7 Best Chinese Restaurants in Chicago for Authentic Chinese Food

Looking for the best Chinese restaurant Chicago has to offer? China’s food is undoubtedly the most well-known “ethnic” cuisine in the country, and Chicago is lucky to have several fantastic restaurants specializing in it.  Excellent Chinese restaurants may be found across the city and suburbs in addition to Chicago’s vibrant Chinatown, and the cuisine is no longer limited to Cantones. The cuisines of Sichuan, Hunan, Shanghai, and other parts of the country are now available in a large number of restaurants.  

You’re certain to feel delighted after dining at one Chinese restaurant in Chicago. However, these restaurants will sate your cravings whether you’re in the mood for traditional Chinese fare like egg rolls and chicken lo mein or more fancy dishes like grilled octopus salad and Peking duck. Therefore, we decided to put together a list of authentic Chinese restaurants in Chicago. Significantly, these eateries won’t let you down whether you want to get take out or a casual dining experience.


Go 4 Food – Best Chinese Restaurant Chicago

Go 4 Food

Go 4 Food is an award-winning and best Chinese restaurant Chicago with both traditional and modern food that is tucked away in old Chinatown. The restaurant is a perfect place to commemorate important occasions since it allows for a private dinner, where the restaurant creates a custom, multi-course meal for a set price and a set number of people. Go4Food’s regular menu is extensive. The French-style beef tenderloin, millionaire seafood fried rice, and crispy silver fish are particularly flavorful and showcase Go 4 Food’s dedication to attempting new taste combinations. The restaurant also stands out from the competition despite the abundance of Chinese restaurants in the area because of its superior quality and inventiveness.

Address: 212 W 23rd St, Chicago, IL 60616, United States
Phone:+1 312-842-8688

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MCCB Chicago

MCCB Chicago-

The Sichuan- and Canton-style cuisines are the focus of MCCB (which stands for Modern Chinese Cook Book), so customers are treated to a comprehensive menu that accurately portrays numerous regions of China. Foods like the Philly steak egg roll and the dry chili fantail shrimp, which is served in a miniature fryer basket, hold down the “Modern” end of things. The whole fish that is charcoal-grilled and cut at your table after being steeped in a hot chili soup is the restaurant’s hallmark dish. They also offer a wonderful drink menu for dine-in customers making them the best restaurant for Chinese food in Chicago. 

Address: 2138 S Archer Ave, Chicago, IL 60616, United States
Phone: +1 312-881-0168

Chengdu Impression – The Best Chinese Restaurant Chicago

Chengdu Impression- 

Do you like to eat spicy food? Do you have a sense of adventure and are willing to experiment with some uncommon Chinese ingredients? Then Chengdu Impression is for you. Due to the different tastes and preferences, most Sze Chuan foods in the states are watered down. If you want to taste Sze Chuan’s renowned fiery, passionate, and explosive flavors, go with Chengdu Impression.

This best Chinese restaurant in Chicago has unusual offerings like Mapo Tofu with Beef, Sichuan-Style Diced Rabbit, and Heart-Breaking Rice Jelly (mashed with fresh chili paste) that will put your mouth on fire, but in a good way.

Address: 2545 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60614, United States
Phone: +1 773-477-6256

Duck Duck Goat

Duck Duck Goat - best chinese restaurant chicago

Want to taste authentic Chinese food from a top chef superstar? This best Chinese restaurant in Chicago Pay your visit to Duck Duck Goat headed by Top Chef winner, Stephaine Izard. Dim sum, hand-pulled noodles, fried rice, and dishes featuring duck and goat are just a few of the inventive Chinese cuisine served at Duck Duck Goat. The Crew will sample some of Chef Stephanie’s personal favorites from the menu as well as a couple dishes that are distinctive to Duck Duck Goat. The Char Siu Pork Bao Buns, Duck and Goat Spring Rolls with Hot Mustard, Xi’an Goat Slap Noodles with zingy Sichuan peppercorns and a tonne of cumin, as well as Pickled Cucumbers, are all delectable and must-try dishes. Be sure to try the veggie fried rice! The atmosphere is upbeat, and the design is stunning. 

Address: 857 W Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607, United States
Phone: +1 312-902-3825

Lao Peng You – One of The Best Chinese Restaurant in Chicago

Lao Peng You-best chinese restaurant chicago

Lae Peng You is owned by two brothers Daniel and Eric Wat who offer handmade dumplings and noodles. Like what the restaurant’s name implies, entering this space is like entering the home of an old friend. The dumplings are served in a deliciously spicy broth that is perfect for dipping and slurping, while the cold noodles are a vehicle for chile oil, peanuts, soy, and cilantro. The Chung Yao bing bread, another carbohydrate, is a must. When it comes to the level of spice, you are not treated kindly at Lao Peng! If you don’t like spicy cuisine, it’s advisable to have milk tea to save yourself some trouble later. It is indeed Chicago’s best Chinese restaurant. 

Address: 2020 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, United States
Phone: +1 872-206-8624

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Sun Wah BBQ

Sun Wah BBQ-

Sun Wah BBQ is the most popular Chicago’s Chinese restaurant in Chicago that specializes in Hong Kong BBQ. Furthermore, with mouthwatering roasted meats such as salt-baked chicken, roasted pork, and barbecued spareribs. Additionally, the restaurant is most known for its Beijing duck feast, which includes three different methods to serve crisp, juicy, and roasted duck. Specially roasted for your table, the whole duck is then cut in front of you. It comes with sides, and with the leftover duck that wasn’t used in your meal, they even make you duck soup and fried rice. Although it encourages BYOB, Sun Wah also has an amazing beverage menu featuring beer and drinks. Order in advance for this extravaganza if you want to take advantage of their Peking Duck specialization.

Address: 5039 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640, United States
Phone:+1 773-769-1254

Shanghai Inn

MingHin Cuisine-best chinese restaurant chicago

Talking about Chicago’s Chinese cuisine and not mentioning Shanghai? This is next to impossible. Furthermore, it is a chain of restaurants that are known for serving the best and most authentic Chinese food all over the world.

Shanghai Inn offers the best Chinese food in Chicago. However, be prepared to taste a slightly sweeter flavor in your favorite dish. Significantly, this is because Shanghai cuisine is a little sweeter than other Chinese dishes. They have a wide range of dishes, including Mandarin, beef, pork, Cantonese-style chowmein, etc. 

Location: 4723 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

Phone: +1 773-561-3275

Wrapping Up

Chinese cuisine is everybody’s favorite, and after reading this blog, you’ll learn about restaurants offering the best Chinese restaurant in Chicago. So, now you don’t have to waste your time looking for a perfect place to have your meal; instead, you just have to go and order your favorite dish.

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