Top 8 Tallest Buildings in Atlanta

The landscape and the cityscape of Atlanta are famous for skyrise buildings. If you are in Atlanta, you must be aware of its sprawling cityscape and lush neighborhoods. The tallest buildings in Atlanta are home to various transportation businesses and other landmark structures. 

Even though Atlanta does not have high-rise buildings like New York or Tokyo, you will see many distinctive tall buildings stretching for miles. These buildings will surely capture your interest; if you want to know more, this article will be a savior. Since Atlanta is famous for such high-rise buildings, the search would be an easy one. 

Top 8 Tallest Buildings in Atlanta

Atlanta is home to record-setting tallest buildings for generations. This means they have been standing tall and straight for ages. So let’s dive deep into the topic with details about other tall buildings in Atlanta and what they are famous for. 


Bank of America Plaza 

Bank of America Plaza 

Bank of America Plaza has dominated the Atlanta skyline for the past quarter of a century with its distinctive glowing crown of gold. Furthermore, the office tower, which sits at the cusp of Midtown and downtown, struggled to keep tenants during the Great Recession. However, various floors have undergone a minor, millennial-friendly, and successful redesign. Interestingly, it still has all the charm and is quite a noticeable and tallest building in Atlanta.

Architect: Kevin Roche


1180 Peachtree

Thanks to the distinctive fins that stretch beyond the roof – this Atlanta’s tallest building has been named the “Batman Building” of Atlanta. The Midtown tower shares a block with One Atlantic Center and Promenade Two. It was as part of the Symphony Center project, which failed. Now, long-stalled plans call for the construction of No2 Opus Place and other skyscrapers on an adjacent site. This could make the block a hotbed for Midtown’s newer tall buildings in Atlanta. 


Truist Plaza – Among Tallest Buildings in Atlanta

Truist Plaza - Among Tallest Buildings in Atlanta

The Truist Plaza is Atlanta’s second-tallest building. Following the merger of BB&T Bank and SunTrust Bank in 2021, the name of this building was changed. You will be surprised to learn that this building has survived so many cyclones and the most dangerous tornado that happened in 2008. Even the tornado couldn’t destroy this building then. 

This was also named One Peachtree Centre when it was owned by Portman Holdings. The name changed to Truist Plaza only after Portman leased out this building. However, the ownership is still with Portman. 

Architect: John C. Portman Jr.

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One Atlantic Center

One Atlantic Center

The shape and gothic accents of the One Atlantic Center are similar to those of the Chicago Tribune Tower. A copper tip can be seen atop this building at night, providing excellent illumination.

One Atlantic Center has been the tallest building in Midtown Atlanta forever since the days when it was constructed. It stood out from low buildings and parking lots. The heavily ornamented building continues to stand out even though the surrounding blocks have now filled in.

Architects: John Burgee & Philip Johnson

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191 Peachtree Pinnacle – Out of the Tallest Buildings in Atlanta

191 Peachtree Pinnacle - Out of the Tallest Buildings in Atlanta

Covered by twin crowns, this tallest building in Atlanta is a particular component of the midtown horizon. The building’s Peachtree Street entrance captivates visitors with a glass ceiling that soars more than 100 feet above street level.

The aesthetics of this building are mind-blowing. Furthermore, they light up at night, which is a beauty. Visitors from all over come here to see this aesthetically beautiful building at night. This building has been leased out to multiple corporations, including Fortune 500 companies. 


Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel

Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel

This is one of the tallest hotel buildings in Atlanta. Furthermore, Westin is one of the most distinctive skyrise hotels building because the exteriors have reflective glass. It has more than 1000 rooms and 20000 square feet of open space in the form of spacious halls for corporate meetings and events. The hotel suffered minor damages in the 2008 tornado but still remains a top attraction in the city.


Georgia Pacific Tower – One of the Tallest Buildings in Atlanta

Georgia Pacific Tower - One of the Tallest Buildings in Atlanta

This building is made of pink granite, which is unique, colourful, and unusual. At the topmost centre of the building, the logo “GP” is engraved in blue in a triangle form. The backside of this building is known for its unique architectural design, as it resembles a staircase. 

This building serves as the headquarters for Georgia Palace but also has some other leased-out corporate offices. 


Promenade II 

Promenade II 

The Promenade II is one of the tallest buildings in Midtown Atlanta. The primary use of the building is as office space leased out to many corporate organisations. The actual structure is has reflective glass and has extraordinary tapering towards the highest point of the design.

Promenade II, which is just across the street from Midtown’s tallest building and has a spire atop its stepped top, is easy to spot.

Wrapping Up

Atlanta is home to several distinctive, sky-scraping landmarks that are distinguishable from others. We hope you enjoyed reading about these top 8 tallest buildings in Atlanta and how they are unique in their own way. 


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