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Alla Vita Chicago can be your next-stop shop for the best Italian cuisine in the city. No matter where you go, a platter of Fried Calamari or an order of Chicken Parm is never far away. Since Chicagoans have long enjoyed Italian American restaurants, there are several neighborhoods out there that offer great Italian flavors. Nonetheless, Alla Vita is very high on the list. 

Moreover, it is a prime establishment of the Boka Group and is run by Michelin-starred chef Lee Wolen. The menus at Chicago’s Alla Vita are heavy on pasta, generally rolled, filled, or extruded in-house, as well as garlic Caesars, gooey arancini, gorgeous plates of Crudo, and so much more! 

Alla Vita Chicago

Address: 564 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60661, United States

Phone: +1 312-667-0104


Astonishing Ambience

The first thing you’ll notice about Alla Vita Chicago is when you encounter amazing interior design, which is quite exquisite. With a plant-covered pergola arching over one side of the restaurant, the Boka Group’s newest idea has an otherworldly atmosphere. Chef Lee Wolen doesn’t need to stack tomato cans or use checkered tablecloths to convey authenticity—the cuisine on your plate speaks for itself.

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Alla Vita Chicago has large windows at the restaurant that let in plenty of light, and thin linen strips dance like waves over the ceiling. Furthermore, the broad wooden pergola runs along one side and the entire place has plants all over. 

Alla Vita

Flabbergasting Italian Cuisine

Even if you’ve never been to Italy, the ambiance of the restaurant takes you under the Tuscan sun. The menu offers dishes like whole seabream and fritto misto that you can order at a restaurant. And what do you do with breadsticks at an Italian-American restaurant? Obviously, salad. Alla Vita Chicago presents the Italian American classic in an alluring way. 

For the ultimate Italian-American experience, try the chicken parmigiana from Alla Vita. Furthermore, it is a skillfully executed dish, including a vivacious, brilliant red sauce, gooey buffalo mozzarella, and delicious chicken bits, all ringing with Parmesan’s sour, salty flavor.

Moreover, to its credit, Alla vita Chicago is not limited to Italian American dishes. The kampachi Crudo, a dish of lovely raw fish slices sprinkled with minced pickled chilies that appear to be fiery but are mild, could be a good place to start.

You may also try some homemade spaghetti. The mafaldine is a great example of this. It is a ribbon-shaped spaghetti dish with ruffled edges that scoops up a fiery tomato sauce that is boosted by large prawns and tender calamari. Get the rigatoni Alla vodka if you like an even stronger Italian flavor.

Additionally, you may get airy, light pizzas with creative topping combinations. The fennel sausage is a great blend of bright green broccolini with savory sausage bites. 

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Special Cocktail Blends at Alla Vita Chicago

Over a dozen wines are available by the glass on the wine list; most of them are from western America and Italy. Here are some specialty cocktails to explore at the restaurant:

  • FLOWER CROWN with ceres vodka, quinquina, jasmine, raspberry

  • THE TRATTORIA – Evan Williams bourbon, ramazotti, ginger

  • NOTTE OSCURA with the best of broker’s gin, cynar, balsamic

  • WALK OF FAME – Old overholt rye, amaro noveis, lustau palo cortado

  • UNDER THE PERGOLA with espolon blanco, aperol, salted rosemary

The delectable Under the Pergola remains a crowd favorite and is a great blend that combines tequila, Aperol, and fragrant rosemary. There are also several non-alcoholic variations, such as the Italian julep with lime and rosemary flavors, for you to explore. 

Further, Chicago’s Alla Vita has a pretty good Nutella sundae, and a rather restrained yet fascinating tiramisu is offered as dessert. But if pistachio is an option, don’t forget to try the gelatos.

Wrapping Up

Alla Vita Chicago is a great place to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine in Chicago. The food is exquisite, with a friendly and welcoming staff. If you’re looking for an intimate dining experience, Alla Vita is the perfect spot. So, the next time you have munchies for Italian cuisine, feel free to visit the restaurant and pick your favorite on the menu.

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