Top 8 Alcohol Delivery Services in Chicago

Are you in a mood to throw a wild in-house party or stay at home and enjoy a quiet evening sipping a nice glass of wine? In either of the cases, the Alcohol Delivery Services Chicago will come to your rescue.

We all know people for whom the word “Party” spells out to be “Booze.” When you are with such people you never know when an unplanned party can rise up, and that’s where the alcohol delivery services come into play. They are an easy, fast, and convenient way to get your party started or to take it up a notch. They also allow you to stock in the shelves of your home bar with the best booze from the local makers or something extravagant with just a few clicks on your phone.

So, if you are looking for the best alcohol delivery services in Chicago your search ends here. In the following article, we have compiled a list of delivery services that know what they are doing and are the best at it.

Alcohol Delivery Services In Chicago




With an extensive variety and guaranteed delivery in under one hour, Drizly has to be one of the best alcohol delivery services in Chicago. The virtual shelves of Drizly consist of just about every beer, wine, liquor you would want on the table to get your party going. Just place your order and relax because it won’t be long before it gets delivered to your doorsteps.

They also offer a service to deliver alcohol as gifts. So in case you are not with them, be the Santa for your drinking buddies and send alcohol as a gift with Drizly. They’ll love you even more for that!



Everything your home bar shelves are longing for can be found in the extensive inventory of Binny’s Beverage Depot which is brought closer to you with Instacart. They boast an experience of over 70 years in the wine and spirit business so you can be assured of the quality.

Serving a number of locations in Windy City, they have a reliable same-day delivery service or you can get your items delivered as fast as under 60 minutes. Instacart brings all this to your fingertips and also provides you with regular updates about the sales and discounts offered so you can watch your budget. It’s also among the best grocery delivery Chicago services.


Spirit Hub – Alcohol Delivery Chicagoalcohal-delivery-chicago

With probably the largest collection of booze and a country-wide delivery system, Spirit Hub is simply one of the best alcohol delivery services in Chicago. Their way, as they describe, is the way of “Craft” and you definitely get the taste of it with every delivery they make.

Spirit Hub can literally lift your spirits with the wide range of alcohol they have to offer. You get all the popular brands or you might discover something you’ve never heard of because with Spirit Hub you can never run out of options.

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Foxtrot knows how to deliver the authentic taste of the local Chicago breweries and brands to your doorsteps. Wine, beer, seltzer, vodka, cocktail, sweets, ice cream, gift items, groceries, snacks, and whatnot, you name it and they have it. It’s amazing how they have managed to provide everything in one place.

They can be the one-stop shopping destination for the next party you are planning. Offering a wide variety of services and products with a swooping 30 minutes delivery service, It seems they are playing their cards right. So, if you are among the ones that appreciate the local flavor, Foxtrot is the place for you.




30-minute booze delivery is just what you want to hear when you are in the mood to chill. Delivering seasonal booze from the best local breweries and no minimum orders with options to schedule your order up to 7 days in advance, they’ve got your alcohol covered.

And just like you looking for a particular “sauce” in a comment section, you can look for that very particular bottle and Saucey will deliver just the one for you. Talk about being convenient! Because who knows when you might have a craving for that rare batch of vintage whisky or something exciting like Japanese Sake. Now you know at times like these you go to Saucey, the sauce provider for your booze.


Minibar -Alcohol Delivery Chicago

Minibar has partnered with the local liquor stores and presents you with a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, snacks, glassware, and gift items through the app. With just a few taps you can get all kinds of beer, wine, and liquor delivered to your home. Having covered all your booze requirements Minibar delivers your selected items in 30-60 minutes.

Minibar lets you hire a bartender and they also have a Drink & Do Good program in which they partner with different charity organizations. They also have a separate section on their site for cocktail recipes. Features like these really set Minibar apart from the other liquor delivery services.




GoPuff is a full-scale on-demand delivery service that delivers food & groceries, home supplies, medications, and yes alcohol. It makes alcohol delivery in Chicago delightfully simple. They’ve got almost every kind of booze from beer, tequila, vodka to seltzers, spirits, and mixers in their arsenal which they are ready to shoot at your earliest desires. So when it comes to alcohol requirements you can get GoPuff to check out your cart.


Booze With Your Food Apps

  • Postmates –We know that Postmates is your midnight snack delivery partner but do you know your mate from Postmates can also get you booze with your order? Select from a variety of beers, spirits, and mixers and get them delivered to your doorsteps.
  • Grubhub- With Grubhub, all you need to do is search for “Alcohol” and the app will pull out a list of restaurants that offer alcohol with your meal and you can get booze added to your order.
  • UberEats – Apart from being one of the most popular food delivery apps, UberEats also lets you browse and order alcohol from all the local restaurants and bars that include alcohol in their orders.
  • Amazon PrimeNow – Now’s your chance to use your subscription for anything other than movies and groceries. You can get beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages delivered within an hour with Amazon PrimeNow.


Above we mentioned the best alcohol delivery services in Chicago, all these are reliable delivery services having respective experiences in providing the people of Chicago with their favorite booze. So chill out with your beer buddies and have these alcohol delivery services get your booze delivered to your humble abode.

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