5 Best Acting Classes in Chicago

Acting is a lot more than the profession of putting on roles in theatres and plays. It’s an expression of parts of ourselves that we don’t know existed before. Acting classes could go a long way for those who have stage fright and would like to overcome their shyness. They monitor your performance and help you identify your comfort zone. It is essential to steer clear of the courses that push you out of your space. Acting Classes Chicago has will retrieve your originality while giving you the confidence to portray a role. The good thing is that you won’t have to lose yourself while expanding your acting horizons.

Apart from the essential perks of getting rid of stress and making new friends, acting classes in Chicago will teach you how to communicate effectively. These classes are an active engagement to learn, listen and perform. You become more responsive to the words spoken before you, improvising your communication skills. It bridges the barriers between people on stage. With acting, you could explore the different people that you lend voice to.

Acting Classes Chicago

Below are some of the world-class acting classes in Chicago to help you find your way to success. Check out their websites to further know about them.


Acting Studio Chicago


This has been a classic acting training centre since 1981. This acting class is Chicago’s most original one, challenging the beginners to dive into their creative side. What makes it stand out from the rest of the acting classes across the country is its authenticity. It is determined to offer the best teaching in terms of delivering quality to the acting aspirants. They design their programs for actors of all levels. The students are assigned with the right tools to encourage them throughout the process. The industry’s top-notch professionals conduct ASC’s classes to train students with lucrative skills.

The On-Camera training system provided by ASC includes a variety of classes that will hone your skills better for commercial, film, and TV auditions. If you are looking for a voice-over class, ASC establishes workshops for youth taught by Chicago’s most skilled voice artists. It is inclusive of children, teens, and adults for all kinds of acting classes.

Address: 10 W Hubbard St, Chicago, IL 60654, United States

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Chicago Actors Studio

The Chicago Actors Studio is a reputable training centre with roots from 1946. It offers a variety of things to carve out the potential among the students. From audition workshops, cold reading, accent reduction classes to monologue, it provides it with all. This acting class in Chicago carries the legacy of Ted Liss, an art icon and acting coach. It focuses on building exemplary professionals in the field of acting. With this acting studio, you can attend adult workshops, kids workshops, free workshops, and private lessons.

For people who would want to pursue acting professionally and make money off it, “Acting as a Craft” is their specially designed program. This sought-after program is taught at three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Based on your skill sets, you will be introduced to the next level of training. It also conducts a “Youth Acting Program” to equip young people to enter the professional acting world. You can also take private coaching sessions with staff who will be highly experienced in teaching.

Address: 2040 N Elston Ave, Chicago, IL, United States.

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Vagabond School Acting Classes Chicago


It is one of the acting classes Chicago offers where instructors work professionally and lead the acting world. They know the ins and outs of the field and give on-camera training, theatre training, and voice-over training. If you have always seen yourself on camera but are not adequately trained in acting, it is for you.

The classes will build upon your basic knowledge and will grow you organically. Different camera levels are available which are most fitting to your needs. It also understands the need for workshops among people who can not devote themselves to a six-week class.

The theatre training classes are small-sized, and you can always sign up according to your availability. The voiceover training provided here is unlike other courses, given that it thrives on participation and constructive criticism. You might not have the perfect voice right off the bat, but gradually, the instructors will help you master the art of producing a fine voice. You can visit the website to view all the classes and check out the reviews, allowing you to know how good it actually is.

Address: 4001 N Ravenswood Ave UNIT 504, Chicago, IL 60613, United States

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Black Box Acting Classes Chicago

This drama school in Chicago offers classes that remain open to students throughout the year. “Advanced Studio students” are eligible for Guest Artist Workshops. The curriculum includes the training to make acting your forte and exercise your imagination when portraying a character. The “Academy” is a strenuous training program that pays off after 100 days of extensive practice. It inspires the students to revolutionize the art of acting for the better.

It is the best place to learn if you want successful auditions lined up for the future. The “Audition Coaching” will give you the confidence to hold your head high when walking out of the auditions. The black box is one of the excellent acting classes in Chicago that polishes and perfects you to tackle the real acting world. You can look up the class team to better understand their expertise and what you should expect.

Address: 2625 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, United States

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Green Shirt Studio


Green Shirt Studio is accessible for everyone and provides a learning environment for all kinds of people. It values diversity and allows people to own their flaws to make use of in acting. You will have to go through all five levels of acting to get the skills that you will be thankful to have for a lifetime. All five levels are priced at $330, with each of them introducing you to a more advanced understanding of acting.

The private coaching available in this acting class in Chicago will accelerate your learning experience and make you reach your full potential. The consultation is free, with $70 charged per 1hr session. The private lessons are conducted in person and online. If you think that you need some brushing up before your big audition, the effortless teaching will make you nail it. For those times when you are short on speech and need the proper guidance to help you tell a story, this studio has it covered.

Address: 4001 N Ravenswood Ave Unit 303B, Chicago, IL 60613, United States

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The above-mentioned acting classes Chicago offers are best in giving you the tools to defeat others in acting. Chicago is a hub for acting classes, but it isn’t easy to land in the perfect place. We have listed the acting studios that deliver quality with professionalism. After all, acting is the only way to live other people’s lives without having to be them. It is an escape from the monotony that we get caught up in at times. Learning acting is a skill that will stay with you and that you can always please people with. It not only forms a character but also shapes your idea of the world. Acting gives insight into different perspectives of life. 

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