karaoke Bars in Chicago

Fix your vocal cords, pick your favorite song and sing with all your heart on the mic. This is the best way to have fun on a Friday night. We suggest some perfect places for you. Check out these best karaoke bars in Chicago.


Lincoln Karaoke


If you want to sing Justin Bieber’s song or one of the smashing hits of Harry Style, this private room bar is the best Karaoke bar in Chicago to meet your purposes. Tune to whichever song you like and show some dance moves within the closed doors with your crew. Lincoln Private Karaoke has 18 rooms with a flat TV screen, a comfortable lounge, and an assorted range of snacks. The place is a maze of long hallways with neon-lit lights that give an absolute fun vibe.

Moreover, the items on the menu are not too expensive so you can have a mini bottle of Korean wine too. In short, Lincoln Karaoke is considered to be the best place for a bachelorette party, birthday party, or just for a scintillating night with friends. This Karaoke Bar is for adults that are 21+. So plan out your next fun event here with your friends. 

Address: 5526 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

Contact: (773) 895-2299


Sakura Karaoke Bar In Chicago

Sakura Karaoke is popular and one of the best Karaoke Bars in Chicago. It has both private rooms and a freestyle bar with all the equipment you need. The private room in Sakura Karaoke ranges from an 8 person room to a VIP room for 25 guests with a TV screen and couches. While on the other hand, the freestyle bar has a stage to make you feel like a rockstar in neon lights. 

The song catalog has more than 10,000 songs, including top pop hits from China, Korea, and Japan. No wonder why this bar is so well known. The private rooms range from $30-$50, while the main lounge bar costs just $25 with two drinks from the bar. 

Address: 234 W Cermak Rd, Chicago, IL 60616

Contact: (312) 326-9168


No. 18 Karaoke


This is one of the newest karaoke spots in Chinatown that offers private and public rooms. The neon lights inside the club draw a lot of the young generation’s attention at a very reasonable price. This place is best for singing American and Asian pop tunes. Moreover, the cost of both rooms is affordable, i.e. costing private rooms $10 – $15 an hour before 7 pm. With all the services, their extensive menu is also notable, which is at a moderate price. 

Their menu consists of Mongolian barbecue, snacks, and various Chinese dishes. In addition, there is a separate menu for beverages that features a range of Chinese liquor. And the most thrilling part is, No. 18 Karaoke also offers free drinking games, which heightens the night even more. Thus, this additional attraction enthuses in you the desire to revisit and makes No.18 the best Karaoke Bar in Chicago. 

Address: 2201 S Wentworth Ave, Chicago, IL, 60616

Contact: (312) 225-0600 


Pop KTV Karaoke Lounge

Another very notable Karaoke Club in Chinatown is Pop KTV Karaoke Lounge. Its interiors are aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. As the name suggests, Pop KTV has a vast catalog of Pop K songs, Chinese and American music. You can rent a private room based on hours with your gang while you can also enjoy others’ singing in the main lounge with your favorite drink in hand. Pop KTV lounge is usually crowded on weekends; however, it is open till 2 am at night. So it is best if you can book your table ahead of your plan.

Despite being crowded, their services are at their best. But if you wish to be around fewer crowds, then weekdays are fine. Also, order a plate full of their chicken wings for sure! 

Address: 2002 S Wentworth Ave Fl 2, Chicago, IL 60616

Contact: (312) 225-6208


The Original Mother’s


The Original Mother’s is the best Karaoke Bar in Chicago if you are looking to have a bachelorette party. The popular spot for karaoke is divided into two spaces: the back sidebar and the front bar. The back sidebar has a vast dance floor, VIP couches, and a DJ playing songs all night long. On the other hand, the front bar is totally dedicated to karaoke fun, giant Jenga to build, and beer pong tables. Walk whichever way you want because both the spaces are fun-filled, lively, and entertaining. If you can’t choose, here’s a tip for you. 

For an hour or two, you can enjoy one of the best karaoke bars in Chicago with your friends and then hit the dance floor at the back sidebar. To give you one more reason to visit here, the karaoke is free of cost. Choose any song that comes to your mind. They welcome solo performers and group performers as well. However, you need to plan for karaoke because most of the time, it is packed. 

Address: 26 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60610

Contact: +13126427251


Alice’s Lounge – Best Karaoke Bar In Chicago

Alice’s Lounge is regarded as the best karaoke bar in Chicago. The singing and entertainment don’t start until 11 pm. And the regular ones rule the stage, but they are pretty amicable and amusing people to watch. The weekends are crowded, so don’t expect to sing more than once. However, you will enjoy the night anyway after a few bottles of beer and shots. Probably yelling to almost every lyric.

The excitement lasts till 5 am on Saturday nights and till 4 am on the rest of the days. Alice’s Lounge has a pretty purple theme which gives an aesthetic vibe at night. The lounge also has a large menu, so order anything and jam with strangers on hit songs. 

Address: 3556 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, 60618

Contact: (773) 279-9382


Brando’s Speakeasy


Brando’s Speakeasy is a vintage-looking bar. The 1920 theme with red velvet curtains and fancy yellow lights are certainly the attraction. Moreover, as per the theme, they also offer the price of 1920, cheap drinks specials, and dishes. The Brando’s Speakeasy’s Lounge has a particular space for karaoke. You will have no trouble in finding a song as the song catalogs consist of 40,000 hit tracks.

Plus, the DJ playing classic hit soulful songs is the best way to spend the night. Also, this could be an amazing place for a date with your partner. The vintage theme, drinks on a comfortable sofa, and Dj spinning classic hits are the best ever combination for a perfect date night. 

Address: 343 S Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60604

Contact: (773) 216-3213


Louie’s Pub

Louie’s Pub is a well-known and the oldest bar on the Northside of Chicago. This is a family-run pub that was opened in 1987. The karaoke starts at 8 pm on Tuesdays till Sundays. However, the bar is split into two: the front and the back bar. Although the middle part has a karaoke booth where at times strangers sing a hit song using a wireless mike.

The karaoke booth is mostly rushed, so you have to spend some time at the front or back bar. Also, the digital karaoke system will download your favorite song. So, while you sing your selected song, the Pub’s professional backup jockeys will accompany you. So spend your Friday night singing karaoke with your group in the best karaoke bar in Chicago. 

Address: 1659 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Contact: (773) 227-7947

To Wind Up

Hope now the karaoke singing idea doesn’t seem so limited to you. Call your friends immediately, visit these best karaoke bars in Chicago and have a night to remember for long for sure!

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