Top 7 Restaurants For The Best Thai Food in Atlanta

Atlanta has some of the best Thai restaurants in the city, managed by Thai-origin chefs. You can have a great dining experience at these beautiful places, filled with an ambitious vibe. Try Thai food in Atlanta from these top six restaurants to taste the finest Thai cuisine. 

Moreover, with dishes ranging from delicious to mouthwatering, you’ll surely find something to your liking. Furthermore, these restaurants mostly offer an authentic Asian vibe, so if you’re in for some excellent Thai food in Atlanta, surge toward these restaurants to feed your hunger.

Thai Food Atlanta


Nan Thai

Nan Thai

Nan Thai is one of the top Thai restaurants in Atlanta. The restaurant is impressive, with its golden tamarind, fully furnished interior, and servers in authentic attire. Atlanta’s Thai food will take your soul to the beaches of Thailand with its unique taste. 

At this Thai restaurant, you can experience meals of excellent quality. Chef Phaitoon brings authentic Thai flavor to your plates. You can get recipes like Pik Pao Jae, Kua Kling, and crispy duck kapow here.

Address:1350 Spring Street NW, Atlanta

Contact- +1 703-481-8999

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Little Bangkok

Little Bangkok Thai food Atlanta

Thai Pepper is a traditional restaurant in Atlanta with a genuine and loyal crowd. Moreover, you can find this restaurant crowded for both lunch and dinner. Further, the most famous Thai food in Atlanta can be found here, including Tom ka soup and duck in red sauce. 

Furthermore, compared to the quality on offer, the prices at Thai Pepper are easily affordable. Not just that, but this is an excellent pick if you want to explore the best Thai food in Atlanta. Additionally, the decor is also attractive, with walls painted in Thai artwork.

Address: 2225 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE, Atlanta

Contact- (404) 315-1530

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MALI (Thai Food Atlanta)


It is a famous restaurant located in Virginia Highland. If you ask Thai food aficionados in Atlanta about the best Thai food restaurant, you will get directed toward this place. Furthermore, it is the hotspot for Atlanta’s Thai Food and a good date night spot for food lovers. 

At this restaurant, don’t miss out on the Naam Sod, shallot, ground pork with ginger, scallion in fish sauce, etc. Make reservations for Saturday nights, as the place is crowded on weekends. The experienced and well-trained Thai chefs make you fall in love with their dishes. 

Address: 961 Amsterdam Ave NE, Atlanta

Contact- 404 874 1411

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Surin Of Thailand

Surin Of Thailand Thai food Atlanta

Surin is among the oldest Thai restaurants in Atlanta. Additionally, many Thai restaurants have come and gone, but this restaurant has remained the most popular throughout the year. You can find the most delicious Thai food in Atlanta at this serenity. 

This is the right choice if you are looking for a romantic and peaceful evening. Get the barbecue chicken for lunch, and don’t miss the Three-flavoured fish for dinner. Vegetarians will appreciate this place with multiple options for vegans. Take advantage of the coconut chicken soup at this fantastic restaurant. 

Address: 810 North Highland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta,

Contact: 205-324-1928

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SIAM Square

SIAM Square

This restaurant is located in a nondescript mall on the north side of Atlanta. However, one can easily ignore this restaurant and move on while passing by it. Interestingly, it is one of the best Thai restaurants in the town. You can find the most delicious Thai food in Atlanta at this place. 

Along with the delicious taste, the restaurant also offers the best decor and presentation of dishes. The restaurant’s concrete-stained floors and dimly lit interior make it a great date spot. Try water flavored with cucumber, along with delicious and compliments the food.  

Address: 1995 Windy Hill Rd SE, Smyrna,

Contact: 770-333-1700

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Top Spice: Thai food Atlanta

Top Spice Thai food Atlanta

Interestingly, this restaurant offers both Malaysian and Thai food in Atlanta. Moreover, it is among the most famous places for the Emory crowd. Furthermore, it has expanded exponentially due to an additional location, but the original is still tops. Additionally, the curries here are fantastic, especially the Masaman and Red curry. 

Moreover, Top Spice is among the most loved restaurants for Thai food in Atlanta. Consecutively, Lychee-tini is an excellent option for you if you are visiting this restaurant for dinner. Interestingly, it does get quite noisy during the peak hours. However, try to reserve your seats before visiting the restaurant. 

Address:1529-F, 1529 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta,

Contact- 770-988-9007

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Atlanta offers a diverse array of cuisines worldwide, and Thai food is no exception. Several restaurants offer Thai food in Atlanta, each with its unique take on the cuisine. Whether you’re in the mood for a traditional dish or something with a modern twist, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in Atlanta.

No matter what kind of Atlanta Thai food you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it here. These restaurants are great choices if you want a more traditional dining experience.

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